There was this huge problem that was affecting not just you and I but every human who’s scrolling about on their Android phones right now out there.


This problem even had Google scratching their heads wondering how to really solve it.


Do you want to know what it is?


Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo





It’s Android’s lack of controlling how it’s apps performed whilst in the background. 


I’ll explain.


Let’s take a simple daily situation:


You turn on your phone, and probably the first app you might open is your Facebook. 


Few moments later…


Ok. You’re getting bored now so you go open your WhatsApp but note your Facebook app is still open in your background.


Now you see whenever this happens on Android the Facebook app which you opened at first (again I’m just taking it as an example) consumes a lot of your device’s resources whilst it still is in the background.


This causes your phone to slow down or even get laggy as you scroll through your WhatsApp (irrespective of whichever app you’re using).


And you as a 2017 technophile clearly has made it your mantra that:


No one likes to have their phones be as slow as an 80s’ dial up Internet.





The Cure to Bloatware-ism 


Which is why now Google have released the new Android Oreo.


To fight against the dark forces of Bloatware-ism and enforcing an efficient methodology of keeping heavy apps at bay.


Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo





This methodology involves implementing an automated Background Execution Limits (a fancy term to keeping reducing your Background activity) on all of your apps. 


But since Android Oreo is still new, not all of the apps have been updated to support this new limits..


Which is where this guide comes in.


I’ll show you how to force background limits on non-optimized Android apps on your phone in just 5 simple steps.






How to Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo: 5 Steps


You’re going to need to do this for each app if each of those apps have not been updated to the new Android Oreo.



Step 1:  Go ahead and and open your Notifications pane by swiping down from above your screen and then tap on your Settings (it’s the gear icon).



Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo




Step 2:  Next, tap on your Apps & Notifications.


Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo





Step 3:  Now all you have to do is select App Info from this menu. This will open up a list of all your currently installed apps.


Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo





Step 4:  Pick any one of your apps from here. Done? Sweet! Now tap on Battery.


Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo







If the app is already optimized for Android Oreo then you’ll only going to find just one option and that’s Battery Optimization in your Manage Battery Usage.


Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo
This app is optimized.





But if the app is not optimized for Android Oreo, then you’re going to find a second option too which is Background Activity. It is by default set to ON which means the app will run in your background even when you’re not in it.


Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo
This app is not optimized.





You don’t want that. 


Which is why you’re going to …




Step 5:  Toggle the switch off for Background Activity.


Limit Background Activity in Android Oreo
Great work!



That’s it! 🙂