How to Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire

Wondering how you can install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire tablets? 

Amazon Fire is a line of tablet and streaming devices offered by Amazon. They run on Fire OS, which is based on Android, and give users access to a variety of content, including games, movies, music, and apps. 

There isn’t much to complain about Amazon Fire tablets besides the fact that they don’t have Google Play Store. While the Amazon Appstore offers a good selection of applications, there’s nothing that can replace the Play Store. 

If you are reading this, we can assume that you want to install Google Play Store on your Amazon Kindle Fire. 

Fortunately, this is possible with the help of some tweaks. 

However, keep in mind that doing this process can void your warranty. Some applications on the Play Store may not also work on your Fire tablet even if you install the Google Play Store. 

With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Before Anything (Warning) 

  • Make sure your Amazon Fire’s microSD card is removed before doing this process unless you set it on adoptable storage. If you don’t remove your SD card, Google Play Store and its resources will be installed on it, which can cause issues. 
  • You won’t be able to manage your Fire Tablet through Google Family Link, even after you’ve installed the Play Store. You can use a Child Profile on your Amazon Tablet instead. 
  • Applications you’ve installed through Google Play Store might not work correctly with the Amazon Kids+ plan. 
  • Some applications may not show up on Google Play Store since Fire tablets are not SafetyNet-certified. 

Installing Google Play Store on Amazon Fire

Allow Installation From Unkown Resources

The first step to installing the Google Play Store on your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is to allow the installation of APKs outside the Amazon Appstore. This should allow you to run and install applications downloaded from the Internet, which is how you’ll get Google Play Store running. 

Keep in mind to only download APKs from trusted resources, as sideloading apps is one of the most common ways to put malware on your device. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. First, access your home screen and tap on Settings
  2. Now, tap on Security & Privacy
Unkown Sources
  1. After that, tap on the ‘Apps from Unkown Sources’ option. 
  2. Lastly, tap on Silk Browser and turn on the ‘Allow from this source’ option. 
Silk Browser

Once done, exit the settings, and your device should be ready to install the Google Play Store. 

Installing Google Play Store

After allowing APKs from unknown sources to be installed, the next thing you should do is download the proper APK files for Google Play Store. For this step, you’ll need to install four applications: Google Services Framework, Google Account Manager, Google Play Services, and Google Play Store. 

install google play store on amazon fire

The first three applications mentioned above will handle basic account services and APIs.

Since Amazon Fire tablets run on different versions of Android, the APKs you need to download depend on the model you own. 

To know the model of your Fire tablet, go to Settings > Device Options & System and look under Device Model. For the OS version you’re running, head to System Updates under Device Options & System

Once you know the exact model of your Amazon Fire, refer to the table below to download the APKs for Google Account Manager and Google Services Framework: 

Google Account Manager: 

Fire HD 10 (9th and 11th Gen)Google Account Manager v7.1.2
Fire 7 (8th, 9th, and 12th Gen)
Fire HD 8 (8th and 10th Gen)
Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older)Google Account Manager v5.1
Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older)
Fire 7 (7th Gen and older)
Fire HD 6
Fire HDX 8.9

Google Services Framework: 

Fire 7 and HD 8 (12th Gen) on Fire OS 8Google Services Framework 10-6494331
Fire HD 10 (9th and 11th Gen)Google Services Framework v9-4832352
Fire HD 8 (9th and 10th Gen)
Fire 7 (9th Gen) on Fire OS 7
Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) on Fire OS 7
Fire 7 (9th Gen) on Fire OS 6Google Services Framework v7.1.2
Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) on Fire OS 6
Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older)Google Services Framework v5.1
Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older)
Fire 7 (7th Gen and older)
Fire HD 6
Fire HDX 8.9

Google Play Services:

Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 (12th Gen, 2022)Google Play Services (64-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 11+)
Fire HD 10 (9th and 11th Gen) Fire HD 8 (10th Gen)Google Play Services (64-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 9.0+)
Fire 7 (9th Gen, 2019)Google Play Services (32-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 6.0+)
Fire HD 8 (8th Gen, 2018)Google Play Services (64-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 6.0+)
Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older), Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older), Fire 7 (7th Gen and older), Fire HD 6, Fire HDX 8.9Google Play Services (32-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 5.0+)

Google Play Store: 

All modelsGoogle Play Store (universal, nodpi)

Once you’ve downloaded all the files needed, it’s now time to install each APK on your Amazon Fire tablet. 

  1. First, locate the Downloads folder on your device. On most Fire tablets, it is on the side menu. 
  2. Now, you should see all the files you’ve downloaded in one folder. 
install google play store on amazon fire
  1. For this step, it is crucial to install the applications in the correct order. Failure to do this will cause the Google Play Store to malfunction. Here’s how you should install each APK: 
  • login
  • gsf
  • gms
  • Vending
  1. Restart your Amazon Fire tablet after installing all APKs. 

After restarting your Amazon tablet, go to the home screen and run the Google Play Store. From there, you’ll be asked to log in to your Google account, and you should be able to download applications from the Play Store. 

Known Issues With Google Play Store Installation

Recently, Amazon updated its Fire tablet lineup and released two new models, which are the Fire 7 and Fire HD 8. Both devices featured improved processors, new colors, and USB-C charging for the Fire 7. 

install google play store on amazon fire

However, users were experiencing issues installing Google Play Store on these new models. Both devices seemed incapable of running the Play Store, even when carefully following the steps mentioned above. 

Luckily, the issue was resolved after updating the devices to Fire OS version 

After updating your Fire tablet, you should be able to run the Google Play Store without issues, and even the YouTube app is running properly. 

Keep in mind that you’ll have to uninstall all Google Play Store-related services after updating your device and perform a fresh install for the issue to go away. Sadly, simply updating your Amazon Fire is not enough to address the problem. 

That ends our guide on how to install Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire. If you have questions or any other concerns, please voice them in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to respond. 

If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


  • Jake Kovoor

    Jake is the Editor-in-Chief of Saint and an independent software developer, with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Lancaster University, UK. He loves trying out various tech from the Flipper Zero to coding Raspberry Pis for automation. He started Saint back in 2016, having written over 100 posts, with the sole purpose of creating guides for software that had yet to exist back then to help users navigate around their technical problems.

  1. I tried this. 1st my kindle has office suite for docs. When I go there and follow instructions I tap first all installed and it says can’t parsing app?? What do I do?

    1. Hey Tina,

      I have updated the .apk files above for you.

      A parsing error usually means it could either be your Kindle Fire is not running Fire OS 5 or above (it’s best to stay with the latest updates) or it could be that the .apk files weren’t downloaded correctly.

      So first up, make sure that your Kindle Fire is updated to the latest version, then second try to download the new and updated .apk files, then follow up with the above steps from Installing Google Play Store APK Files (Step 1).

      Let me know how it works, Tina. 🙂

      1. Hi having trouble downloading google play services apk it jus keep saying not installed when I go to my docs.. Can you help please

      2. I’m having same problem it says parcel error when I click on it to install. I have a version 8.5.1 I believe it said. How do I fix this?

      3. Hi my name is Kacie, I am having 1 hwll of a time understanding how to do this. Trying to download Google play store In my kindle. Could someone please HELP ME MY # 8015770327 thanks

      4. I followed all the instructions google play store shows up but when I tap it nothing happens. Please help. Also tried reboot several times.

      5. Hi Jake, just reading all this – in the event someone would need to uninstall these 4 files – is there a guide on how that would be done (how to locate the files and their names, so you don’t remove something necessary for the Kindle by accident)?

        Just in case – so far so good though.

        1. I have 2017 Kindle HD 8 w latest OS. Apps from unknown sources r marked as yes. It will not download any of the required files for Google Play. Nothing ever shows up in my download file. I’ve successfully done in in previous version of Kindle without any issues. Help!!

      6. Hi Jake, I just got the largest version of Amazon Fire HD 10! Will this work on my version also?

      7. I can download apps but some of them say they won’t run unless Google play is updated. When I attempt to update I get an error. Any ideas?

      8. Thanks A MILLION! Worked like a charm and now my son has a device he can use for his Google Meet kindergarten lessons without me sacrificing my personal laptop/pc or newly purchased 2 in 1.

        You’re a dream maker!

        We thank you! Deuces!

    1. Hey Josh,

      First, try clearing your cache and data.

      If that doesn’t work then you can try uninstall and reinstall the Play Store updates (by going to your Settings > Apps or Application Manager > Google Pay Store app > Uninstall Updates > OK).

      Now if that too doesn’t work either then try installing the latest system updates. (by going to your device’s main Settings app > About or System Updates > then if you do find that there is an update available follow through with that > check your Play Store if it works)

      Lastly make sure that your Download Manager is turned on.

      Try these solutions and let me know how it works, Josh. 🙂

        1. Hey Jake,thank you so much for this. It took me some time,but got it installed and working great. The links are a godsend!

          1. Hi! Thanks for this. I followed the instructions on my hd 10 and it worked for the first six weeks. Yesterday it started timing out Google Play after about 2min. Anything I try to watch just stops after 2min. and takes me back to my Google Play library. Restarted several times.
            Any thoughts?

  2. There are much newer APK newer versions than the ones you link to, for player services and play store. Should we use the latest versions or the old ones .

    1. FWIW, I decided to download the latest but got a parse error. I then went back to the ones pointed to by this page and everything installed. I see now that as pointed out below, these will auto-update anyway. Perhaps add a line to the instructions above that advises to not attempt to load the latest?

      In any case great instructions, Thank You!! I can finally install Android apps. Yahoo!!

      1. Works just fine on my 8th generation and I have installed a system update since. Thank you for your clear instructions.

  3. I see you mention they Auto update. So if we install the older versions , I guess that’s what would happen .

  4. I’m planning to try this. My questions before I do: Can you still get software updates on your Kindle after doing this and if so, will the Google Play Store still work whenever you get those software updates or will you have to go through the download process each time you get an update?

    1. Hey Marsha,

      Yeah you should!

      Can you still get software updates on your Kindle after doing this?
      Yes you can, Marsha. You can update your FireOS (your software updates for your Kindle Fire) after doing this.

      Will the Google Play Store still work whenever you get those software updates or will you have to go through the download process each time you get an update?
      Yeah it will still work, since the Google framework (the ‘stuff’ needed to get your Google Play Store) will still remain on your Kindle Fire.

      Tell me how it goes, Marsha. 🙂

      1. I was progressing nicely through the instructions until it came time to install. The install button does not respond at all even for the first download. The cancel button does.

        1. Wishing I could delete my last comment. I rebooted, made sure I was signed on as an unrestricted user, resumed installing without problem, and am now using Google Play to install the apps I need. Thanks so much!

          1. Your embarrassment becomes my gratitude. I thought Amazon must have changed something to break the installation. Then I read your comment, and thankfully the reboot worked.

          2. Marsha, I would also like to add my gratitude, had identical problem, followed your advice and installing went without a hitch! Biggest thank to Jake for the blond-proofed guide 😉

          3. Many thanks. I too had to reboot before the files would install.
            Working perfectly now 🙂

          4. I tried this, restarting my Fire three times, and still the “Install” button is not active. What are my other options. Please note that I had to Reset to Factory Defaults, and starting over again. The first time it worked, but after the Reset, I have to start from the beginning. Help please, and thanks!

          5. Thanks Marsha for the solution to my problem!!

            And super thanks Jake for this super useful post!!

        2. Marsha, same here is my thank you for you comment and subsequent reply about how you got it to work. I also had the need to restart to get the install button to work. Now all is well.

          1. I have powered off and on twice, but Install is still grayed out. Fire HD 8 running FireOs

          2. I was able to download the files to my fire hd 8. I also restarted the tablet but still having the issue of the install options for the files being greyed out. Any advice?

    1. Hey Olalekan,

      A parsing error usually means it could either be your Kindle Fire is not running Fire OS 5 or above (it’s best to stay with the latest updates) or it could be that the .apk files weren’t downloaded correctly.

      So first up, make sure that your Kindle Fire is updated to the latest version, then second try to download the new and updated .apk files, then follow up with the above steps from Installing Google Play Store APK Files (Step 1).

      You can also try to Download the file using the Silk browser (the official web browser of the device)

      Let me know how it goes, Olalekan. 🙂

      1. Hey Jake,

        I’m having parsing errors after downloading and trying to install the APK files too. My kindle is running the latest version (7.5.1_user_5174320) and I have used the Sllk browser to download the files. I make sure to download the file that pops up when I click on the link instead of finding a newer version of it. The first 3 files won’t install but the 4th one containing the store will- although it gives me repeated pop ups saying “google play has stopped” while leading me to a google sign in page.

  5. I just got my Kindle Fire. I have done the above steps on the main parent profile and it worked great. Google play is working like a charm. I have a second profile on the same Fire and I download the same 4 files to that profile and the first two files install but the last 2 files do not install. Help! How do I get Google Play working on more than one profile on the table?

    1. Hey Rachel,

      That’s great that it did work for your first profile. At least now we know that the problem is with the installation itself and not the individual files.

      So what you can try doing is restarting your Kindle Fire.

      If that doesn’t work then you can try with the older version of the files:

      Let me know how it goes, Rachel. 🙂

    2. Hi Rachel, Did you ever get Google Play to install for second profile? I am having the same problem as you. The first two file install but the last two fail.

  6. Thanks so much, worked perfectly after rebooting. After wasting time reading other sites & looking at videos, your instructions were the best!

    1. My Google store apps will not download either. I get a message that the apps I’m trying to download are “waiting for download” but it never happens. Wonder what I did wring? I have a fire HD I just bought two weeks ago. Today is October 06, 2019.

    1. Hey Taylir,

      It has mostly successfully worked on any Amazon Fire tablet that was released from 2014 onwards (4th Generation and above) that’s running Fire OS 5.

      So if you’re talking about the 1st Generation, then it might encounter some problems even if it’s updated to the latest OS.

      Let me know how it goes Taylir. 🙂

      1. Was there any feedback on whether the steps worked for the 1st Generation Fire?
        I’m terrified of ‘doing things’ to mine and totally messing up.

        1. Hey Lorna,

          No I have not had feedback on whether it has worked for the 1st Generation Kindle Fire. (I’ll notify you if I get any feedback).

          It has mostly successfully worked on any Amazon Fire tablet that was released from 2014 onwards (4th Generation and above) that’s running Fire OS 5.

          So if you’re talking about the 1st Generation, then it might encounter some problems even if it’s updated to the latest OS. 🙁

          Again I’ll definitely remind you if it is possible, Lorna. 🙂

          1. Thanks plenty for getting back to me. I had installed the Amazon ES file manager and their latest version YouTube app and it seems to be working fine (for now). So I’m good. Thanks again.

  7. I did the steps on my new HD 8 (6/8/2017 version). Everything seemed to go OK, but the Play store does not show up in the apps. When I go to the download directory via Docs, I can install and run it, and that works fine.

    I logged into my Google account OK and got Google installed and running, but it also does not show in the list of apps.

    What should I do (besides leaving Google Play running)?

  8. Never mind. When I scrolled the home screen up, the Play store and Google were there.

    I guess they don’t show as an Amazon app, which is reasonable.

  9. Excellent! Works great and really easy to install. It does take a little patience for it to install and setup, but it’s worth it. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Hello and thank you for the guide!
    I’m thinking of trying this out but I’d like to know something beforehand.
    If I want to uninstall google play later on (since the Fire I’m using is borrowed for some months) how will I be able to do so? Will it be a problem for the device at all, doing this? I wouldn’t want to ruin anything for the friend that gave his Fire to me lol

    Thank you again

    1. You’re welcome, MeX.

      Yeah it should be completely fine. Rest assured if anything does happen hit me up with a message alright? 🙂

  11. Hi there, after downloading and following install instructions. The “install” button doesn’t work. Strangely the cancel button does.

  12. I have done this several times over the last 12 hours off of a different page and I was ready to throw the dam thing out the window. I am going to start over with this way and I sure hope that it works as well for me 🙂

  13. Thank you so much, I purchased a new Kindle Fire a couple of weeks ago and have been disappointed that I couldn’t access Google Play, tried other sites and their instructions to no avail. Your instructions are really informative, easy to follow and WORK FANTASTICALLY. I can now access GOOGLE PLAY. THANK YOU

  14. Followed the steps and it went great! Thanks! I did have to restart my Kindle Fire before it would let me install but after that, it works great. I’m so happy that I use it just like a regular tablet, instead of just Amazon-based stuff.

  15. Just want to say thank you! This worked like a charm on my fire hd 8 7th generation. No issues with the install. Did have issues downloading apps from the play store at first, but I also was too excited and hadn’t given it time to update. It’s working fine now. Thank you again for completing my fire and making it my total package 😀

  16. Thank you so much for this guide. Took me three goes and a restart but I now have all my Google favourites on my new Kindle!!!

  17. Great instructions; worked really well. Recommend you add a line about restarting the kindle after downloading all the files. I was having trouble and came to the comments and found the solution. Thanks for posting this!

  18. Just to let you know I got it working perfectly on my wife’s Fire. Many thanks for an excellent and clear resource

  19. This is awesome! I did this on 2 brand new Fire tablets and it works. I did have one problem the first tablet where I downloaded all the files but I couldn’t click “install” when it came time to install the files. However, I read the comments above and someone had the same problem and just rebooted the tablet and it fixed it. I did the same and continued the process with no issue. I had zero issues when I did this with the second tablet. Google Play store works perfectly and I have been able to download games and apps without issue. Thank you for sharing this! This is much easier than other methods Is seen on the web involving rooting the device and such. Cheers!

    1. Jake
      Good morning and thank you for your brilliant instructions. All is well on my brand new prime day bargain Kindle fire 8hd …except for one gmail opens up for one second, shows updated email list then switches to home screen. I have rebooted and all software is up to date. Help!

  20. I’ve installed it and its working fine to a point, however every time i try to download something, it just sticks on download pending forever. any tips?

  21. I downloaded all the APK files but is having trouble installing them. When I opened the APK files according to your instructions, I couldn’t click the “Install” button, yet the “Cancel” button can still be clicked. Please help 🙁

  22. TYVM!!! I bought the new Kindle Fire HD 8 on Prime Day. I searched and found these instructions after checking XDA. First download was at 8:43. Completely setup and signed in with Google Authenticator by 8:52. This allows me to install OverDrive for ePub books. Someone may quibble but for 49.99 a solid alternative to an iPad or a never updated Samsung tablet.

  23. Success — that re-boot item is kind of important to mention – once I saw the message and rebooted, I was home free. Thanks! and thanks to Marsha’s reluctant comment (about the reboot) that got me going.

  24. Bought two Fire HD6s on a Woot! sale for $30 each and just added the Play Store to one of them according to your instructions. Worked perfectly. Thanks! Will be doing the second one now. 🙂

  25. Jake, i dont know how to tell you this, but your a freakin genius. thanks for this guide, microsoft should hire you or something, their guides are confusing compared to the simple and thorough nature of yours. thanks a million.

  26. Just want to thank you for the excellent installation guide. I was able to download (3) different apps from the Google play store to control my home theater setup. I doubt if Amazon will ever have these in their app store. I’m really glad there are smart people like you with the knowledge, that are willing to share. Thanks again!

  27. hi I have downloaded these before and have successfully got Google Play etc but i have been trying to do the same on my daughters new Amazon Fire 7 – latest model – but everytime i get as tapping “install” nothing happens! I have tried several times but cant seem to get past this stage!
    Any suggestions please? I am wondering if Amazon have done something to prevent us adding Google Play?
    For clarification I have previously added Google to my own latest Fire 7 in the last 4 weeks.


    1. Hey Gwyn,

      Try rebooting your Kindle Fire and make sure you are signed on as an unrestricted user.

      Keep me updated on how it goes Gwyn. 🙂

  28. Don’t know what to do. I have installed the APK’s in order. Installed, rebooted, waited for the store to update, rebooted, but the apps still get stuck on “Download pending”. I stopped the download and rebooted and tried again but it isn’t working. Can you give me a hand?

  29. Jake, Thank you so much for making this really easy. It is working fine, and worked right away! Thanks again!

  30. Hey Jake thanks for the instructions. I’m having a problem with this on my 3rd gen. Fire. It’s saying problem parsing when trying to install. Thanks

    1. Hey Joshua,

      The problem could be because your Kindle Fire is 3rd Generation (also make sure it is running Fire OS 5).

      It has mostly successfully worked on any Amazon Fire tablet that was released from 2014 onwards (4th Generation and above) that’s running Fire OS 5.

      So if you’re talking about the 3rd Generation, then it might encounter some problems even if it’s updated to the latest OS.

      Let me know how it goes Joshua.

  31. Jake, many thanks for this. Just got Kindle Fires for me and the wife and as we are both Chromebook fans your instructions on how to add Google Play and functionality are exactly what we need. You are a star!!

  32. Help? I downloaded all the files. Then I went to Docs and I don’t have a folder that says Local Storage. I just have Cloud and Device. What do I do now? I have the Kindle Fire HD 8.9

    1. Hey Wendy,

      I’m guessing your Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is the 2nd Generation one right? (the one that was released in 2012)..

      The thing is this has mostly successfully worked on any Amazon Fire tablet that was released from 2014 onwards (4th Generation and above) that’s running Fire OS 5.

      So if you’re talking about the 2nd Generation, then it might encounter some problems even if it’s updated to the latest OS.

      Let me know how it goes Wendy.

  33. First of all I want to say wonderful blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask
    if you don’t mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head prior to writing.
    I have had a difficult time clearing my thoughts in getting
    my thoughts out. I do enjoy writing however it just seems like
    the first 10 to 15 minutes are lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints?
    Many thanks!

  34. Mine won’t install any of the files I have downloaded it will back put and scroll down but it will not install… Can someone help????

  35. This was super easy, had no glitches whatsoever. Only thing I did differently was to install newer versions of the apk files available. THANK YOU!!!!

  36. I don’t normally leave comments, but this was the most easy and helpful article I’ve ever come across. If you need the google play apps, use this guide. step by step, worked just fine! Thank you so much!

  37. Bro, thanks so much for sharing! The instructions were clear and I had no glitches.
    After spending hours trying to download Youtube Kids (I bought the kindle for my daughter) via instructions from a variety of websites, and failing miserably, I came across your post. So glad I did. Now I have the whole Play Store to choose from. Awesome!
    Much appreciated!

  38. I can’t get this to work. I have a HD7, 4th gen. I changed the app/security setting, downloaded the files, but then in docs, tapping doesn’t do anything but check/uncheck.

    After checking other comments, I rebooted and turned off parental controls (does ‘unrestricted’ mean something else?) and tried again, same problem. What else can I try?

    1. Hey Rube,

      It is supposed to work for your HD7, 4th Gen Kindle, may I know what version of OS your Kindle is running on?

      If you have downloaded the files and you find that you can’t seem to open it in your Docs (which is why you’re left with only check/uncheck) then you can try referring this guide by XDA and then try downloading it again using the files there. 🙂

      Here’s the guide:

      Let me know how it goes Rube. 🙂

      1. I still don’t understand what conditions cause me not to be able to execute the downloaded apk files in Docs.

        You said before ‘make sure you’re signed on as an unrestricted user’ — what does that mean? no parental controls? something else?

  39. You are THE bomb! You made my day and my son’s. Thank you for taking the time to share that knowledge with everyone. You made our world a better place.

  40. Worked GREAT!! I stumbled upon your page after 15-20 mins of following other websites and was about to give up, but you had such clear, step by step instructions that I thought I would give it another shot. Worked effortlessly!! THANK YOU!

  41. Worked great! And I was successful in installing the Chegg eReader App so I can use my new Fire HD 8 (2017) to read my textbook instead of having to use the browser based version. That is exactly why I just bought the Fire HD 8 since my old iPad 1 & iPad 2 wont work with the Chegg website, and they can’t be updated to a more current OS version.


  42. Very easy to follow directions except for one thing. My docs folder was a little different but I did find my downloads. They were labeled differently, though, so I installed backwards from top to bottom. I realized halfway through that the name of the fine was there, after I clicked on it, at the top of the page. So I read through some of your other comments and uninstalled playstore, went back to the files and installed in the right order, which, for my kindle, was bottom to top. Just for anyone else wondering as I did what the order, on the kindle, was.

  43. Brilliant, and SO easy! I needed a VPN app for a three week trip to Europe, and could not download it without Google Play. I wanted it on my Kindle Fire for watching TV shows I follow while I’m gone, through the VPN portal . Once I got the files downloaded (there were actually five; the last small one being the logo image for Google play) and rebooted my Fire, I was able to install everything without a hitch. Thanks for this crystal clear tutorial!

  44. Oh the frustration. This worked a charm on kindle 5th gen, so got a new Kindle 10, and it won’t install the APKs— and yes, I did allow unknown apps in the security settings – Please, please help

    1. Update – I reset and restored the new Fire using the old one’s settings and it worked. I can’t thank you enough. Love this workaround <3

  45. Have a new Kindle Fire 10. Can’t get the install to light up in the docs section to install the 4 apps. Rebooted but no change. Don’t know how to find out if the access is restricted or not. Help. Have been working on this for hours now.

    1. Update. Found if I closed out and back in and went straight to the docs app I could get the install button to light up, once each time. So did it 4 times for the 4 downloads and it worked. Who knows why but google play is now on my screen. Thanks!

  46. Hey Jake, thanks for of your work.
    I’m having the same problem as Tina and Joshua: while trying to install services framework I get an error message, “parsing problem.”
    My kindle fire is an older model but the system version number is 6.3.4_user_4120720, serial number D01E A0A0 2092 0B84.
    I have tried Framework versions 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x and 8x, mostly from, but i have tried other sites as well. They all give the same parsing error message. Do you have any insights or advice for me?

  47. Thanks for the article!!
    I am having a little problem
    For some apps like WhatsApp and sharekhan, play store is showing that “THIS VERSION ISNT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR DEVICE” !!
    Can you please help me out in this matter?

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    You don’t imagine how I truly appreciate your post. I just bought the tablet thinking it was an ordinary one just bcuz of the cheap price. I lost all hope until I saw your post. U just made my day bcuz I was getting frustrated trying to install a few games/apps for my son so he could get this Tablet as a gift. I love u

  51. Hey Jake,

    I was able to successfully install the first apk file, but even after rebooting twice, it will not let me install the next one. The install button is unresponsive. What am I doing wrong?

  52. Hello. I posted a comment last night, but I don’t see it this morning. I am reinstalling to my Fire 7 because I had to do a factory reset. The Install is still greyed out, after rebooting multiple times. I am on Fire OS Marsha also mentioned “signed on as an unrestricted user”. How can I do that? I tried logging off my account and then installing, but that didn’t work. The first time was a breeze, but for some reason, not this time. Help please!! Thanks so much.

  53. Hey.

    So this all works great. However I cannot get this to work within a fire for kids profile. Google play installs and opens but always hangs on ‘download pending’ after clicking the install app links.

    Seems it has a permission issue unlike the adult profiles. Anyone cracked this yet?

  54. Hi.
    Followed these steps on one fire tab and worked…
    Doing the same for the other child’s fore tab and it’s not giving me the option to install the downloads… any ideas?


  55. Sorted it. Decided to tap the sync device option in settings… went straight back to downloads and for a few seconds it gave me the install option. Did this each time to install each of the 4 downloads and works with success!!!

    1. Natalie,

      I’m only seeing the sync device option as the main user and not under a freetime/children account.

      Have you been able to install these as a freetime/child profile?

      Thank you!

  56. I finally got past the parsing. I’ve restarted and done the sync but it will only let me install the the first file. Any Ideas?

  57. It worked! Thanks! I had to leave the tablet sitting for some time, and it finally lit up to install:) worked right away once all 4 installed! Yay!

  58. I downloaded the links in the right order but when I try to go to the install page, the “install” is greyed out and it won’t let me click that word. Any advice?

  59. Thank you and Well Done , Jake. (WISH i had a page like this to attach to my Resume) Brilliant!
    Like Jake says, Have patience, reboot, repeat if needed, took me a couple of hours (was on my company’s prohibitive Wifi). It absolutely works. Patience. Thanks again, Jake. God bless.

  60. Hey Jake, just got my kindle today and my question is, if I do this will I be able to download things I have purchased from The Play store on a different device?

  61. Hi – I have the new Kindle fire and followed all of your directions but none of the files will allow install. I rebooted
    per the comments. Thanks for your help.

  62. Hi- I found an update for the Kindle. I installed that and now your directions work. Everything Google installed. Thank you!

  63. Hi – longtime Apple user. First Kindle. Downloaded everything. But my install button never lights up to actually install the APK files. So it breaks down on STep 4. Can you help? Is it a silly setting?

  64. Thank you so much! This is awesome. Was gutted I couldn’t download apps from Google play. All sorted thanks to your post!

  65. Can the files be downloaded to my laptop then moved to my kindles download folder? Much easier for me it they could.

  66. Thanks for this… worked first time… BUT…. the apps that I have got through google aren’t showing up in my library and I can’t give my kids profile access to them! Any ideas or help would be much appreciated

  67. Excellent, clear instructions but 4th apk file for Google play store keeps erroring with ‘failed to download’. Anyone else had this problem? I’m using a new fire hd 10, with latest kindle version.
    Was able to download and install all the other apks. Also rebooted but no luck. Can’t find any advice anywhere else on Google so stuck! Please help as wanted to give this tablet to my son,already loaded for Christmas.

  68. Worked like a champ! Just one note….the files show up in reverse order. Start the install from the bottom. Thanks for the great info!

  69. Tried this, a couple of problems: (1) It all appears to work until I try running the Play Store. It will kick me out after a few seconds, and then the Play Store icon will gray out on the home screen. If I try to launch it, it tells me that the SD card I installed it on is no longer in the tablet. (There’s never been an SD card in the tablet.) I can, though, see and launch the Play Store app from the Recent section of the For You menu. (2) Like Ben Woodford above, when I download apps I can’t find them anywhere unless I type in their name in the search box or find them under Recent. Thanks for your help!

  70. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love that you made it idiot-proof! I still had to actually use my brain a bit though! lol

  71. Hey so the play store isn’t working for me it doesn’t have the app I’m looking for when I go to their web site it says there is no device found. Do you have any advice?

  72. First thank you this was so simple after trying other ways to get Google play on my daughters Kindle. I am now trying to download a movie to play offline from Movies Anywhere and I’m getting a message that Movies Anywhere requires a newer Verizon of play services. Gives me an update button but that takes me to the amazon app store. How do I update services to get this to work?

  73. The last google play store Cole won’t install or download? I keep getting an error saying failed to download? The other 3 files have downloaded no problems – any ideas? Thanks

  74. I followed the instructions and everything was working perfectly until today. Now when I try to install an app from the Google play store, the app does not automatically go to my home screen and I have no idea where to find it. The only way to see it is in my recent’s. Any help?

  75. I just have one question. Will I still be able to download Amazon apps as well as Google or will it only run on Google Play now?

  76. everything worked perfectly until I tried installing. “install” is greyed out, unable to click. All it lets me do is “cancel” Is this because I didn’t download the newest versions of each file?

    1. When you have the install screen open (with the install greyed out), turn off the screen using the power button, wait about 10 seconds, then turn it back on. The install should be orange now.

  77. I downloaded and installed the apps on my Fire 10 and I can run them if I use the search bar to find the apps, but they don’t exist on my home screen, nor do any apps I download from the Google Play Store. Anyone know why this is or how to fix it so my new apps are on my home screen?

    1. Try this, it worked for me (for now!): Go to settings\app&games\manage all applications\all and tap on Home Pages. Now clear cache and force stop, then come back to the home page and you should find your missing icons. I don’t know if it’s a definitive solution but…it looks like it works!
      Fire HD 10

  78. Happy new year! I have downloaded the files but the only icon i have is for google setting. (Which iv signed in ect.) I waited over night to try again but same thing. Help?

  79. Just followed this guide and it worked great on two Kindle Fire HD 8s. Between the Kindle’s built-in parental controls and AppLock (by SPSoft), I can let the kids use their new tablets however they choose and I don’t have to worry about accidental or unauthorized purchases, or downloading inappropriate content. Thanks!

  80. Thanks, I have just added Google Play to my new Fire HD8 and can now run favourite apps not available in the Amazon store. I have one query about using backup and restore. This now seems to default to Google. Does this matter ?

  81. Many thanks for the excellent installation guide. After installing the APK files on my HD8 (5th Generation), in the correct order, no icons have appeared on the home page but I can access the apps by using my ‘ES File’ app. Only problem is that not only do the Google Play app icons not appear on my home page, but neither do any new ones loaded from the Amazon site. Any suggestions on how to sort this? (Newly downloaded books appear in the Kindle Books app ok)

  82. I’ve just completed this on a Fire HD 8 running 5.6.0 and it installed perfectly, first attempt, no rebooting required. I just allowed apps from all sources, downloaded the files in order and installed them in order as described.

  83. Thanks for the instructions. Files installed properly, but for some reason my GMail app will not stay open once activated….Other google apps are stable. Any advice?

  84. Happy like a pig in $hi#. So thankful I came across your post on Google. Recently signed up for “square reader” & did not want to store all that data/everyone’s purchases on my phone so i broke out my Amazon fire & was very upset to find there wasn’t Google play .. it took a couple of times trying the downloads ( had to delete the files from 1st download & redo) & BAM…It worked.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  85. I did this in the order you have listed, the only thing I did different was when it said updated version I downloaded that one thinking it would be best to use that. However, when I try to install the first apk it is giving me a “Parsing Error”. So what should I do? I have the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 with a 5 os.
    So, what do I do? Awaiting your advice.

      1. Hi,
        How do I go about updating the my OS?? The OS on my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 is 5..
        Please advise. I’m also going to delete previous downloads because I downloaded the latest version, maybe by downloading the exact same links will be the answer, I saw in 1 of the posts that was what was causing another person problems cause they to downloaded latest versions.
        Awaiting Instructions on how to update my Amazon Kindle Fire OS 5.

    1. I had exactly the same error, until I loaded the exact links in the guide.
      (Google play will update itself at a later point)

  86. All four files installed successfully on my profile. When I tried to install on a secondary profile, the first two install fine but the 3rd will not install Any ideas?

  87. Wow Thanks so much i was lost without my google play store not working and your instructions were very simple to understand and do it. you sir are a godsend many thanks.

  88. Hi, thanks for the great guide.
    I have completed all steps and everything appears to be running. I ran the play store directly from the finished install (last step) and the store opened fine.
    I am having a problem though where after going to the apps/home screen I can not find the icon to launch the play store again.
    Looking in the settings and installs it appears that all 4 files are there and installed.
    I have rebooted and cleared the cache to no avail.

  89. I did this the first time it worked now that i need to do it again the last 2 apks are not wanting to install the second time around.

  90. Thank you for a wonderful guide. The process failed on my old Kinde Fire, but worked great on the newer one. Now all I have to do is convince my hubby, who doesn’t care about the play store, that we need to swap kindles now.

  91. Thank you for this guide.
    It worked when following your instructions exactly and NOT selecting the updated apks (which gave me a parsing error).
    So pleased I have this Google Play on my tablet.

  92. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this. I have a 2nd generation Fire. I initially attempted to install the newer versions and continued to experience failures. I then downloaded from the archive did the reboot before installation of all four files in the order you described. Clicked on Google Play and was able to enter my account information. However, I continue to get error message: Google Play has stopped and it shuts off. I’ve rebooted several times and cleared cache. I have software version 7.xxxxxxx

  93. Hi, my old kindle fire is running the latest 2nd generation operating system 8.5.1_user_5159720. I very much want to get the Google Play Store. I have looked at several tutorials on Youtube and tried to download the APKs as shown. However, for what ever reason and most like due to the inability to upgrade the operating system any further, all of these ways have failed. Could you help me with a walk through or stir me in the right direction to get this done. I have a fair knowledge of computer downloading files. I suspect that I will have to download all those APKs to my PC or an android cell phone and manually install them on the Kindle.

  94. Hi,
    How do I go about updating the my OS?? The OS on my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 is 5..
    Please advise. I’m also going to delete previous downloads because I downloaded the latest version, maybe by downloading the exact same links will be the answer, I saw in 1 of the posts that was what was causing another person problems cause they to downloaded latest versions.
    Awaiting Instructions on how to update my Amazon Kindle Fire OS 5.
    Plus I can’t get the 3 rd download to install which is the “Google Play Services”. I guess I’ll just go ahead and download the last which is the 4th “Google Play Store”.
    Please Help ASAP.

    1. I’m trying to open the play store but it won’t open at all. I don’t know what to do. the app is installed it just won’t open

  95. I have a kindle fire HD and it says I have downloaded the files, but I have no way to access them what do I do?

  96. So, everything downloaded fine, but once I opened up google play, the only app available for download is Evernote. I’ve restarted, but it still won’t work. What do I do?

  97. Hello, thanks for all the info. It has all installed on my kindle fire hd and i have installed Google Home app. It can see the Chromecast i. My tv but when connecting it just comes up with ‘there was a problem communicating with Google. Please ensure that your phone has an internet connection, then try setting Chromecast up again.’
    I am wanting it connected for showbox

    1. Scratch that it’s working! Haha.
      When I installed the APK files there were lines that said it could make phonecalls and send messages which could cost me. Is this likely please? Thanks so much

  98. Thank you! Worked perfectly 🙂 I had to download Android System WebView in Google Play to get the FitBit Coach app to work. So grateful for these easy instructions! My Kindle Fire is no longer useless.

  99. My tablet don’t leave me to download the last file…
    What can I do?
    It say that “it’s impossible download the file”

  100. New Fire yesterday. Followed your instructions, but cannot get past the Installed message on the Google app I want (Quickpic).
    I do have quickpic installed on my old tablet.
    Quicpic is urgently needed so I can so I can select photos by name (they are music sheets for Ukulele, scanned as jpg)

  101. I can download the 4 files no problem but can’t actually install any of them. Wi-Fi is working fine and the option to install is there but nothing happens when I click it. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading but the same thing happens

  102. Has anyone been able to successfully put parental controls onto the google services once they are installed. I have tried through the tablet parental controls and it doesn’t work. I have Qustudio parental control app but it doesn’t support silk browser so that is why I added the google services. However, now Qustudio is not monitoring or blocking unwanted content accessed through google on the tablet. Anyone know a fix?

  103. Thank you for the instructions. I got all the files to download and run, and Google Play to open. However, it won’t install anything from Google Play. It is a newer fire hd, I’m running the updated software, and I’ve tried reinstalling the files and also restarting. Any other ideas for me? Thanks!

  104. I was able to get google player on my Kindle thanks to you. I tried 3 other posts and they all left some steps out. I was able to do with your post. I must have worked on it for 2 hours.

  105. I just picked up the Amazon Fire HD10 with Alexa. I found several posts and Videos showing how to load Google Play. A couple video simply did not work and I was nervous about messing up a brand new tablet. I kept researching the topic and came across this post. The reviews were important for the ease and success of those who followed the instructions. Of concern also was that the 2017 version of this tablet was now blocked from being able to load Google Play + almost all the reviews I read are from Fall 2017. I just went through these simple straightforward instructions and it worked perfectly the first time. I followed the order, but Downloaded + INSTALLED each before going to the next; thus, I was able to skip the DOCS portion of the Instructions as I had already downloaded each file individually. <> Select each file from the links provided. Good luck, and I hope it works for you too!

  106. Thank you so much. I bought both my son’s an Amazon fire 7 not realising they don’t have play store (very bad dad) all the other videos/instructions may have well been in Swahili. Glad I stumbled across your technophobe friendly post.
    Nice one

  107. First of all I am unable to see any built-in apps on my kindle fire so can’t open ‘docs’. Anyway I connected my kindle to my PC then downloaded the APK files using SILK. Using Windows Explorer I navigated to the Kindle Download folder but there were no download files there. So using my PC I downloaded the files to my PC and then copied them to the Kindle. They were now showing in the Download folder on the Kindle but Windows will not allow me to run these files because the APK is not recognised file type. All this nonsense because I do not have any built-in apps – why?. Using ‘Search docs’ there are a load of apps in the app store which one do I use.

  108. Thanks for the great instructions & tips!! We’ve downloaded several apps from the play store with no issue, but the Western Union US – Send Money app saiys “your device isn’t compatible with this version”. Is there any way around this?

  109. Hello there!

    Thanks for this awesome guide. I successfully installed google play store on two kindle fire tablets, but for some reason it won’t work on a fire HD 8 (5th gen). I have tried twice to set it up, deleting the apk files before doing it a second time, just to check I had downloaded and installed in the correct order, and the apps are there but won’t respond to any input despite being left for several days to automatically update. Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?

    Many thanks!

  110. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Worked great! Have been trying to get certain apps for a whhile now on my Kindle! This did the trick!!!

  111. Hey, everything got installed according to the instructions but the play store simply wont load. the snapchat login says “update google play services” and i tapped the “update” option but now it wont stop loading. its been more than 2 hours and it still isnt loaded. Help 🙁

  112. So the first two files install perfectly. The 3rd and 4th ones have a long list of requirements then it always says install fail. I have tried this over and over but it still says the same thing. Help!!! Btw my Kindle is generation 5

  113. So the first two files install perfectly. The 3rd and 4th ones have a long list of requirements then it always says install fail. I have tried this over and over but it still says the same thing. Still need Help!!!

  114. Had to fudge a little to get it to work so it took 4 minutes rather than 3. You’re a god for sharing this with everyone. Shame on Amazon for being so greedy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  115. At beginning u instruct to open Silk and then head over to this very page. I know this will sound like I’m a first class dunce, but what page?

  116. I downloaded all the flies and installed everyone; however, once I select Play Store, nothing happens. It’s just a blank screen. I downloaded it yesterday and decided to give it some time but it’s still not working today. Please help!

  117. Worked perfectly. Perfectly clear, easy to follow directions. I needed this to run an Android program to control my drone.

  118. I haven’t been able to download Play Store. The first 3 files downloaded perfectly. I really appreciate you sharing this as its the one fireball of the Amazon Fire not having Google apps! Thank you for you help

  119. Thanks Jake for the excellent instructions. I can really appreciate my Fire tablet now. You ROCK!!!

  120. Thank you so much for your clear, concise and perfect instructions.
    I followed each step as stated and everything went as planned, up and running in 5 minutes.
    If only all instructions were as easy to follow as yours, I must confess to trying Youtube first but non of their videos matched what I had on my screen, I much prefer your method of scrolling down the page for the next stage instead of constantly pausing video instructions.
    Absolutely brilliant, thank you again.

    Fred W

  121. Aint no techie but sorted first time out. Allowed me to install Kaspersky security, nice easy walkthrough, sweet!!!

  122. Hi the play services and store downloads don’t appear to be working. Please can you update them?


  123. As of today, it will not download the Google Play Services APK on my 7th Gen 8 inch. A known block by Amazon?

  124. Hi there! I followed all the directions and was able to download my kid’s favorite app. But, now it won’t open. It just does nothing and returns to the home screen. Ideas?

  125. This 100% works with Amazon Fire 7 (7th Gen, 2017, 8 GB). Only thing is when you do your first test download, it will be stuck in a download “pending” state. Quick fix is just to App Info | Clear Data (and maybe cache too) for Google Play and you should be good to go. Have already been successful in downloading and using youtube, Play Books, and MS OneDrive. Thanks for this guide, bro!

  126. I tried this on my KIndle Fire HD 8 (2016) and it worked perfectly. The googleplay store auto updated its self and once signed in my first download was slow to start but it finished quickly. I now have Plants vs Zombies 2 and i’m so happy 🙂 Thank you for the step by step instructions, they really do help.

  127. Works Perfectly! Able to access apps that I didn’t previously have access to.
    When apps are updated – is there a way to be notified? What about the Google Play Store app itself – if that is updated is there an easy way to keep that up to date?

  128. I’m getting the Kindle Fire HD 8 on pre-order. It has a Fire OS that is compatible with Nougat. Will the versions in these links work for installing play on that one? And will the update to the Google Play Store be updated to that level? Thanks.

  129. Kindle Fire HD 7 (2012). No idea what generation that is, but I assume it’s an early one.
    Running the first set of files produces the error message: There is a problem parsing the package.

    Any ideas?


  130. Hey I noticed that when I go on the website and click download it takes me to a new page with a button that says see available APK’s instead of download.
    What should I do????

    1. hopefully you got this question answered. But on his site where he lists each of the 4 downloads. Hover over the name (i.g. Google play store apk) then click on it when the hyperlink is available..the famous saying, “wait for it” then it’ll bring you to the apk you need to install INSTEAD OF seeing the annoying “see available APK;s” I found that reading it through first then going back following directions and commiting the same error as you, so I decided to see if I could click on the first APK for the 8HD 7th gen and whala…. it worked and directed me straight to the download, rather than navigating through all the apk’s. This post IS what I call…… the diamond in the ruff! PERFECTLY EXECUTED providing one pay’s attention to the model/generation downloads! flawless 🙂 Again, I know your post is old, but I didn’t see a resolved and was hoping you didn’t give up, cuz this truly works!

  131. I downloaded the first set of files and it wasn’t working. I happened across the page with the new links after the recent kindle update. Downloaded this files, turned my kindle off and restarted and there it was. I’m in Canada and wanted to use my kindle as a remote so the kids don’t have to use our phones. I was able to download all but 1 of the Canadian apps we use to cast to our TV!

  132. Hey Jake,

    I have an 8th Gen Fire 8HD. After following these steps, google play store is installed but every time i load app it shows ‘checking info’ and then directs me to login screen. after each login it repeats the same cycle. Any advice?

  133. I tried multiple other ways to fix this problem without success and was seriously about to return my Kindle when I saw your amazing post.

    Instructions worked perfectly for my Fire 8!!!

    You are awesome!!!

    Thank you so much!!

  134. Hi..2 questions..If i wanted to uninstall the apks and start again where do i find them on my fire to uninstall? I was able to download a game from the store but it has me starting from the beginning. I am playing it on another device and really dont want to start again. I did sign in on the fire with my google account but it did not connect the 2 games.. any ideas on what to do

  135. The Fire 8 (7th gen) Amazon Appstore was the problem when trying to download/install an app. After following the directions to setup Google Play Store, the apps I needed installed. Thank you !!

  136. This is so damn DUMB I KEEP GETTING A PARSE ERROR AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT! Account Manager and Services Framework keep giving me Parse Errors so they won’t freaking download! Can someone PLEASE help me?

  137. After following all the instructions, Google Play loaded, but won’t open. When I tried to sign into Chrome, it says I have to update play services, but play services says i don’t need updates.

  138. I tried getting the file apkpure, downloading with chrome, and Silk. None work. After apkpure, the app opens, but I can’t sign in. I was able to sign in to chrome. Now I just need to get into Google play and figure out why I can’t view book marks.

  139. upon installation of Google Play on mY Kindle 8HD 7th generation, I have “reminders” now that are asking me to update the app so that certain apps will run correctly on my kindle! I DO NOT WANT my android apps on my kindle (well, a couple of them I do) how do I keep the other apps in Google Play store from installing on my kindle?

  140. Hi Jake, i got my kindke way back when, but i recently factory reset it. It says im on version 10.5.1. I searched all over the web for how to do this, but every time i get a “problem parsing this package.” What should i do?

  141. Thank you, thank you and thrice thank you … 2019 and the process still works and I have 3 of my favourite Play Store apps on my new Fire thanks to you. Ooops make that 4 just installed Word whilst typing away on this … have I said thanks yet? THANKS!

  142. Hello, Jake. I downloaded everything into my fire HD 8 and it looks like the play store is installed. I get the Google play store and a list of my apps on other devices. When I try to download an app to my Kindle I get a “download pending” message and no downloaded apps despite waiting hours. My fire HD won’t allow for deleting cache, etc. WiFi signal is strong and I have no memory issues on the Kindle. So what should I do? Uninstall or delete all the google apks and try again?

  143. At first I tried unsuccessfully to install a working Google play store but I was using an Amazon secondary account. I switched to the primary account and everything work for a while. Now when I try to login to the Google store or use an installed app I get directed to my Google account login page in a never ending loop. So I am now not able to use any Google apps or the app store. Any suggestions? I cleared all data and cache etc but that did not work.

  144. Hi,

    Please check the links for the 4,5,6 gen tablets. Two download links are the same and it won’t install.


  145. Hi,
    Thanks so much for that detaile explanation !! SUPERB !!
    I just bought an Amazon Fire HD 10 (9th Generation) and was so disappointed that I couldn’t get on to the Google Play Store for loads of Apps which I’d used on my previous Android tablet….

    I used the options for 7th Generation Fire HD 8 and followed your steps.However, initially although the Play Store Icon was on my desktop,when it was selected, nothing happened. I then followed your steps in “2. Installing Google Play Store APK Files.” and was then able to fully access the Play Store..

    So I can report that your procedure works fine on the latest Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet…..

    Thank you again… Truly appreciated !

  146. 7th Generation Fire HD 8 – Ran through the steps, but clicking the Play Store app does nothing. Checked with an App Unistaller to see what’s now installed and see that I have only

    Google Play Services
    Google Services Framework
    Google Account Manager

    Checked the downloads folder – the app that hasn’t been loaded is the one with the one with the colorful “>” symbol. I tried to delete that file from the Downloads folder, but it does not disappear from the Download directory so I could re-download it. The file in question is identified as:,320,480dpi)

    Turned off and on after trying again, but the above file cannot be deleted, so I assume it is somehow locked. I assume that the apk is for for the Play Store itself, which is why it does not show up as an uninstallable app, although the “Play Store” app shows up on the Home Page. Once again, clicking on the Home Page Play Store app gets the screen to wink dim and bright, but nothing happens.

  147. Thank you so much for this its so helpful, I have now got it on my kindle so my son can do his school work now we at home. I wanted to put it on mu son’s but hesitated as his was new at Christmas, his is 10th generation. do you by any chance know if it will work on that 1 aswell?

    Many thanks

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