How to Fix iPad Split-Screen Not Working

Can’t multitask because the split-screen feature on your iPad is not working?

With a lot of apps that you can use today, it is an advantage if you can view 2 apps simultaneously on the screen.

You can either do social media, chat, check email, listen to music, or even watch a video stream. Most of the smartphones have this feature. But it is more effective when used in an iPad with a larger screen.

Now for the iPad, this feature is called the Split-Screen. As the name indicates, it splits your screen in two so you can view and use two applications at the same time.



But what if this feature is not working on your iPad?

There are many factors that can cause this issue to happen. And that is what our guide for today is all about.

We will discuss each factor along with its fix. Also, these fixes are arranged according to the complexity of the factor. This way, you’ll know how to fix your iPad split-screen that is not working without risking your data.

Let’s dive in!


1. Check Compatability.

It’s important to understand that this is a new feature and not all applications support split-screen.

To make sure that your iPad split-screen is working, try using it with Apple native applications. FaceTime, Music, Keynote, Mail, Photos, Safari, and Messages are some of these apps.

But if it doesn’t work using your third-party app, then the app is not compatible with it.

It is also mentioned in the Apple Support page that not all iPad versions can use the split-view feature. To make sure that your iPad can support it, make sure you are using the following iPad versions:

  • iPad Pro.
  • iPad 5th generation and later versions.
  • iPad Air 2 and later versions.
  • iPad mini 4 and later versions.

You should be able to use the split-screen feature if you are using one of these iPad versions. If you have an older version, you may want to upgrade if you want the feature.



2. Enable Screen Auto-rotate.

When your iPad is locked on a portrait view, your split-screen feature will not work.

This is because the feature takes advantage of the landscape layout of your iPad. It then splits your whole screen into smaller portrait screen sizes.

To enable the screen auto-rotate feature, go to your iPad’s Control Center, and tap on the padlock circular arrow icon.


How to Fix iPad Split-Screen Not Working


Once enabled, your screen should be able to switch from portrait to landscape view when you hold the iPad side-ways. After that, your split-screen feature should work on your iPad.



3. Enable Multitasking Feature.

There is a setting on your iPad that can disable the Split-screen feature. This feature is called ‘Multitasking’. It has the control to enable or disable multiple app views and app-over-video overlay. You can also enable gestures in which you can access the app switcher and other multitasking navigations.

To enable these features, go to your iPad Settings, then tap General and then Multitasking. Toggle the Allow Multiple Apps button to enable it. Do the same to the Persistent Video Overlay and Gestures button.


How to Fix iPad Split-Screen Not Working


If it is enabled, try to disable it and enable it again to make sure the settings are in effect.



4. Use the Dock App to Launch Feature.

The iPad Dock is a menu of your favorite apps at the bottom of your Home screen. It lets you open these apps and access the split-screen with a simple method.

When you have an app open on the screen, just swipe up from the bottom to open the Dock.


How to Fix iPad Split-Screen Not Working


Drag the second app that you want to open from the Dock to the screen. Upon doing that, you should be able to view both apps on a split-screen.

There are gestures on how to manipulate the views on your split-screen. It is also possible to view the third app or even use an app while you watch a video. Learn more about how to access and use the split-screen feature on your Apple iPad.



5. Restart your iPad.

Sometimes these changes in settings on your iPad don’t take effect. This can happen especially when your device has been running for a long time.

The reason for this is that your device might be overloaded with tasks and could not apply the new settings. To fix this, you will to offload your device and restart it.

To do the process, tap the Settings of your iPad, then General, and then tap on Shutdown. Drag the Slide to Power Off button to the right to turn it off.


How to Fix iPad Split-Screen Not Working


Wait for a minute before you turn it back on. If this is not possible, you can try to force restart your iPad. Once the device fully boots up, the new settings should take effect and split-screen will work.



6. Update to Latest OS Version.

The split-screen feature may not work correctly if there is a bug on the code of the operating system. New features like these can sometimes cause conflicts on the existing code.

Once discovered, Apple developers immediately work on a code fix and bundle it on the latest update.

To apply the latest bug fix, go to the Settings of your iPad and then tap on the General option. Find and tap the Software Update option and you should be able to see if an update is available.


How to Fix iPad Split-Screen Not Working


But if you encounter errors during the update process, then learn more about what to do next. Otherwise, your split-screen feature should work after the update is applied.



7. Reset the Device Settings.

Changes in settings and updates can sometimes cause conflict in the settings as well. In worst cases, it could corrupt the current settings on your iPad.

To fix this, you will need to rebuild the settings by resetting it to the default factory settings. But before you do this, make sure to back up your files so you may restore them when the process is done.

Here’s how you can reset your iPad:

  1. First, go to the Settings of your iPad, and then tap the General option.
  2. Next, find and tap the Reset option and then the Reset All Settings option.


How to Fix iPad Split-Screen Not Working


  1. If you are asked for your device passcode, provide it.
  2. Finally, Confirm the process to finalize it.

After this process, try to set up your iPad from scratch and make sure to set it up with settings mentioned in Methods 2 and 3. If it still doesn’t work, repeat this method but this time, choose the Erase All Contents and Settings option in Step 2.



Be sure to set it up from scratch again before you restore your data into your iPad from a backup.



8. Contact Apple Support.

If the issue still persists, you need the help of the Apple experts. The services of Apple-certified technicians are available at your nearest Apple Store. The issue on your iPad could either need an advanced fix on the software level or on the hardware. Whatever it is, just be sure to know the warranty options of your iPad.



But if you don’t have these services in your country, be sure to know your available support options. If not, you will have to book an appointment for repair via the internet. With this, you will need to send your iPad through a carrier so they can repair it in their lab. And you will be able to monitor the repair progress online.



As we end this article, we hope that you were able to learn how to fix your iPad split-screen not working issue. If you have questions related to this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below. For now, you all stay safe and we will answer it as soon as we can.


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  1. Wrong. Simply go to settings > Homescreen and docks > multitasking > enable ‘allow multiple apps’. Simple.

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