5 Simple Steps to Replay a Snap on Snapchat (Because You Only Get One Chance)

Poof! Gone. Forever. (Or is it?)
how to replay snap on snapchat







That snap your friend just sent you had just seen its dying light..


And you are there feeling that you didn’t even get a good look at what they sent you and that you’re supposed to reply but you don’t know what to send because you didn’t get a proper look at what they sent you.


It sucks big time.


But you know what?


There is a way.


A way you can redeem your second chance to prove yourself that you’re not a shitty friend as Snapchat deems you to be.


I’ll show you how to replay snap on Snapchat in just a matter of milliseconds. 






How to Replay Snap on Snapchat: 5 Steps



Step 1:  Head over to that screen where you know you get all your snaps sent to you by your friends and where you can chat with them.


how to replay snap on snapchat





Step 2:  Now as you can see my dog just sent me a snap. (wonder why the heck is he snapping me at 1AM in the morning lol) 


how to replay snap on snapchat
Alfred you son of a b****.






Step 3:  Now if you want to replay that snap, all you have to do is just tap on that snap that you’ve just played once again and you’ll see a notification saying whether you want to replay. Tap on Replay.


how to replay snap on snapchat





You can only replay the snap once.





Also this is pretty important. Whatever you plan to do after watching that snap don’t do it. 

If you want to replay that snap once again then don’t move away from that screen or tap on someone else’s snap to view theirs or even send someone else a snap. (I know it’s pretty stupid)

This will remove the option for you to replay that snap.





Step 4:  Now after you’ve tapped on Replay you’ll get another chance to see what your friend has sent. Tap on that snap once again.


how to replay snap on snapchat





Step 5:  There you have it, now the snap wont be able to be replayed again. 


how to replay snap on snapchat



That’s it! 🙂




Share this guide with your Snapchat friends whenever the next time they say they didn’t really get a good look at your snap. 




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