Instagram is like eating caviar.


You order once, it’s good.


You order twice, it’s great.


You order thrice, hands in the air I f****** love it!


But never did you know that you’re actually losing your money each time (and let me tell, if you didn’t know, caviar is really expensive which is why you see it on tables of most aristocratic douches)


make Instagram use less data




It’s the same thing with Instagram (in a way).


You go through one photo and the next and the following one as you hope the next photo that you see intrigues you even more than the one you saw before.


And let’s be honest, both you and I know that Instagram can be pretty amazing and surprisingly intriguing.


But it does use a lot of your data.


Lucky for us, apps like Instagram (and Snapchat) does have a little hidden button to make it use less of your mobile data.


Although the only caveat is..


It will take a bit longer for your photos and videos to load up since it doesn’t preload everything like how it was before.


Also you can’t do this when you’re on your Wi-Fi.


But if you don’t feel like it and if you want to go back then you can always turn this setting off anytime. 🙂


Alright, I’ll show you how you can make Instagram use less data.







How to Make Instagram Use Less Data : 4 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Instagram and head over to your Profile.



Step 2:  Now tap on your Settings gear icon that you can see right next to your Edit Profile.


make Instagram use less data




Step 3:  Got it? Alright. Next scroll down until you see Mobile Data Use (it’s under Settings) and then tap on it.


make Instagram use less data





Step 4:  All you have to do now is just switch on Use Less Data.


make Instagram use less data









Share this guide with your family and friends, so that they can too save their mobile data. 🙂