How to Fix Among Us Lag and Low FPS (Performance Issues)

Can’t enjoy game night due to Among Us lag and low FPS?

Compared to modern titles that require a powerful graphics card to run the game smoothly on your computer, Among Us is not that demanding in terms of specifications. According to its requirements, it only needs 1 GB of memory, 250 MB of storage, and at least Windows 7 to run, which is present on almost every system today. 

This means that Among Us should run without any problems on any computer. However, if you are experiencing lags and low FPS while playing, then something is not right with either your computer or network. 

However, there is no need to panic because we are here to help you out! 

Today, we are going to show you a few ways on how to fix the lag and low FPS on Among Us. 

Let’s begin. 



1. Restart the Game. 

The first thing that you should do if Among Us (or any program) is not working properly on your device is to restart it. Possibly, the application just encountered a temporary error during use which caused it to malfunction. 

Restarting the game would give your device the chance to reload all of its resources and eliminate any error that occurred. 

For users who use Windows PC, check out the steps below on how to restart Among Us: 

  1. First, press the CTRL + ALT + DEL key on your keyboard and select Task Manager from the list. 
  2. After that, click on the Processes tab and find Among Us
  3. Lastly, click on Among Us and tap the End Task button.

On the other hand, if you are using an Android device to play Among Us, you can restart the game by doing the following: 

  1. On your Android device, swipe your screen upwards from the bottom until the app switcher appears. 
  2. On the app switcher, find Among Us
  3. Finally, flick the application upwards to remove it from the list. 

lag and low FPS on Among Us


Finally, if you are using an iOS device, you can restart the game by doing the following steps: 

For iOS devices that are using an all-screen display, you can restart an app by simply swiping up on your screen from the bottom until the app switcher appears. Inside the app switcher, locate Among Us and flick it upwards until it is removed from the list. 


lag and low FPS on Among Us


On the other hand, if you are using an older iOS device that has the Home button, you can open the app switcher by simply double-tapping on the Home button. Now, find Among Us and flick it upwards to remove it from the list. 


lag and low FPS on Among Us


Once you’ve closed the game, relaunch it on your device. Now, try to play another game to see if the problem is already fixed. 



2. Close Other Applications. 

Even if Among Us does not require a lot of system resources to run, it can still be affected if your device is running out of memory. If you are experiencing lag and low FPS on Among Us, there is a high chance that other applications are running on your device and consume your memory. 

To fix this, simply close other applications that are running on your device. 

  1. On your keyboard, press on Windows key + X to open the Quick Access Menu
  2. Next, click on Task Manager to open it. 


  1. Inside the Task Manager, click on the Processes tab and then click on Memory to display the apps that use the most RAM on top. 
  2. Finally, click the network hungry apps and hit the End Task button to stop it from running. 


On the other hand, if you are using a mobile device, simply close other applications that are on the app switcher to ensure that all your memory is allocated to Among Us. See our detailed guide on how to close applications on both iOS and Android.



3. Use Another Server. 

Lags and FPS drops on Among Us could also be server related. It is known that Among Us is having problems with its servers because of the high volume of users wanting to play the game. However, this can be fixed by using another server that has a different time zone to your region. 

Fewer players are likely to be playing on that server, which should lessen the occurrence of lags on the game. 

  1. First, open Among Us on your device (PC, Android, iOS). On the main menu, tap on Online


  1. Now, click on the world icon from the bottom right corner of your screen. 

lag and low FPS on Among Us


  1. Lastly, select another server from the list. 

After changing your server, join another game to check if the lag and low FPS on Among Us is fixed. 

However, if you are still having issues while playing Among Us, head to the next solution below to address the problem. 



4. Use A VPN. 

Among Us players have reported that lags and server related issues on the game were eliminated after using a VPN service. 

The explanation behind this is that VPN services redirect your internet traffic to a server from another country to which you have connected. However, to make this effective, be sure to connect to a server on your VPN that has a different time zone from your region. 

If you are wondering which VPN to use, check out our guide about the best VPNs to use not only for playing Among Us but also for streaming Netflix US outside the region.



5. Check Your Internet Connection. 

Lags and FPS drops on any game can also indicate that your network is currently unstable or running slow. Whatever the case is, you can try running a simple speed test to verify if this is indeed the problem. 

You can use third-party sites like that effectively work in measuring your network’s upload and download speed. 


lag and low FPS on Among Us


If the result comes out slow or not close to the indicated speed bandwidth on your subscription, try to restart your router. This would allow your router to re-establish a proper connection to your internet service provider. 

To restart your router, unplug the power cable of the router from the wall outlet to turn it off. Now, wait for 5 to 10 seconds to allow your router to reset before plugging it back to the outlet. 


lag and low FPS on Among Us


Once your router has restarted, run another speed test to see if the problem is already fixed. However, if your network continues to encounter problems, contact your ISP immediately to let them know about the issue with their service.



6. Verify Your Game Files (PC Only). 

For computer users, Steam has a built-in tool that tests the integrity of your game files. If Among Us is not performing normally, it is possible that its game files got corrupted during an update or while playing the game. 

To verify if this is really the case, try to use Steam’s built-in tool to check your game files for any errors.

  1. First, open Steam and sign in to your account. 
  2. After that, click on the Library tab. 
  3. Now, right-click on Among Us and select Properties
  4. Inside Properties, click on the Local Files tab. 
  5. Finally, click on Verify Integrity of Game Files and follow the on-screen prompts to continue with the process.

lag and low FPS on Among Us


If there are errors that have been detected by Steam, it will automatically download the files and fix the problem. Now, try to play Among Us again to see if the issue would continue to occur.



7. Clear Among Us Cache (Android Device Only). 

If you are using an Android device, you can try clearing Among Us cache to see if this will eliminate the lag and low FPS on the game. Caches are temporary data that is stored on your device locally to help improve the performance of apps. 

However, application cache can accumulate over time and get corrupted, which can cause the app to malfunction. 

  1. Open your Android device and go to the App Drawer. Now, find and tap on the Settings app to open it.
  2. Now, on the Settings app, find the Apps tab and tap on it.
  3. After opening the Apps tab, find Among Us and click it to open its Settings page.
  4. Lastly, click on Storage and tap on the Clear Cache button. Keep in mind that the placement of the Clear Cache button may vary depending on the Android device that you are using. 

lag and low FPS on Among Us


Once done, launch Among Us again and try to play another game to see if the problem is already resolved. 

This ends our guide on how to fix lag and low FPS on Among Us. If you have other concerns or questions, leave a comment below and we would try our best to answer them. 


If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂






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