How to Zoom in Minecraft

Want to zoom in on an object or field in Minecraft but have no idea how to do it? 

Minecraft has remained one of the most popular gaming titles on various platforms. Known for its open-world survival mode that is open to tons of modifications and customization, Minecraft never fails to give entertainment and thrill to its avid fans. 

If you just recently discovered or played Minecraft, maybe you are wondering how you can zoom in to specific objects that are hard to see on a typical field of view.

While Minecraft doesn’t come with a zoom-in feature built-in, the Minecraft community has come up with a few solutions to the lack of features and even built a dedicated mod that adds zoom capabilities to the game. 

Today, we are going to show you the four best ways on how to use zoom in Minecraft with or without installing mods. 

Let’s begin!



1. Tweak Your Field of View (FOV). 

The easiest way to have a zoom-in feature on Minecraft without installing any mods is to tweak your FOV or field of view settings. 

The field of view is the amount of observable world that you can see on your screen at a certain camera angle. 

For example, if you have a higher field of view settings, then objects on the game would appear smaller since you have a wider portion of the world being displayed on your screen. On the other hand, having a lower or shorter field of view means that objects would be drawn nearer to your display since there is a smaller portion of the world being shown. 

With that said, you can simply lower your field of view settings on Minecraft to make objects appear nearer, thus giving the zoom-in effect. 

Check out the guide below on how you can adjust your FOV settings in-game. 

  1. First, go inside the game and press the Esc key on your keyboard to open the Game menu
  2. After that, click on the Options tab


  1. Inside the Options tab, locate the FOV slider. 
  2. Lastly, drag the slider to the left if you want to zoom in your camera and drag it to the right to zoom out. 


While this is the easiest way to zoom in and out on the game, it is not the most convenient way. Using this method would require you to pause the game and stop whatever you are doing just to adjust your camera angle. 

Luckily, there are other options that you can try which is far more convenient than adjusting your FOV. 



2. Use Slowness Potion. 

The second method involves crafting your own potion that would make your movement slower. For some reason, making your character drink the slowness potion makes your field of view lower which creates a zoomed-in effect. 


How to Craft Slowness Potion.

If you are wondering how to craft the slowness potion, you can check out the steps below to guide you on the process. 


Required Materials

  • 1 Fermented Spider Eye
  • 1 Potion of Swiftness (1:30)
  • Brewing Stand


After ensuring that you have all the required materials to craft the slowness potion, let us proceed with the actual creation. 

  1. First, open the Brewing Stand
  2. Now, add a blaze powder on the box located at the leftmost side to activate the brewing stand. 

use zoom in Minecraft


  1. After that, add the Fermented Spider Eye on the topmost box. 
  2. Lastly, add the Potion of Swiftness on either left or right bottom box. 

use zoom in Minecraft


Once done, the slowness potion would be available on the bottom middle box of the Brewing Stand. 

If you wish to make your field of view zoomed in, simply drink the slowness potion. However, the downside to this is that your movement would be reduced by 15% for 1 minute and 30 seconds. 

In addition, you would need to consume your resources which are limited just to zoom in. 



3. Use Optifine Mod. 

Installing mods on Minecraft is a bit complicated especially if it is your first time, however adding a dedicated mod for zooming purposes on Minecraft is the most convenient way to zoom in and out on the game. 

If you have no idea how to install mods, don’t worry, we got you! 

Check out the guide below on how to install the Optifine mod on your game:

  1. First, download the Java SE Development Kit installer on your computer. Open the installer and follow the on-screen prompts to add the program on your computer.
  2. After installing Java SE, go ahead and download Optifine
  3. Lastly, double-click the installer that you have downloaded and follow the on-screen prompts to install Optifine on your system. 

Once done, open the Minecraft launcher and select the Optifine world. 


Changing the Zoom Hotkey.

To set your preferred hotkey in using the zoom function of Optifine, check out the guide below. 

  1. On the game, press on the Esc key on your keyboard to open the Game menu
  2. After that, click on the Options tab

use zoom in Minecraft


  1. Inside the Options tab, click on Controls

use zoom in Minecraft


  1. Lastly, scroll down to locate the Zoom tab. Click on the box and press your preferred key to use for the zoom function. 

use zoom in Minecraft


Now, click on the Done button to save the changes. Try to use the hotkey in-game to see if the zoom feature is already working on Minecraft. 



4. Use Accessibility Option (For macOS Only). 

If you are using a Mac to play Minecraft, you can use macOS’ built-in accessibility feature that lets you zoom in on portions of your screen. 

To enable the feature on your Mac, follow the steps below: 

  1. First, click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen and select System Preferences.

use zoom in Minecraft


  1. After that, click on Accessibility
  2. Now, click on Zoom from the side menu. 
  3. Lastly, make sure that ‘Use Scroll Gesture’ is marked checked. You can also change the hotkey you prefer from the drop-down menu below. 

use zoom in Minecraft


Go back to Minecraft and press the hotkey that you’ve set and move the scroll wheel up or down to zoom in and out on the game. 

This wraps up our guide on how to zoom in Minecraft. If you know of any other ways on how to zoom in and out on Minecraft, let us know in the comment section below and we would give you credit for the method once we update this article. 


If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


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