How to Fix Large Widgets Not Stacking on iOS 14

Having trouble trying to stack large widgets on top of each other on iOS 14?

One of the cool new features Apple introduced to its users is the wide variety of widget customizations. Widgets are now a primary component of your iPhone and iPad experience.

You can add them in all shapes and sizes, customize their appearance with custom applications, and even stack them on top of each other to create widget stacks. Feel free to read more about it on their official webpage of iOS 14 features.

Although these features are great, some of them are not very intuitive. In this article, we will go over how to stack large widgets and everything else you need to learn about this new feature.

Let’s get started!


1. How to Stack Small And Medium Widgets.

Apple’s new widgets are preset in small (2 by 2 boxes), medium (2 tall by 4 wide boxes), and large (4 by 4 boxes) sizes. If you’ve already tried stacking your widgets, you’ll probably agree that stacking small and medium-sized widgets is pretty easy.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that widgets of different sizes will not form a widget stack with each other.

Now if you’ve never tried stacking widgets, we’ll go over the basics and teach you how to stack small and medium widgets first. But if you’re already familiar with this, go ahead and skip this method.

Here’s how you can make a small or medium widget stack:

  1. First, press and hold on any empty part of your home screen to enter jiggle mode.
  2. If you don’t have any widgets on your screen already, let’s quickly add some. Once your apps start to jiggle, tap on the Plus icon (+) located at the top-left corner of your screen.

jiggle mode

  1. Now, select on any small or medium widget you want to add. A slideshow of features might appear on your screen. You can read this if you want to, but tap on Add Widget when you’re done. Repeat this step one more time so you’ll have two same-sized widgets on your home screen.
  2. After that step, your apps should still be in jiggle mode. Tap on either of the two widgets on your home screen and drag it over the other, then let go. These should combine and form a widget stack.
  3. Finally, exit jiggle mode by tapping on Done at the top-right corner of your screen.

2. Making A Widget Stack With Large Widgets.

Being able to view large widgets on one widget stack is an incredibly useful feature. Lots of data, updates, and important notifications can be scrolled through at a moment’s glance.

But here’s the kicker. When stacking large widgets together they always slide away or try to escape to another home screen, it’s frustrating! You’ve probably tried to hover the large widget over the other one and hope that you’ll be precise enough for it to stack, but only to fail.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re tired of trying to play surgeon with your iPhone. Fortunately, there are two simple ways you can do this without having to feel like you’re operating a patient.

Here’s how you can stack large widgets using the Today View screen:

  1. Start by moving all the needed large widgets to the Today View screen. Once you and your large widgets are there, press and hold on any of the large widgets to go into jiggle mode.
  2. Now, press and drag your desired widget over the widget you want to make a stack with. The large widgets should refrain from moving around or trying to escape to another screen, making the process much easier for you.

fix large widgets not stacking on ios 14

  1. Repeat this step for all the necessary widgets. Once you’re done, drag and move the entire widget stack back to your home screen.

When you’re done with that, you should have a completely functional large widget stack on your home screen. Alternatively, If you don’t feel like moving your widgets all the way to the Today View screen, then you can try this method.

Here’s another way you can stack large widgets on your home screen:

  1. Go ahead and enter into jiggle mode by pressing and holding on an empty part of your screen.
  2. Once your apps and widgets start shaking, press and hold your desired large widget and move it around to detach it from its position.
  3. Now, with a second finger, swipe your screen to your desired destination while simultaneously pressing down on the widget you started with. You should be able to navigate between home screens while dragging your widget along with you.

stack large widget

  1. Finally, drop the widget on top of the other one at the destination to make a widget stack.

Before people discovered the Today View method, this was the more prominent solution in Reddit.


3. Why Not A Smart Stack?

A cool feature that Apple added for its users is having a Smart Stack. This inserts a widget stack to your home screen full of pre-built useful applications like Notes, Maps, Weather, and so on.

However, you cannot pre-customize the Smart Stack with widgets of your choice since it’s already pre-built. The only time you can add to the Smart Stack is by dragging your large widget into it, which is done by the method above.

Still, the Smart Stack is still a useful feature! There’s an option for it to ‘Smartly Rotate’ your widgets automatically to show you what your iPhone thinks has the most important notification. If you’re interested in trying it out, follow the steps below.

Here’s how you can add a Smart Stack to your home screen.

  1. First, press and hold on an empty part of your screen to enter jiggle mode.
  2. Now, tap on the Plus icon (+) at the top-left corner of your screen to add a widget.
  3. A list of different kinds of widgets should be displayed, but look for and select Smart Stack.

fix large widgets not stacking on ios 14

  1. Finally, read or skip the slideshow of features and tap on Add Widget.

After these steps, you should have the Smart Stack on your home screen.

You’ve reached the end of the article! We understand how frustrating it is for Apple to automatically create a new home screen or for your widgets to slide and escape to another screen. Hopefully, we’ve helped answer your question about ‘how to fix large widgets not stacking on iOS 14’.

If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to write a comment down below! Perhaps you can even find your questions already asked by one of our readers.

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