Haven’t you had enough?


You find yourself typing in your same ol’ password one by one, everyday, 365 days.


Your little fingers becoming callus and your little bones being restructured in a way entering your password has become something like an extension of you?


But what if..


You and I, we were able to enter our password with just one small yet mighty tap?



I’ll show you how you can save your passwords on your iPhone so you wouldn’t be wasting so much of your valuable time on entering your password every time you need to log in.





How to Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone: 4 Steps



Step 1:  Go to the website that you want to go save the password for.


Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone





Step 2:  Enter the password into your field.


Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone
Alfred btw is my awesome and mighty pug. He likes to listen to High Fidelity music whilst I have to settle for Spotify. (I am being forced to write this)





Step 3:  Click on Passwords.


Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone





Step 4:  Then choose Save This Password and you’ll then see that the login fields will turn yellow which means it has saved.


Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone




Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone



That’s it! 🙂





What if I can’t see the option?  🙁


Then all you need to do is..


Step 1:  Go ahead into your Settings on your iPhone, tap on Safari, then tap on Autofill.


Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone




Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone





Step 2:  Make sure that Names and Passwords is switched ON.


Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone





Step 3: Alright. Now that you’ve done that, you need to select Clear History and Website Data to refresh.




Clearing your history and your website data includes deleting all your preexisting website pages in your Safari. This won’t delete your already saved passwords for your websites, so you don’t have to worry about that. 🙂


The reason why you are going to need to clear is that it helps refresh your Safari by cleaning out the website caches, cookies and ‘junk’, enabling you to save the password you want for the website.


Still unsure or afraid that this might wipe out every goddamn thing on your iPhone?


It’s alright and it’s good that you are because it shows you are careful. Trust me, even I would get jittery right before “Clearing” just about anything on my iPhone, which is why I’ve included here the official guide by Apple on what this actually does:



Make Safari Save Passwords on iPhone





Step 4:  Once you have done that, you may open your Safari browser, head over to the site you wanted to save the password for, re-enter your login info and then lastly Save This Password.



There you go! 🙂


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