How to Install and Play Nerdle on iPhone

Want to figure out how to install and play Nerdle on iPhone? 

Nerdle is the new Wordle, but with numbers, symbols, and more columns. While you may think this new guessing game is only for math enthusiasts, you’ll be relieved to know that anyone can play it just after learning some basic rules.

Every day you get to solve one mystery equation, giving your brain a workout session. While you may find it challenging, it’s a good pastime to learn a few strategies. However, if it gets too complicated, you can always switch the difficulty level.

To play Nerdle, you may use Safari or bring it up as an app on your iPhone’s home screen. Read this guide and learn all the steps you’ll need to follow. We’ll also be going through the instructions to play Nerdle, so stick around ‘till the end.

Now, let’s get started!

How to Install Nerdle on iPhone

Similar to Wordle, Nerdle also doesn’t have an official app on the App Store or Play Store yet. However, there is a way through which you can easily install and play Nerdle on iPhone. This is done by creating a Nerdle app on your Home Screen. 

Before you proceed on, know that your current streaks will disappear. You will have to start fresh as a new user on the Nerdle app that you create. 

Follow these steps below to install Nerdle on iPhone:

  1. To begin, locate and open Safari on your iPhone.
  2. After that, go to the Official Website of Nerdle
  3. Once there, select the Share button present on the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.
Install and Play Nerdle on iPhone
  1. Then, from the options given, select Add to Home Screen.
Add Nerdle to your Home Screen
  1. After that, a confirmation page will appear. Tap on Add to add a Nerdle shortcut to your home screen. 
Install Nerdle app on iPhone

Once done, go to your home screen and find the Nerdle app. Tap on it to make sure it opens to the Nerdle official website.

How to Play Nerdle on iPhone

After installing Nerdle on your iPhone, you can easily access it from your Home Screen to play the game. This is a treat, especially for those that prefer numbers over words. Continue reading to master the game.

1. Learn The Basics.

Nerdle releases a new equation every day that you will have to solve within a specific number of tries to win. After that, you’ll have to wait for the next day to solve another number puzzle. This equation is the same for people all around the world. 

You get six tries to guess the entire equation, but unlike Wordle, you’ll have to work with eight spaces and, of course, a keyboard with ten numbers and basic arithmetic operations. Below are some of the basic rules you need to know as a beginner:

  • There are eight spaces in each row that you need to fill with numbers and symbols.
  • Since it is a mathematical equation, it must contain an equal sign.
  • The number to the right of the equal sign can only be a number.
  • Standard of operations should be applied, meaning * and / before + or –
  • Order is important. 10 + 20 = 30 is not the same as 20 + 10 = 30

2. Make Your First Guess.

Nerdle users can make streaks if they guess the equation in under six attempts and win for at least two consecutive days. This brings the whole gaming experience to another level as now you’d not only be under pressure to guess correctly but also maintain the winning streak.

For this reason, your opening equation on Nerdle needs to be ideal in terms that it should contain all different numbers and operations. This will help you identify which numbers are not included in the correct answer as well as accurately locate their possible positions.

Here’s how to play the game:

  1. Begin by opening the Nerdle app from your iPhone’s Home Screen you created earlier.
  2. Now, type in your first guess and press Enter.
  3. If you accidentally typed a number or symbol, press Delete.
Install and Play Nerdle on iPhone

3. Understand the Nerdle Colored Feedback.

Once you enter the guessed equation, Nerdle will highlight each number and symbol using different colors. Each color has a unique meaning to give you hints, as without it, the game would be nearly impossible to complete. 

Nerdle color meanings

If you’re not aware of what the colors indicate, here’s a breakdown for you:

  • Green: This is a globally recognized color for indicating precision and accuracy. In Nerdle also, green means that that particular number or symbol is present in the correct equation and appears in the same spot. This suggests that your next guess should have that entry in the exact location.
  • Purple: If any of the numbers or symbols are highlighted purple, it means that the particular entry exists in the correct answer but is not in the right place. Therefore, you’d have to change its position in your next attempt.
  • Black: When the digit does not appear in the equation at all, it will turn black. So, don’t enter it again in your next attempt.

Note that if you input a number twice and the correct answer only has it once, one of them will turn black, and the other will turn colorful.

4. Check the Winning Stats.

Right after you guess the correct mathematical equation, irrespective of the number of attempts you’ve made, all the entries will turn green. Afterward, Nerdle will display a notification on your screen stating that you’ve won the game. You can share these stats with your friends and family using the Share button at the bottom. 

Install and Play Nerdle on iPhone

To check the game statistics, follow these steps:

  1. Close the You won! notification by tapping on the x at the corner.
  2. Then, tap on the Stats bar icon from the top.
Nerdle winning stats

This will contain information such as your guess distribution throughout all the attempts and your overall winning percentage.

5. Check Out Other Modes.

If the game is too challenging for you, there’s a second mode you may opt for, known as the mini Nerdle. This version has six columns instead of eight and is a good kick-off for beginners. 

Another way to make the game a bit easy for the players is to allow for commutative answers. This way, the order wouldn’t matter as 10 + 20 would be the same as 20 + 10. However, it’s always good to challenge yourself and play the game’s default mode. You can change both these settings by tapping on the Gear icon at the top.

mini Nerdle on iPhone

On this note, we end our guide on how to install and play Nerdle on iPhone. If you still have any confusion, do not hesitate to communicate with us through the comment section below. We’ll be happy to help you out.

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