Remember that one time when you did a voice prank to your friend (or your sibling)?


Yeah you gotta admit it was pretty funny. 


Now with Snapchat voice filters you can take it to the next level.


Just take a video using Snapchat and then add in your filters to make your voice sound like Darth Vader or a dog (this works on all dogs ages from 0 to 99).


It can be quiet tricky for some to find the hidden voice filters on Snapchat which is why in this guide I’ll be showing you how with these 3 little simple steps which will only take you less than a few seconds. 





How to Get Snapchat Voice Filters: 3 Steps


1.  Create your Snap


Even my dog knows how to do this. 


Alright maybe she doesn’t but you gotta be kidding if you tell me you don’t know how to create a snap.


It’s pretty simple. 🙂


In order for you to use voice filters in your Snapchat you are going to need to first create a snap and it needs to be a video with you (or your friend) speaking.


How to Get Snapchat Voice Filters





2.  Click the Voice Filter Icon 


Step 1:  Took your Snap? Alright. Now once you’ve done that you should see a Speaker button to your bottom left hand corner. (It’s next to the the Save button). Do you see it?


How to Get Snapchat Voice Filters





Step 2: Yeah tap on that Speaker button and it will bring up a list of voice filters for you to choose from. 


How to Get Snapchat Voice Filters





Make sure that you check everything is right before you share it with your friend or add it to story. The reason is because if you make a mistake it’ll be hard for you to recreate that snap again since you can’t add voice filters to snaps that you’ve already taken before (snap history).





3.  Send the Snap


There you have it!




Now all that is left to do is to upload it onto your story or send it to your friends.



Have fun. 🙂