We’ve went from octopuses to orgasm, pondering on what might be the so called “O” in the new Android version  


And you know what?


Both you and I, we can be glad now that Google settled on the name Android Oreo. (I mean cmon can you imagine what it’ll be like if it ended up as something other than Oreo…) 





Now one of the heavily criticized aspects of the Android OS is its slow and lack of frequent important updates (which again varies from different devices) and also you know it very well because it has certainly been a while since you’ve updated your device from the last Android Nougat update. (literally just take a look at their Android updates history on Wikipedia)


But that doesn’t mean Android Oreo doesn’t come packed with a punch..





What’s new on Android Oreo?







I’ll show you how to install Android Oreo on your device right now. 🙂






How to Install Android Oreo: 3 Steps


Make sure to back up your phone before going any further.



1.  Time to Enroll in the Android Beta Program!


Step 1:  Head over to this page on any one of your web browsers and then sign into your Google account. Once you’ve signed in, you will see your eligible devices further down the page. 🙂




Step 2:  Found your device? Great! Now just click on the Enroll Device button to enroll your device into the beta program. 


install android oreo




The page does say that when you do opt out later on from the program that all your data will be wiped out, but here’s the thing:

As long as you’ve downloaded the final build and not the preview build on your device, then you’ll be fine and your device won’t get wiped out. Again do make sure that you’ve backed up your device just in case. 🙂






2.  Download and Install the Update


Step 1:  Now you should see a notification to update on your phone. All you have to do is just tap on Download and Install.


install android oreo






This is where you need to be careful:

Remember when I told you earlier that you shouldn’t download the preview build but instead the final build? Yes. Over here on this page do make sure that the page does not say “O” or “Beta” anywhere because that means you’re downloading the preview build. 

You want the page to say “Oreo” which means that you’re getting the final build. 

So do not tap on that Download button until you’ve made sure that it’s the right one. 

If you can’t find it then you can always try in a while later or even side load it yourself. 🙂





Step 2: You’re almost done! Now give some time for your phone to download and install your brand new Android Oreo update. (you can go grab that hot cocoa now).





3.  Finishing touches.


Step 1:  Once you’ve got your update, head back to the Beta enrollment page where you had downloaded your update and then tap on Unenroll Device for your phone. (you don’t really need the Beta program anymore since you now have your new Android Oreo)  


install android oreo





Again, the page warns you that your device will be wiped, but since you’ve installed the final build and not the preview build, your device will be fine.




That’s it!


Have fun 🙂




Share this guide with your family and friends so that they too can update their phones to the all new Android Oreo.



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