How to Add HBO to Your Hulu Subscription

Winter is here, and what’s good without a Hulu subscription that has HBO to watch Game of Thrones or True Detective?

Follow these 3 simple, quick steps and you’ll get to add HBO to your Hulu subscription.

Let’s jump right in.


How to Add HBO to Hulu Subscription: 4 Steps


If you are a new HBO subscriber.

So you’ve never subscribed to HBO before have you? 

Don’t worry it’ll only take you a few minutes.

Since you have a Hulu account, Hulu let’s you subscribe to HBO  directly from your account. 🙂

The best part? By doing this you’ll get yourself one whole month of HBO for free which should be more than enough for you to catch up by binge watching.

Here’s what you do

Step 1:  Head over to your account page and sign in.


Step 2:  Now do you see Your Subscriptions? Under that tap on Manage (it is next to Add-ons)


Step 3:  Next tap on Manage Add-Ons. (You can also scroll down and select Premium Add-ons, it works both ways)


How to add HBO to Hulu Subscription



Step 4:  Now look for HBO, and then tap Add This to put the finishing touches.


How to Watch HBO on Hulu




Now all you have to do is confirm your payment details which means adding your card details but don’t worry you’ll still get a 1 month free trial before which you can terminate if you wish.


BTW, you can also watch in HBO’s own app too.

All you have to do is just register your Hulu account with HBO.

I’ll show you how:


Step 1:  Head over to HBO’s registration page.

Step 2:  Over here select Hulu as your provider. Then when you’re prompted, enter your Hulu credentials.

Step 3:  Just finish the remaining registration and you’re done! 

So the next time when you want to watch The Wire or The Night Of on the go you can do that with HBO Now rather than Hulu and you would only need to enter the same credentials as you would in for your Hulu.


Watch HBO on Hulu
It’s great to have on the go. ✈️



If you are a current HBO Now subscriber.

If you already have a HBO Now subscription with another provider and if you wish to link your HBO Now subscription to Hulu, then you can’t do that. 

I know it sucks.

Both Hulu and HBO have already confirmed this and the only way you can ever link your  HBO subscription to Hulu is by terminating your HBO subscription that you currently have with your provider and then subscribing again through Hulu.

These are the steps to do it:

Step 1:  Try and find out who’s your provider for HBO and then locate their cancellation instructions. 

Step 2:  Cancelled your subscription? You will have to wait until the end of your current billing month before you can resubscribe to Hulu. Don’t worry, once we are done with this you will be binge watching in no time. 🙂

Step 3:  Once you’re done, go back to 1 and follow through with those four simple steps.

That’s it. 


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