I am 98% sure that you already know how Binance works and also you may have played around on Binance on your computer.

So I’m not going to waste your time with an introduction.

You’re looking to get Binance’s iOS app and in this guide I’ll show you exactly how you can Install the Binance iOS app on your iPhone or your iPad in less than 13 seconds of your time.



How to Install Install Binance App on iPhone: 5 Steps


Step 1:  Go ahead open up your Safari browser and jump to the Binance iOS app download page. 


A Faster Way … 

You can also use your iPhone’s (or your iPad’s) Camera app to scan the QR code below. Learn more on how to use your iPhone or iPad to scan QR codes.


install Binance app on iPhone
Scan this QR code from www.binance.com/ios-install.html



Step 2:  Now you will find that you get a pop up asking you to confirm about installing the Binance app (just like the image below). Just tap Install to proceed. You should see the Binance app on your home screen a few seconds later.


install Binance app on iPhone



Step 3:  Great! There’s one final thing we need to take care of before you can hustle cryptocurrencies and that it to allow your iOS of your iPhone (or iPad) to trust the Binance app to run transactions. So just jump into your Settings app, and then General and tap on Profiles & Device Management (if you’re on iOS 10 or older it’ll be Device Management).


install Binance app on iPhone



Step 4:  You’re almost done! Now tap on the Shenzhen Posun Industry Co. Ltd under Enterprise App.


install Binance app on iPhone



Step 5:  Finally, just tap on Trust Shenzhen Posun Industry Co. Ltd and then tap Trust to confirm. 


install Binance app on iPhone



That’s it! You can now jump into your new Binance app and start trading. 


install Binance app on iPhone



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