How to Fix iPhone 12 Pro Wireless Charging Issues

Wondering how you can fix iPhone 12 Pro wireless charging issues?

Stepping into the future, wireless charging is a really cool and convenient concept that offers a lot of benefits besides being extremely futuristic. For one, wireless charging is universal and works for all devices that support the wireless feature.

Say goodbye to switching between type C, mini-USB, or lightning cables and say hello to putting your phone down on a mat and charging your battery. With Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro, you would think that the $1,000 iPhone would seamlessly integrate the wireless charging technology.

Unfortunately, a lot of users have been experiencing the exact opposite. There are a lot of reasons and possible causes for this issue. In this article, we’ll go over the methods and solutions that you can use to fix iPhone 12 Pro wireless charging issues.

Let’s get started!


1. Isolate The Problem.

The wireless charging issue that you’re having a problem with could be caused by different sources. For example, a defective iPhone 12 Pro will have trouble with wireless charging which means your charging unit should be free from all blame.

Try using a different iPhone 12 Pro on your charging unit to see if that iPhone charges properly. Alternatively, place your phone on another charging unit so you can see if it does charge on other wireless chargers.

Doing this before anything else will help you figure out the source of your problem and will save you from climbing up the wrong tree.


2. Make Sure Your iPhone Is Placed Properly On The Wireless Charger.

Is your wireless charging inconsistent? Slow charging speeds and even an overheating device is often the result of an improperly placed iPhone. By not setting down your iPhone in the right orientation, your device might go from charging to not charging really fast.

You can visualize this with a loose wire, where the wire and socket have become so loose that little nudges will completely stop the charging process. Some chargers can be quite particular with the orientation, so try moving your iPhone around slowly until you can get it to charge.


3. Remove Your iPhone Case.

On a similar note from the previous method, some phone cases don’t allow wireless charging because of the material or thickness of the case. Buying a new iPhone 12 Pro most likely means you also bought a phone case to keep it free from scratches and so on.

Try removing your beautiful new case and placing the iPhone 12 Pro on the charging unit. If this allowed your iPhone to charge, you might want to consider buying a different phone case altogether.

We recommend getting either a thinner case or a plastic one. It might be a better investment to buy this in real life and test it on your charging unit if you can. This way, you’ll be able to avoid running into this issue with a phone case that you bought from Amazon.


4. Restart Your iPhone.

An age-old but constantly effective way of fixing software issues is by restarting your device. In this case, we’ll be restarting your iPhone 12 Pro to try and alleviate the wireless charging issues that you’re facing.

Other Apple users who have bought the iPhone 12 Pro have fixed their issue this way. Unfortunately, it is only a temporary fix and, according to these users, will require you to reboot your iPhone every time you try to charge your device.

Here’s how you can restart your iPhone 12 Pro:

  1. With your iPhone in your hand, look for and hold down the power button for a couple of seconds. You’ll find this on the right-hand side of your iPhone.
  2. A red slider should appear on your screen. Drag the power icon that says ‘Slide to power off’ to the right and your iPhone should shutdown.

  1. Finally, wait for a couple of seconds after your screen has turned completely black and hold down the power button again to turn your iPhone back on.

Once your iPhone has been rebooted, place it on top of your charging unit and see if that fixes the issue. If your iPhone charges, removing it from the wireless charger usually stops it from charging until you reboot your iPhone again.

While we’re hoping that this will completely fix your iPhone 12 Pro wireless charging issue, it can still be a good temporary fix while waiting for a replacement. Don’t confuse this way of restarting with the popular but potentially hazardous force restart.


5. Buy A Better Charging Unit.

While most charging units might work with generic devices, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro has much higher standards. This is a completely valid decision, especially since fake wireless chargers can often heat up, damage, or potentially short circuit while charging your iPhone.

Just like the first method, try to test your iPhone 12 Pro on a different wireless charging unit to see if it works there. Alternatively, try another iPhone 12 Pro on your charging unit so you can troubleshoot if the charging unit is defective for Apple’s new iPhone.

iphone 12 pro wireless charging issues

Go ahead and visit Apple’s official shop so you can browse around for reliable wireless chargers. While it might be a little bit pricier, it’s definitely a well-worth purchase considering it’s going to charge your $1,000 iPhone.


6. Update Your iPhone 12 Pro’s iOS.

A great way to iron out any software-related issues with any device is to make sure that it’s running the operating system. For your iPhone, this will have to be the newest release of the current iOS version.

Although the iPhone 12 Pro is a new model that was recently only a couple of weeks ago, there’s always a possibility that a patch fix is pending. Making sure that you’re running the latest iOS version on your iPhone will help you fix most software issues.

Before you proceed, make sure that you have at least 50 percent battery life and that your iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Here’s how you can update your iPhone 12 Pro’s iOS:

  1. First, open up the Settings app on your iPhone 12 from your home screen.
  2. From there, go to General and tap on Software Update.

iphone 12 pro wireless charging issues

  1. Select Install Now if a pending update is available to begin the update.

Hopefully this should fix your iPhone 12 Pro wireless charging issue.


7. Contact Apple’s Customer Support.

Finally, the new iPhone 12 Pro has been getting into a lot of issues lately. Another common problem that iPhone users have encountered is being unable to receive complete SMS text messages.

While this problem might hopefully be a software issue with an appropriate patch fix in the future, it’s always best to let Apple’s customer support team know you’re facing this issue. This way, they may even send you a complete replacement to solve your woes.

iphone 12 pro wireless charging issues

That about wraps up this article. If you feel like giving your iPhone a factory reset, you can refer to our official article so we can guide you through this process. Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or clarifications that you’d like to ask.

If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


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