How to Fix iCloud is Greyed Out in Settings

icloud is greyed out in settings

Can’t access your iCloud settings on your iPhone or iPad because it is greyed out?

Several users have been experiencing the same issue on their Apple devices. It seems that they could not change their iCloud settings because it is greyed out. Apparently, some of them also can’t access other settings of their devices such as messages, facetime, and iTunes & App Store.

Several factors can cause this to happen. Most of the time, this issue can be caused by an internet factor or some problem within your device. With your device, you need to consider the settings and the operating system.

Don’t worry. We included all of these in our guide for today. By understanding the cause, you will learn how to fix the iCloud that is greyed out in the settings of your device. Once you know how it works, you can also prevent these things from happening in the future.

Let’s dive in!


  1. Check for System Outages
  2. Update your Device
  3. Enable Cellular Settings
  4. Check for iCloud Backup
  5. Remove Connection Conflict
  6. Check Supervised Device Settings
  7. Check Restriction Settings
  8. Sign-out and Sign-in Apple ID
  9. Reset Device Settings
  10. Talk to Apple Support


How to Fix iCloud is Greyed Out in Settings: 10 Ways


1. Check for System Outages.

iCloud is one of the many services that Apple offers to us, users. This and some other features of your iPhone or iPad is connected to the Apple server. When the servers are down, the services on your device are also unavailable. To check for it, just go to the Apple System Status page.


apple system status icloud settings


If iCloud services or other service icons are not on the green state, that means the server is down due to maintenance. You have no other choice but to wait for the services to resume so you can reaccess the feature on your device.



2. Update your Device.

Sometimes iCloud is greyed out in settings when there is a glitch or a bug on your operating system. This could happen because Apple devices are continually being developed with new features. Along with the new codes added, it could have conflicts with the existing code of the system. Developers fix these conflicts by debugging the system. Bug fixes are then bundled to the latest update of the operating system.

To update the update and apply the latest bug fix, just go to the Settings of your device. Then, tap on General and then tap Software Update.


How to Fix iCloud is Greyed Out in Settings


If you encounter issues during the update, know more about how to update your device according to Apple Support.



3. Enable Cellular Settings.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi internet access in the area, that means your device services cannot connect to the Apple servers. Thus, you cannot access some features of your device, such as the iCloud. Meaning, you can use the Cellular Data network on your iPhone or iPad instead.

By default, the settings are disabled on your Cellular Data section to avoid additional charges. To enable this feature, go to the Settings, then tap on Cellular option, and then toggle to enable the Cellular Data option. Now scroll down to the list of applications on the lower section and make sure the Settings button is enabled.


How to Fix iCloud is Greyed Out in Settings



4. Check for iCloud Backup.

Is your iCloud backup feature enabled by default and is set on automatic? This could be the cause of why your iCloud feature is greyed out. If your iCloud backup process is happening right now, you cannot do any changes in your iCloud settings. This is to prevent any errors in your data during the backup restoration process.

To check, go to the Settings of your device, then tap on your Apple ID profile, and then the iCloud option. Now make sure that the iCloud Backup button is enabled. You will be able to see in the status “Restoring apps from Backup” that the process is happening. You can either cancel the process or wait for the completion of the process. Either way, you will have to wait for some time, and you should be able to reaccess your iCloud settings again.


icloud is greyed out in settings




5. Remove Connection Conflict.

Having a conflict on your network connection means your device cannot connect successfully to the Apple servers. This could be the reason why your iCloud settings and other features on your device are inaccessible. The easiest and fastest way to remove connection conflict is to enable Airplane mode.

To do this, go to the Settings on your iPhone or iPad and then tap the Airplane Mode option to enable it.


How to Fix iCloud is Greyed Out in Settings


After a minute, disable it again and choose the type of network you want to connect to the internet. You can use the Wi-Fi network, or you can enable the Cellular Data network. If you are using Cellular Data, make sure you check the Method 3 of this guide.



6. Check Supervised Device Settings.

If your company issued your Apple device, there is a chance that it is a managed or supervised device. It means that your device has restrictions and is managed by an application installed. Depending on your company policies, settings on your iCloud and other apps could be disabled. It is best to let the company I.T. guy handle this issue if the company owns the device.

However, if you owned the device, here’s how to remove the supervised device settings:

  1. First, to check if your device is supervised, just go to the Settings of your device and then tap General.
  2. Then, tap on the Profiles option, or you will see About option on iOS 9 or lower version.


profiles and device management


  1. Take note of the Application and the Configuration Profile that manages your device.
  2. Next, you need to find and delete the application that manages your device.


icloud is greyed out in settings


  1. After that, go back to Settings, then General and then tap on Profiles.
  2. Now, tap the Delete Profile or Remove Profile option and provide the device passcode if applicable.


icloud is greyed out in settings


  1. Next, turn-off your Apple device by going into your Settings app, tapping on General, and then Shutdown. Drag the Slide to Power Off button to turn off the direction.
  2. Finally, wait for a minute, press the power button, and turn back on the device.

But if you cannot soft restart your device, you can always do a force restart on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch instead. Now that you have removed the supervised device settings, you should be able to access the settings, including your iCloud.



7. Check Restriction Settings.

Having restrictions on your Apple device is a security feature. You may not want your children or other members of your family to mess up with your settings. If you have enabled this feature before, then there is a chance that you’ve forgotten all about it. Even if you’d not, it’s best to have a second look.

Here’s how to check restrictions on your Apple device:

  1. If you want to turn off all restrictions, go to Settings, then Screen Time, and then select the Content & Privacy Restrictions.


content and privacy restrictions iphone


  1. Now toggle the button next to Content & Privacy Restrictions to disable the feature.
  2. Finally, if you just want to enable selected features on Screen Time restrictions, enable back the Content & Privacy Restrictions feature and select the applications to enable on Content & Privacy Restrictions.


icloud is greyed out in settings


You may be needing the passcode of your device when you set these changes. This is an additional security feature to prove the device ownership, and you have every right to make the changes. After changing these settings, you should be able to fix the iCloud settings greyed out issue on your device.



8. Sign-out and Sign-in Apple ID.

Sometimes your Apple ID account profile might get corrupted on your Apple device. This could happen when core processes get abnormally interrupted. But at times, it is just the wrong Apple ID that is signed in on your device. Whatever the case is, you will be able to fix it by logging out and logging back into your account.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go ahead, open the Settings app on your Apple device and tap on your Profile Name.


icloud is greyed out in settings


  1. Then, scroll down and tap the Sign Out option.


icloud is greyed out in settings


  1. Next, provide your Apple ID password and tap the Turn Off option.
  2. Select the data you want to keep a copy on your device and tap Sign Out.
  3. Now, tap the Sign Out option again to confirm the process.
  4. After that, go back to the Settings and tap Sign In to your device.


icloud is greyed out in settings


  1. Finally, enter your Apple ID and password. Provide the six-digit verification code if applicable.

After making sure you have the right account, you should be able to access your device as the owner of the device. With this, you should be able to access the settings, including your iCloud settings.



9. Reset Device Settings.

The settings on your Apple device can also get corrupted. Since you are having connection issues on your iCloud, you will need to restore first your network settings. But by doing this process, all your Bluetooth paired devices and Wi-Fi network profiles will be deleted. You can set it all up again once you finish the reset process.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go ahead and click the Settings on your Apple device.
  2. Then, tap on the General option and then tap on the Reset option.


icloud is greyed out in settings


  1. Now, find and tap the Reset Network Settings option.
  2. Finally, provide the device passcode if applicable.

After setting up the internet connection, and still, you cannot access the iCloud settings, go back to Step 1 of this method. When you get to Step 3, choose the Reset All Settings option instead. By doing this, you will be restoring your Apple device to the default factory settings. This will remove all hidden conflicts and restrictions, and you will be able to set up your device as new.



10. Talk to Apple Support

If you are in doubt about what’s going on with your Apple device, you can always call an Apple Support Representative. You can do a live step-by-step troubleshooting over the phone with the guidance of the support reps every step of the way. But if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can go to the nearest Apple Store. There are Apple-certified technicians who would be happy to assist you.


apple support


You can also visit the online Apple Support page for more helpful manuals and in-depth technical articles. For interaction with other Apple users, you can join the Apple Support Community. From there, you can contribute by posting your experiences on how you resolved a certain issue with an Apple product.

And this wraps up our article on how to fix your iCloud that is greyed out in settings. Hopefully, this guide and all of our other guides have helped you find the answers you need. If you have questions related to this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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