How to Fix Instagram Deleting Videos After Posting

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Find that Instagram is deleting your videos right after posting?

If you are having problems posting content on your Instagram profile then you are not alone. 🙁

Unfortunately, there are a couple of users who have experienced the same issue when posting a video or even a photo on their Instagram accounts. Now, there are a lot of possible reasons as to why your Instagram posts get deleted after a few seconds.

Today, we are going to show you how to fix this problem on your Instagram account and to avoid it from happening in the future.

Let’s get right into it.


1. You Violated Instagram Community Guidelines.

Being a large social media platform, Instagram has its own set of community guidelines to keep the platform a safe and friendly environment for everyone.

Instagram Deleting Videos After Posting


To prevent deletion of your Instagram post, make sure to avoid uploading videos or photos that have harmful content like the following:

  • Nudity and other sexual content.
  • Selling or use of illegal drugs.
  • Online Gambling.
  • Hate speech, threats, harassment, and blackmailing of other people.
  • Selling of firearms and other media content that may promote physical violence or self-injury.



2. Verify Your Email Address or Contact Number.

Most of the time, even without verifying your email address or contact number, you would be able to post content on your profile.

However, in some cases, if your profile doesn’t have a verified number or email address, Instagram blocks it from posting content on the platform especially if your profile looks suspicious.

How to Verify Your Email Address on Instagram.

To verify your Instagram email address, you can follow the step-by-step procedure below.

  1. On the Instagram app, go to your Profile by clicking your profile photo on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap on Edit Profile. 
  2. Now, inside the Profile edit page, tap on Email Address to enter a new one or change your existing email. 
  3. Next, enter your email address and tap on the Check button located at the upper left of the screen.

Instagram Deleting Videos After Posting


  1. After adding an email address, open your email and find the message sent by Instagram to verify your email address.
  2. Lastly, tap on the Confirm Email Address button on the mail sent by Instagram.

Instagram Deleting Videos After Posting


After verifying your email address, go back to the Instagram app. Now, try uploading the video that got deleted to confirm if the issue is already fixed.

How to Verify Your Phone Number on Instagram.

If your email address is already verified and you want to verify your contact number, follow the steps below to guide you through the process.

  1. On the app, tap on your Profile Photo on the navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to your Profile page.
  2. Now, on your Profile, tap on the Edit Profile button below the text that displays your followers and the following count.
  3. Inside the Edit Profile page, tap on Phone Number to add or change your existing phone number.


  1. Lastly, enter your current phone number and tap on Next. Instagram will automatically verify your phone number if it is currently inserted at the device you are using.

However, if your phone number is inserted on another device. They will send a confirmation code on your mobile number and you would need to enter it on the Instagram app.

Now, try posting the video that got deleted on your profile to see if the deletion problem on your Instagram account is resolved. 

In case your videos are still getting deleted after verifying your email address and phone number, proceed to the third method below.



3. Update Your Instagram App.

If you haven’t updated your Instagram app for a while, then there’s a high chance that it could be the reason for Instagram to go about deleting your videos after posting.

Instagram releases a new version of the app once in a while to make sure that bugs and other errors are resolved immediately. If you are running an old version of the app then, it can contain the bug which causes the deletion of your video after posting it.

Also, outdated Instagram apps may have trouble connecting to their server which can also cause the problem. Your video may not be successfully uploaded to Instagram’s server which makes it disappear after a few seconds posting it.

To avoid this kind of problem in the future make sure to install the latest version of the Instagram app every time.

How to Update Instagram on Android Devices.

In updating the Instagram app on an Android device, you can check out the steps below and carefully follow them.

  1. Open your Android device and go to the App Drawer. Now, tap on Google Play Store to open it.
  2. Next, on the search bar, tap on the button with three horizontal lines located at the left part of the search bar.
  3. After that, tap on My Apps and Games tab on the side menu.
  4. Lastly, tap on the Update button beside the Instagram app if an update is available. Google Play Store automatically checks for an update on all the apps installed on your device.


Now that you have updated the Instagram app, try uploading the video that got deleted to check if the problem with your account is already resolved. 

How to Update Instagram on iOS Device.

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, you can check for an update for the Instagram app by doing the following steps:

  1. Unlock your device and go to the main screen. Tap on the App Store to launch it.
  2. After opening the App Store, you will find a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the Updates button.
  3. Lastly, the App Store will check for updates on all the applications installed on your device. If available, tap on the Update button beside the Instagram app.


Now, wait for the update to finish downloading and installing. Launch the Instagram app and try uploading the video that got deleted to see if it would still get deleted after updating the Instagram app.

If Instagram is still deleting your videos after posting, then you should check if the video you are uploading has copyright-protected content.



Unlike photos, Instagram is more strict on checking videos that contain copyright-protected content. For example, if you made an original video of yourself that has background music coming from another artist (regardless if you credit them or not), Instagram will definitely delete your video. There’s no way around this and it’s for a good reason.

However, if you have the proper permission from the artist to use the music then, you can file an appeal to Instagram to allow you in posting the involved video to your profile. 

You can do this by doing the following steps:

  1. Go to the notice sent by Instagram on the app. 
  2. Now, tap on the Appeal button located at the bottom part of the notice page.

Instagram Deleting Videos After Posting


  1. Next, this will take you to a separate page, read the terms and agreement, and tap on the I agree checkbox.
  2. Lastly, provide your digital signature and tap on the Appeal button to submit your appeal to Instagram.

This process may take a couple of hours or days before your appeal gets approved. However, if your video doesn’t have background music then you can proceed to the fifth method below.



5. Your Profile Got Shadow-Banned.

If you have been posting or commenting a lot on Instagram within a short period of time then Instagram’s spam detection algorithms may assume that you’re spamming. 

This will result in a shadow-ban which temporarily disables your account from interacting on Instagram’s platform which includes posting content on your profile.

Instagram Deleting Videos After Posting


Now, the only thing that you can do is wait for the ban to get lifted which can take several days but should not exceed more than two weeks. Be sure to check your account once in a while to see if the shadow-ban has been removed from your account

This ends our guide on how to fix the ‘Instagram deleting videos after posting’ issue. If you know alternative solutions for this problem, kindly share it in the comment section below and we would be glad to give you credit once this article gets updated in the future.


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