Face ID is good. 


Though to be honest with you it would have been great if Apple could have also added the Touch ID together with the iPhone X, but I trust that my face alone can keep me safe.


But to much surprise the only hassle there has been for most people with their new iPhone Xs is that at times it takes a few more seconds for the Face ID to recognize the face.


So in this guide, I’ll show you how you can make your Face ID work better for your iPhone X. 🙂






How to Make Face ID Work Better on iPhone X: 5 Ways



1.  Disable Attention Detection.


Attention Detection on your iPhone X is simply the setting that stops your Face ID from unlocking your iPhone until and unless you face it directly (with your eyes open).


Think of it like this:

Let’s say you didn’t enable Attention Detection on your iPhone X. What will happen then is your girlfriend (or your boyfriend or just about anyone you’re with) can unlock your iPhone all by showing it to your face whilst you’re asleep (or when you’re not looking).


Great …


So why disable Attention Detection in the first place?


Well, if you don’t have anyone to worry about trying to unlock your iPhone behind your back, then disabling this setting actually allows you to use your Face ID without such restrictions on you.


When you disable Attention Detection, you can unlock your iPhone using Face ID without having to even look at it directly (and yes even with your eyes closed), and chances are it decreases the number of times it fails to do so. 


make face id work better




Again just take into mind that you need to exchange a bit part of your security for usability.



Here’s how you can disable Attention Detection for Face ID on your iPhone X:


Step 1:  Go ahead and jump away into your Settings app, and then tap on General.



Step 2:  Next tap on Accessibility.



Step 3:  Now all you have to do is just turn off Require Attention for Face ID. 



Boom.  Done.





2.  Finding your Perfect Distance.


This is a big one, and Apple wants you to know this too.


Apple says that the perfect distance for Face ID to work is 25-50 centimeters (or 10-20 inches) from your face.


It might take quiet a getting use to, but you’ll get the hang of it. 🙂


make face id work better





3.  Your Face is Your Focus.


For Face ID to work, it needs to see  detect your face.


Those tiny little face-detecting cameras that are in your iPhone’s top notch sends 30,000 light beams right at your face to identity if it is you, who you truly say you are.


These cameras work great when there is a great contrast between you and your face with your surroundings.


make face id work better




Which is why, ironically, the cameras work better when you’re in the dark or indoors rather than those times when you tried to unlock it when you went for a stroll down at the park in bright sunlight.


So help your tiny little face-detecting cameras to detect your face and you’ll be rewarded with faster times of Face ID unlocking.


Oh and if you are wearing a hat such as a cap (I’m a culprit of this), a beanie or if for some reason you’re wearing anything that obstructs your face, try and take it off and see what works.





4.  Be Still. Very Still. 


When you move, shake or dance around, your Face ID kinda has a hard time detecting you.


Be still. 


make face id work better




Let those tiny little cameras shine those 30,000 light beams on your face first then you can go join the Conga line.





5.  Avoid the Shades.


Your sunglasses and your Face ID don’t make a great pair.


Some do though, but most of them don’t.


If you wear a particularly dark pair of shades, then your Face ID won’t be able to detect because the light beams get weaker when it tries to detect your face.


Take it off for a second, and then you can wear it back on.

 make face id work better




That’s it.




Share this guide with your family and friends and show them how they can get the best out of their new Face ID on their iPhone Xs. 🙂




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