How to Fix an Apple iPhone 6S That Gets Stuck on Headphone Mode

Find that your iPhone 6S is stuck in headphones mode?

It’s a difficult predicament to find yourself in when you can’t hear any sound during calls, or video/music played through the speakers of your iPhone 6S.


iphone stuck in headphones mode


We’ve previously written a guide on “How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode” a few months back, and it has gained significant positive feedback for the readers who employed the techniques shared in the post. 😀

Hence, with this post, we intend to get straight to the point with iPhone 6S models and share the most-up-to-date solutions that had both worked personally for us as well as the hundreds of users who found themselves in such similar situation.

Let’s jump right in!


  1. Do a Test Call Using Speakerphone
  2. Refresh All Bluetooth Connection Using Airplane Mode
  3. Restart the Device
  4. Test with Another Pair of Headphones
  5. Check Physical Connection Conflict
  6. Check Audio Settings
  7. Give your iPhone a Hard Reset.
  8. Update to the Latest iOS Version
  9. Reset iPhone and Setup as New
  10. Reach Out to Apple Support


How to Fix an Apple iPhone 6S That Gets Stuck on Headphone Mode: 9 Ways


1. Do a Test Call Using Speakerphone.

The latest technique which we’ve found to be extremely useful is to try and conduct a test call with someone and then set the Audio to your iPhone’s Speaker instead.

This is useful as it forces iOS to use the iPhone’s speakers to and this will presumably exit out of being stuck in headphones mode. It’s important to understand that being stuck in headphones mode is your iPhone’s way of being confused whether you remain connected to your pair of headphones or not. Since it is confused, we will need to force it to come to terms.

iphone 6s stuck in headphones mode


If you are not able to hear it the first time, try to disable and re-enable the speakerphone again.

Once you’re able to hear through the speakers of your iPhone 6S, proceed to end the call without disabling the feature. You should be able to see that your headphone icon is now gone on your iPhone home screen. If you’re not convinced, try a test by playing Spotify or a YouTube video using your iPhone’s speakers to see if any sound can be heard.



2. Refresh All Bluetooth Connection Using Airplane Mode.

Perhaps the most popular solution which users have found in our previous guide on this was the Airplane mode ‘trick’.

It is possible that your current connection settings are having a conflict and is causing this issue. This usually happens if you have multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices that are associated with your iPhone. One of those devices is your Bluetooth headphone that is having the connection conflict. To remove the conflict, you can use Airplane mode to turn off all communication protocols on your device. Think of it as a restart without actually restarting your device!

To do it, just open the Control Center on your iPhone 6S and tap the Airplane Mode switch iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode  (it is the one with the Airplane icon) to enable it. After 5 minutes, try turning it back off to see if your speakers are working again.


iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode



3. Restart the Device.

You may have already done this as your first go-to method, but if you haven’t, then we suggest that you definitely give it a go!

Restarting your iPhone helps to clear out any overloaded resources or bugs that get stuck when the iPhone was turned on. This is not an uncommon occurrence as often it happens when the iPhone has been running for a long time without any shutdown. As a result, your iPhone can’t transition from headphones back to default audio settings.

To fix it, just tap on the Settings app on your iPhone, then select General. Following that, hit the Shut Down option.


iphone 6s stuck in headphones mode


Now you should see the Slide to Power Off screen, which you will need to follow along and slide the button to the shutdown direction to confirm the process. You should also be able to see that the headphone icon is gone and now uses the default phone audio. However, if you cannot do the process above, you can always force restart your iPhone 6S.



4. Test with Another Pair of Headphones.

Another useful solution that has gained great reception was to test your iPhone with another pair of headphones. By pairing a different set of headphones (Bluetooth and/or non-Bluetooth) with your iPhone, you can remove the old, existing one that caused the bug in the first place. Now please make sure that they’re not counterfeits headphones. Use the Apple-compatible headphones or Bluetooth speakers and connect them on your iPhone.


iphone 6s stuck in headphones mode


If you are using a non-Bluetooth pair of headphones, then make sure to connect and disconnect it several times from the iPhone headphone jack. Check if the headphone icon from the screen is now gone when you do the disconnection process. However, if you are using Bluetooth, you can try to connect another Bluetooth speaker and disconnect it. Check if the headphones icon disappears from the screen when you disable the Bluetooth.

When doing these tests, you can try playing a video or a song while the headphones are connected. Check if the music can now be heard on your iPhone’s default speakers even after you’ve disconnected the headphones.



5. Check the Physical Connection Conflict.

Having overly protective cases that cover every part of the iPhone, including the headphone jack, can cause issues when trying to connect and disconnect your headphones with the iPhone. To fix it, you just need to remove the protective case and then test to see if that was the issue.

Another common factor for this issue is there is any dirt inside or around the headphone jack. If there any gunk or dirt that is stuck there, then it can hinder the proper connection inside the audio port. To fix it, you can remove the dirt using a cotton bud that is small enough to fit the audio port.

Additionally, various users have also found that the headphone issue came after they had accidentally dropped their iPhone 6S into water. So if you find yourself in such a situation, then it’s crucial that you immediately try to dry it with a soft microfiber cloth. Liquid damage is a serious thing as it can cause short-circuits inside the device. This is especially the case with the iPhone 6S models since they’re not waterproof.


iphone 6s stuck in headphones mode
The safest ways to clean your iPhone’s headphone jack.


But if it got soaked or you think that the water got inside the device, turn it off and submerge it in a pile of dry rice. Leave it there overnight so the water will be dried off the device. If that too doesn’t work, then chances are you will need to visit the Apple Store and get it fixed.



6. Check Audio Settings.

It is possible for you too also change how the audio is routed on your iPhone 6S. This is helpful as it provides us a test which we can then try and rebuild our audio settings by configuring it.

Here are the audio settings you need to check:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone 6S (running iOS 13) then tap the Accessibility option.

iphone 6s stuck in headphones mode


  1. Now tap the Touch option.


  1. Next, scroll to the bottom section of the screen and then tap the Call Audio Routing option.
  2. Finally, scroll down to the Call Audio Routing and select Automatic among the given options.

iphone 6s stuck in headphones mode


With the above steps, you will have made sure that your audio settings are configured properly to allow your audio to be routed correctly instead be stuck thinking it is still connected to your headphones. Now when you disconnect your headphones, your iPhone 6S should be able to transition successfully back to default speakers automatically.


7.  Carry Out a Hard Reset.

Contrary to how you would typically restart your iPhone, a hard reset is a more effective solution that helps to completely clear all of your device’s unwanted garbage memory, which the regular restart fails short.

Now it’s a common misconception to think that performing a hard reset also clears all of your data and information on your iPhone. Performing a hard reset DOES NOT cause any of your data to be lost as that kind of reset is called a factory reset or a DFU restore.

Having understood what a hard reset is capable of, here’s how you do it on an iPhone 6S:

Press and hold down on your Power button (Side Button) together with your Home button simultaneously. Hold it for at least 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. That’s pretty much it! As your iPhone restarts, test your iPhone again to see if the issue is fixed in the process.


Force Restart iPhone 6S



8. Update to the Latest iOS Version.

It’s likely that you may have been putting off on installing iOS updates because it would mean you would need to turn your iPhone off briefly. This can bite you back as often ignoring to install the latest iOS version means you’re not getting the software patches to fix issues that come in the form of what you’re experiencing right now.

Thus, you will need to download and install the latest bug fixes. But before you do it, make sure to backup your iPhone using iCloud or computer.

Once you’ve backed up your iPhone, here’s how you can update your iPhone 6S to the latest iOS version:

  1. Firstly, make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable power source and internet using Wi-Fi.
  2. Then, go to Settings, then tap General.
  3. Next, choose Software Update.
  4. Now, tap to Download and Install.
  5. Tap Install to proceed with the process immediately.
  6. Finally, enter your passcode if applicable.

iphone 6s stuck in headphones mode



9. Reset iPhone and Setup as New.

The last resort. Well, only if you do not wish to visit Apple in person, that is.

If none of the above solutions work to fix the issue, then it’s most likely you will need to do a factory reset/restore so that you can get your device to be like how you first got it out of the store (assuming it was perfectly fine).

We highly recommend that before you go through with the factory restore, that you make sure to have a backup of your iPhone’s data. This ensures that you can restore all your data even after you go through with the reset, which will mean you will not lose any of your data.

So once you’ve backed up, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Settings app then tap on the General option,
  2. Next, tap the Reset option.
  3. Then select the Erase All Content and Settings option.

Erase all settings


  1. Next, you will be seeing a message whether you wish to create a backup first and then erase the device or erase it right away. Select Erase Now.
  2. When prompted, provide the passcode of your iPhone.
  3. Now, wait for the Apple logo to show to complete the reset process.
  4. Next, wait for the screen to show ‘Hello‘ message.
  5. Lastly, wait for your iPhone to sync in and set it up as new.

Once your iPhone is on the default factory state, make sure to test if the audio feature is working correctly. Don’t forget to take note of the changes you made before you restore your data. It will help you avoid the conflict from happening again.



10. Reach Out to Apple Support.

If you are an advanced user, then, as shown above, you can restore your iPhone 6S using the factory restore method shown in Method 9 above.

However, if you are not, then you can have an Apple-certified technician to do it for you. They are capable of doing advanced troubleshooting at the software level that might fix the issue. With this service, along with their hardware expertise, you can avail it at your nearest Apple Store. Be sure to check your warranty options for your iPhone 6S before you proceed so that you know the available discounts and warranties available at your usage.


Apple Repair


But what do you do if you don’t have an Apple Store near you? You can check the available support in your country. Then, you can opt to book an appointment for Apple repair and send them your iPhone through a courier. With this, they can repair your iPhone 6S in their lab while you monitor the repair progress online.

As we end this article, we would like to thank you for your continuous support. We hope that this guide has helped fix your Apple iPhone 6S stuck on headphones mode. If you have questions related to this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will love to help out! ❤


If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂



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