How to Delete Your Zoom Account

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As easy as Zoom makes remote video conferencing, the service has not been without its fair share of serious problems.

From Zoombombings (when uninvited attendees break into and disrupt your meeting), data leakage and privacy issues, to even technical issues with how users connect with the service have resulted in users trust in the app to falter.

If you’re one who’s experiencing such dismay with the app, then this guide will show you how you can delete your Zoom account along with all of the data that the Zoom stores.

There are tons of great alternatives such as FaceTime (if you’re on Apple devices), Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Hangouts and even Skype, which you may try out and have your team meetings.



If you are currently using Zoom for work, then make sure that you check in with your IT department or supervisor before you proceed with deleting your Zoom account. They can also help with migrating over to a new platform.


Without further ado, let’s jump right in and figure out how we can delete a Zoom account.


  1. How to Delete Your Zoom Account
  2. How to Delete Zoom Account on iPhone, iPad or Android?
  3. Life After Zoom


How to Delete Your Zoom Account: 7 Steps


  1. First and foremost, you will want to hop on over onto the Zoom website ( and Sign In your Zoom account. 

Sign In




You can’t delete your Zoom account using the Zoom app installed on your Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.


  1. Next, from the left sidebar, click on the Profile option (which will be the first).

Zoom Profile



  1. Now in your profile page, you will need to first sign out of your Zoom account on all your devices before we go ahead with deleting the account. To sign out of all devices, simply scroll down on the page and click the Sign Me Out From All Devices button right next to Signed-In Device.

how to delete Zoom account



  1. Next, repeat Steps 1 and 2 to sign back into your Zoom account. We’re now going to work on deleting the Zoom account.
  2. In your profile page, from the left sidebar, click on Account Management (under Admin section) and then click on Account Profile.

how to delete Zoom account



  1.  Now in your Account Profile page, you should see in a tiny text which says ‘Terminate my account’. Click on Terminate my account.

how to delete Zoom account



  1. You will be prompted with a Confirmation message that asks “Are you sure to terminate your account?”. Click the Yes button.

how to delete Zoom account


Voila! ✨ Your Zoom account will now be terminated and deleted. For extra security, you may go ahead uninstall the Zoom app on your Windows PC or Mac as well as the Zoom app on your iOS or Android devices.

Additionally, don’t forget to remove the Zoom Chrome Extension. This will ensure that you’re out of Zoom for good.



How to Delete Zoom Account on iPhone, iPad or Android? Here’s the Answer.

Unfortunately, as aforementioned, you can’t delete your Zoom account from the Zoom app on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. You will need to go through the steps above and delete the Zoom account directly from Zoom’s website (

Once you’ve deleted there, you can proceed to delete the Zoom app on your iOS or Android device.

There are multiple ways to delete the Zoom app on your iOS device. The easiest of which is to simply press and hold down on your Zoom app until it starts to jiggle. Then hit the (X) button on the left to Delete it.


how to delete Zoom account


To delete the Zoom app on your Android device, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app and then tap the Menu.
  2. Then tap My apps & games.
  3. Tap on the Zoom app from the list of your apps installed on your device.
  4. Lastly, tap Uninstall to delete the Zoom app. 

You’re done!



Life After Zoom.

Things aren’t so bleak. You have tons of great Zoom alternative options to choose from Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Slack, Discord, Blue Jeans, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Skype.

We recommend that you give those remote video conferencing options a try, and see if it fits what you’re looking for. If you’re privacy-focused, then try to look for an option that supports end-to-end encryption.

If you’re a business or an organization, then you cannot go wrong with either Cisco Webex or GoToMeeting which are great, reliable options.

This wraps our post on how to delete a Zoom account. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below, and we will love to help you out. ❤


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  1. I’m trying to delete my Zoom account but when I get to the Account Profile page there is no “Terminate my account” text or prompt. Do you have any suggestions how to fix this? Thanks.

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