How to Get Fortnite on Android (Galaxy S7, S8, S9 or Note 8)

Buckle up!
How to Get Fortnite on Android

Buckle up.

Fortnite is now officially available on Android.

Well… sort of.

You see, the game won’t be available across the entire Android ecosystem straight way. For now, The Fortnite Battle Royale will make it’s official debut on the Samsung devices first.

So if you have a Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Tab 3, Tab 4, Note 8 or maybe even the unreleased Note 9 then you can download the game right now and start playing.

You’ll need to wait if you’re with any other Android phone for the time being as Fortnite is working on getting the app onto other devices. I will update this article as soon as Fortnite is announced for other Android devices.

But for now, in this guide I’ll show you how to get Fortnite on Android if you’re a Galaxy user.



How to Get Fortnite on Android: 5 Steps


Step 1:  Go ahead look for your Galaxy Apps app on your Samsung device. Found it? Sweet! Tap on Galaxy Apps.


How to Get Fortnite on Android



Step 2:  Now as soon as you open the app you should be able to see a pretty prominent banner for Fortnite. Tap on the banner.


How to Get Fortnite on Android



Step 3:  Next, tap on the blue INSTALL & OPEN button to start downloading Fortnite.


How to Get Fortnite on Android



Step 4:  The Fortnite Installer will need access to photos, media, and files on your Galaxy device, so grant those permissions by tapping on ALLOW on the popup. The game will begin to download on your device.


How to Get Fortnite on Android



Step 5:  Finally, just tap LAUNCH. You can proceed to crank up Drake’s “In My Feelings” whilst you hit those Fortnite dance moves.


How to Get Fortnite on Android



That’s it!

You’ll find that you have two new apps on your Galaxy device — Fortnite Installer and Fortnite. Of course the one with the Fortnite is the actual game and since you have now already installed it, you can go ahead and choose to delete the Fortnite Installer. I recommend that you keep the Fornite Installer since you can continue to receive game updates. It’s up to you. 


Oh! Here’s a handy tip …

Once you’ve downloaded the game from Galaxy Apps, you can add the Fortnite game to your Game Launcher which will allow you to take advantage of performance boosting. 

Also if you think you might not have enough storage space on your Galaxy device, then look to this article on the best and most affordable micro SD cards for Galaxy devices which will allow you to play your Fornite without having to worry about whether it may take up your device’s storage.


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