You finish an episode of the TV show that you’re currently hooked on..

The credits end..

You take a sigh of relief, but then out of nowhere…


How to Disable Netflix Autoplay

“Oh well, maybe just one more…”


It’s great and all, but you’ve got to admit, you’re not going to get anything done if Netflix keeps auto playing the hell out.. 

I’ll show you how to disable Netflix autoplay in just 10 seconds and these 10 seconds will save quiet number of hours from your precious time. 




How to Disable Netflix Autoplay: 5 Steps


Step 1:  Go ahead and log into your account.  Now do you see your name to your top right hand corner? Yeah, tap on ‘Your Name’.


How to Disable Netflix Autoplay



Step 2:  Alright now you will see a little drop down menu. Select Account.


Step 3:  Now scroll down until you see Playback Settings (it’s under My Profile).


How to Disable Netflix Autoplay



Step 4: Do you see it? Alright! Now select Playback settings


Step 5: Now under Auto-Play all you have to do is just uncheck the box that says Play next episode automatically and then Save. 


How to Disable Netflix Autoplay






Make sure that you Save your Settings after you’ve followed these steps.  🙂



Share this guide with anyone who you Netflix and don’t chill with. 



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