How to Install Youtube Vanced Edition on Your Android Phone

YouTube for the crazy ones.
install YouTube Vanced Edition

You want to listen to your YouTube playlist in peace whilst at the same you just want to have a dark, relaxing YouTube app that is unique.


YouTube Vanced is a pretty well known modded version of YouTube that not only allows you to play videos in the background of your phone but also it can do tons of other cool things like blocking out all those pesky YouTube ads, overriding max resolution, toggable themes of various colours, forcing VP9 or HDR video quality standard and so so much more. (it’s like the hotter and more useful sibling of YouTube).


In this guide, I’ll show you how you can Install YouTube Vanced Edition on your Android phone in just less than 3 minutes of your time. 🙂



How to Install Youtube Vanced Edition (No Root): 5 Steps


Step 1:  Go ahead jump into the download link that I have attached here for you below. 


install YouTube Vanced Edition
It will look like this.



Step 2:  Now scroll down below and under Non-Root downloads you’ll see the various files for different themes of the app. The one the the very top is the latest file: 13.12.60 (Updated on 4th April 2018). You can choose if you want the app to come with either the Black theme or the Dark theme (both of which comes with a toggable White theme)


install YouTube Vanced Edition



What’s the difference between the Black and the Dark themes?

If you want the original YouTube Dark stock theme then you get the White/Dark theme which you can toggle with the White theme like how it works your YouTube.

The Black theme is a modded theme and is a little different from the Dark stock theme as it is a lot darker. If you want the Black theme then you get the White/Black theme which you can also toggle with the White theme if you want to. 

You can try both to see which one you like best and you feel most comfortable with. 🙂


Step  3:  Once you’ve made up your mind on which theme you want, just tap on either White/Black or White/Dark to start installing it.


Step 4:  Whilst that is downloading, you’ll need to install another little app called MicroG. What it does is it basically allows you to login into the YouTube Vanced app. You don’t have to download it if logging in is not important you. To install it just scroll up on the same page, and just tap on MicroG Vanced (New).


install YouTube Vanced Edition



Step 5:  Finally, once both files have finished downloading all you have to do is just tap on them to install both the apps. Tap on your new YouTube app and install by tapping Install (bottom right). Once that’s done, tap on MicroG and install by tapping Install (bottom right) 


install YouTube Vanced Edition



install YouTube Vanced Edition





install YouTube Vanced Edition



You can use your new YouTube Vanced app right away and even log in to start using the app with your Google account by tapping your top right hand corner menu then choosing to Sign In.



Share this guide with anyone, your friends or your family and help them install YouTube Vanced Edition app on their Android phones.
They’ll appreciate it. 🙂



    1. I cant sign in toi cant log in wuth my ggogle account, its getting stuxked. Is there a solution to these?

  1. For some reason, my playlist doesn’t autoplay when I use this app. Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

  2. This is awesome, and works seamlessly because it used the same oi as YouTube. Weird thing is, I still get a commercial before almost every video. Am I missing something?

    1. It really works! Thank you for such easy instructions! I couldn’t log in to my youtube account after I changed my gmail password and re-installing everything fixed the problem. Thanks!

  3. i made the mistake of not clearing data before uninstallling before an update and now when i try to reinstall i get error “application not installed” is it too much to ask that youtube vanced cleans up after itself?

    what to do now?

  4. not able to login … i have installed both the apps .. but i am not able to login on the vanced youtube.. hhelp me ….

    1. I had the same problem in android Pie, just uninstall the las update of your Chrome browser and the prodeed to log in at YoutTube vanced.

  5. Likewise with many others, installation went good, login in wasn’t to Google. I gotta Blu vivo one model phone, any help would be suffice.


    1. I had the same problem in android Pie, just uninstall the las update of your Chrome browser and the prodeed to log in at YoutTube vanced. Of course you already have to get MicroG Installed in your phone. Some say the and update in the aosp Webview from chrome is causing the problem. and seems it has.

  6. Solution to the login problem is to disable Google Chrome. That’s what I did, then I went back to the login for the app and it started right up. Then go back and enable Chrome

  7. Hi, i can successfully login but can’t select my profile. I can click it but nothing happens. Help would be appreciated. Ty

  8. After I signed in to YouTube vanced now I can’t open it and there is a notification that YouTube Vanced keeps stoping.

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