If Cinderella’s ugly step sisters were to go all-out Zuckerberg they would undeniably give birth to Reddit.


It’s terrible. (though I use it everyday).


But despite its perks, it’s an amazing place to keep track on the latest real time updates on just about anything. 


So if what you want is to just get up in the morning, straight away open your feed reader and be notified of all the subreddits you have followed on Reddit.


Then this is for you.


I’ll show you how to get RSS feed for subreddit you like and make your life 10x easier.





How to Get RSS Feed For Subreddit: 5 Steps



Step 1:  Head over to any subreddit and take a look at the URL of the subreddit at the top of your screen. What do you see?


how to get rss feed for subreddit
Like this right?




Step 2:  Alright. Now try adding .rss to the end of the URL. 


how to get rss feed for subreddit




Step 3:  Done? Sweet. Now try opening it. Looks messy right?


how to get rss feed for subreddit





Step 4:  Ah yes, that’s your RSS feed which you can use anywhere!

Simply put, it’s the language that your feed readers like your Feedly, or your other desktop feed readers like Feedbin can only understand. 






Feedly doesn’t work great with feeds from the popular subreddits since Reddit limits how much bandwidth it can use. 

So you might want to use some of your other desktop feed readers. 🙂




That’s it! 



All you have to do is just add .rss to the back of any URL on Reddit and you’ll get your RSS feed. If you hate yourself you can add .rss to the end of the homepage of Reddit. (i’m telling you it works great! (sarcasm)).




You can also subscribe to individual conversations on Reddit. Just add .rss to the back of a post’s URL (like above) and that’s it, you have your own RSS feed.

 how to get rss feed for subreddit






Bonus Tip


You can track all Reddit links to any domain with RSS too! 


This is a great way if you want to follow a website and all of its articles that are posted on Reddit, or if you own a website and you want to know all the articles that are posted by others on your website.


Combining this with the RSS trick above, you’ll get minute to minute notifications in your feed reader of everything on your website of interest. 


Sounds great? 


Alright here’s what you do. 


Step 1:  All you have to do is just head over to reddit.com/domain/ where the domain is the website of your interest.  And once you have done that, you can see all the articles of that particular website.


how to get rss feed for subreddit





Step 2:  Add your .rss to the back of the URL.


Like this





Share this guide with your Redditors, so that they can too be notified of their favorite subreddits and websites all with just one tap. 🙂