How to Install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL

install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2

Google announced a shit ton of cool new features that’s coming to the new, soon-to-be released Android P.

Which BTW we still don’t know what the ‘P’ in Android P stands for. Try guessing and comment down below of what you might think it could be. Let’s see who gets it right.

Anyways if you’re just dying to try out the new Android P then you can try the new Android P Beta version which is sort of the prototype version before the actual official version of Android P gets released in the coming months. 🙂

But first, get to know …


The Eligible Ones.

The Android P Beta is only available to a few selected devices. If you do not see your phone below then you’re gonna need to wait for the Beta version to be released by your manufacturer.

Here’s the list of all the devices that are eligible:



What you’ll need to know.

There are four things that you need to know before you go on to install Android P Beta on your device.

  1. If you’ve modded your device in any way such as a root, custom kernel, recovery or any other kind of modification then know that will you will not be apply Android Beta’s updates.
  2. If you ever wish to come back to your current version after installing Android P Beta, then opting out will cause you to lose data on your phone. However, if you choose to stay on Android P Beta and then updating to its official version (which will be due in fall) then your data will not be wiped out and will remain preserved. Either way, it’s best if you back up all your data before jumping into Android P Beta on your Pixel.
  3. If you are one that always looks forward to all those monthly security updates that you get with your phone, then this is bad news. When you’re on Android P Beta you will not get the monthly security updates that you normally get.
  4. If you install Android P Beta, then that essentially makes you a beta tester and your device will need to run software that’s still under works. So if you really rely on your phone for daily use or if you hold any important information or contacts then take note that if you do this then you could leave your phone open to issues such as with the emergency services or just the general stability of your device.

The good news? You won’t have to stand in line to get the new official Android P the moment it’s released. It’s completely up to you.

If you’re fine with all, then let’s dive right in. In this guide, I’ll show you how you can Install Android P Beta on your Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.



How to Install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL: 5 Steps


Make sure to back up your Pixel before your install Android P Beta. This is so just in case if you wish to undo the changes.


Step 1:  Go ahead and jump into the below link to sign up for Android Beta program. Just sign in using your Google account that’s used on your Pixel (which is your eligible device).


Step 2:  Great! Now you’ll need to verify your account using the password that’s associated with it. Once you’re verified, scroll down a little where you’ll see a list of all your devices that is eligible for the Beta.


install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2



Step 3:  Found your Pixel? Good. All you have to do is just tap on the + Opt in button.


install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2



Step 4:  Next, tick the box next to the I agree to the terms of the beta program. Then tap on Join beta.


install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2



Step 5:  Now you’ll receive a notification to update your phone, if you get it tap on it to get started. If you didn’t receive it, then just go to your SettingsAbout phoneSystem update. Then tap on Check update from there and your beta update to Android P will be waiting for you. Finally, just tap on the Download and Install button.


install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2



Wait, I still don’t see my update!
If you find that the update doesn’t appear immediately after you’ve signed up with the Android Beta program, then just give it a couple of minutes to a few hours. Check back frequently as the update could be delayed and it should make it’s way to your phone within 24 hours.


That’s it!

Make sure to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network to help speed up the download as it can take an hour or so (especially if you’re connected to your cellular data).


install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2



Once you’ve finished downloading, just plug your Pixel into your charger and charge it as it could be low on battery. Then just tap Restart now.


install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2



Voila! You’ll be on Android P Beta when your Pixel boots back up. 🙂


install Android P Beta on Google Pixel 2



How do I opt out of Android P Beta on Pixel 2?

You’re done exploring the realms of the new Android P world and you feel it’a time to head back to your home planet of Android Oreo.

If so, then you can go back to Oreo but there’s a caveat and it’s where why you had to back up in the first place. When you decide to downgrade from a Android Beta program it will automatically trigger a full wipe on all your data on your device.

If you have backed up all your data o your Pixel then here’s how:

Step 1:  Jump back into the Android Beta program website (the same one that you installed Android P Beta from) but this time tap on Opt out. Then select Leave beta.

That’s it!

You’ll receive another update just like the one you received when you updated to Android P Beta. Tap on the Download and Install button and you’ll be back in your home planet of Oreo in no time. 🙂



Share this guide with anyone, your code junkies or your friends and help them if they’re looking into how they can test out and explore the new stuff that Android P will be bringing soon.



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