HBO Max Chromecast Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

Is HBO Max not working on your Chromecast device? 

One of the best things about HBO Max is its built-in cast feature that allows you to stream your favorite shows on your Chromecast device or Chromecast Enabled TVs. This makes it easier to switch from your mobile phone to a bigger screen if you want to enjoy your favorite shows in the living room. 

Although using Chromecast is usually a smooth experience, there are times when the feature stops working on your streaming device or the Chromecast device itself encounters a problem. 

Usually, you can fix this problem by restarting both your streaming device and Chromecast. On the other hand, updating the app you are trying to cast or installing the latest version of your device’s software also helps resolve this issue. 

To give you a better insight into this matter, we’ve decided to make an in-depth guide for fixing HBO Max if it is not working on your Chromecast device. 

Let’s get started!

1. Check HBO Max Servers. 

The first thing to check if HBO Max is not working on Chromecast is its servers. You can do this by using Downdetector, a third-party website that gives information about the status of HBO Max servers and the past issues it encountered. 

HBO Max Server Status

If the servers are down, the best thing to do now is to wait for the servers to go back online. Since server-related issues can’t be fixed on your end, any changes on your device won’t affect the status of HBO Max.

However, you can still try the rest of the methods below and see if anything works out for you. 

2. Make Sure That Your Devices Are on the Same Network. 

Another reason why HBO Max is not working on Chromecast is the network you are connected to. For Chromecast to work, your streaming device and Chromecast device should be on the same network. Otherwise, the Chromecast enabled app won’t be able to detect your Chromecast device. 

Before casting HBO Max on Chromecast, ensure that you are connected to the same wireless network with your Chromecast device.

For the complete process of casting HBO Max on your Chromecast device, please visit the Help Center to help you out.

3. Change Your Chromecast’s Name.

If HBO Max can’t detect your Chromecast device, its name may have a special character that stops HBO Max from seeing it. To fix this, ensure that your Chromecast device doesn’t have an apostrophe, emojis, or other unique characters in its name.

We also recommend giving a one-word name to your Chromecast device to make things less complicated.

After renaming your Chromecast device, go back to HBO Max and see if Chromecast is now working.

4. Re-Login to Your HBO Max Account.

Temporary bugs and glitches may occur on HBO Max and cause its other features like Chromecast to malfunction. If you cannot cast your streaming device to your Chromecast enabled device, try logging out of your HBO Max account first to reset your data. 

On Android and iOS, you can sign out of your HBO Max account by doing the following: 

  1. First, open the HBO Max app on your streaming device. 
  2. Now, tap on your Profile and access the Settings
  3. Lastly, tap the Sign Out button to stop your current session.
Log Out HBO Max

For iOS users, follow the guide below to log out of your HBO Max account: 

  1. Open the HBO Max website using any browser. 
  2. After that, click on your Profile.
  3. Finally, click on the Sign Out button on the side menu to close your session.
HBO Max not working on Chromecast

After several minutes, log back into your HBO Max account to check if the problem is solved. 

5. Check and Reset Your Network.

HBO Max requires a minimum internet speed of 5 Mbps to stream HD shows on its platform. If your network doesn’t reach this required speed, you may encounter problems with the app or website. 

To confirm if your connection is the problem, perform a test on your network using to measure its current upload and download speed. 

Speed Test

Restart your network router if your internet is slow or unstable to re-establish the connection with your internet service provider’s servers. 

Restart Router

Re-run the test on your network afterwards to check if the problem is solved. On the other hand, contact your ISP if you continue to experience slow connection speeds and ask them to address the issue. 

Consider upgrading your current subscription if it’s below 5 Mbps to avoid further problems with the HBO Max app or website. 

6. Clear Chromecast Cache and Data. 

For Android TV users with built-in Chromecast, try clearing Chromecast’s app data if HBO Max can’t detect your device. 

You can do this by doing the following steps: 

  1. Access the Quick Menu of your Android TV by pressing the Menu button on your remote. 
  2. Go to the Apps tab afterwards and click on Show System Apps.
  3. Select Chromecast Built-In from the list and click on Clear Cache
  4. Finally, click the OK button and repeat the same process to the Clear Data button.
Clear Chromecast Data

Once done, restart your Android TV and try casting from your streaming device again to check if the problem is solved. 

7. Use Chrome Browser.

If you can’t cast HBO Max using your mobile device, try using a Chrome browser to watch your favorite shows on the platform. You can also try using Chrome’s built-in cast feature, allowing you to cast your screen to a capable Chromecast device. 

While watching a movie or TV show on HBO Max, a Cast Icon should appear on the top right corner of Chrome, which will give you the option to cast on your Chromecast device. 

8. Update HBO Max. 

The HBO Max app on your streaming device could be outdated or has an underlying issue related to screencasting. To rule this out, update the HBO Max app on your streaming device and see if the problem goes away. 

For Android users, follow the guide below to update HBO Max: 

  1. On your device, tap on Google Play Store and access your Profile
  2. After that, tap on My Apps & Games and locate HBO Max from the list. 
  3. Finally, tap the Update button next to HBO Max to install the latest version on your device. 
Update HBO Max

On iOS, see the steps below to update HBO Max: 

  1. On your home screen, tap on the App Store to open it.
  2. After that, go to your Profile and locate HBO Max.
  3. Finally, tap the Update button beside HBO Max to update the app.
HBO Max not working on Chromecast

If you are using other devices, please refer to the Help Center to guide you on the process.

Try casting on your Chromecast device again after updating HBO Max to check if the problem is solved.

9. Update Your Chromecast Device.

Your Chromecast device could also be outdated, which causes HBO Max not to detect it. If this is the case, update your Chromecast device’s system to the latest version possible to address the problem.

Follow the steps below to guide you on the process: 

  1. First, connect your Chromecast device to your TV and ensure that it is connected to your network.
  2. Go to your streaming device afterwards and open the Google Home app.
  3. Now, click on More Options and open Settings
  4. Lastly, select the Reboot option, and your Chromecast device should automatically install any pending updates. 

After updating your Chromecast device, try casting HBO Max again to check if the problem is solved. 

10. Report the Problem to HBO Max. 

If HBO Max is still not working on Chromecast, we suggest that you ask the help of the professionals. 

Visit the Help Center and contact HBO Max’s customer support to report the problem you’ve been experiencing when using Chromecast. Provide your account details, the model of your Chromecast device, and the shows you are trying to cast to make it easier for HBO Max to address the problem. 

HBO Max not working on Chromecast

This sums up our guide for fixing HBO Max if it is not working on your Chromecast device. If you have any questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


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