How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone

Does your iPhone fail to notify you that you have a new message?

Imagine waiting for an important message on your iPhone and you miss it because it did not notify you. You are not alone, as a number of users have been asking the same question and seeking ways on how to fix it.

Like the others, this problem usually happens when your iPhone is locked. This should not suppose to happen, but for some users, it started after the iOS update. When a new message is received, your iPhone makes a sound or displays a notification.

There are a lot of factors to consider why this is happening on your iPhone. That is what we are gonna discuss in today’s article. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to fix the no text or message notification alerts or sounds on your iPhone issue.

Let’s dive in!


1. Restart Messages App.

There are times that your application cannot perform correctly because it has been running for a long time. This could be because your iPhone is overloaded with tasks.

To fix this, you need to close all applications including the Messages app, and relaunch it.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First, open the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Then, open your recent apps by doing the following gestures:
    • For iPhone X or later versions, swipe up from the bottom of your screen till the middle section.
    • For iPhone 8 or earlier versions, double-tap the Home button.
  3. Now, swipe left or right to navigate the applications that are open.



  1. Next, swipe up the application preview to close the app. Do this to all applications on the list.
  2. Finally, launch the Messages app again.

Now that you have refreshed your app, send a text message on your iPhone to test the notifications.

If possible, do this while your iPhone is locked to see if the issue still persists.



2. Restart your iPhone.

You may have refreshed your iPhone application but there are times that it is just overloaded. When that happens, quitting the app and loading it again may not work due to a lack of resources on your device.

To fix it, you need to offload your iPhone for these tasks.

To do that, just go to your iPhone Settings, then tap on General and then the Shutdown option. Slide the Slide to Power Off button to the right to confirm the process.



But sometimes, your device could be unresponsive due to overloaded tasks. When that happens, do the force restart process on your iPhone.



3. Check Date & Time Settings.

Most of the applications will not work correctly if you have the wrong date settings on your iPhone. Especially the Message app which needs to sync with the Apple server.

So to be sure, set the Date & Time settings of your device to automatic detection.

To do that, open the Settings of your iPhone, and then click on the General option. Then, tap on the Date & Time option, and enable the Set Automatically option.



With this, your iPhone will get the current time where you are located and set it automatically on your device. After this, the Message app should work correctly.



4. Disconnect Paired Devices.

If your iPhone is paired with your Apple Watch, it forwards the notifications you get to your watch instead. As far as we would like that this will not affect our iPhone, we should wait for Apple to fix this issue.

But for the workaround, you may need to disable the Bluetooth on your iPhone if you want the notifications to work.

To do that, go to your iPhone Settings and click on the Bluetooth option. Then, toggle on the Bluetooth option to disable the feature.



Alternatively, you can disable the Bluetooth service on your iPhone through the Control Center. Just launch it and tap on the Bluetooth icon to disable it.



Disabling Bluetooth will disconnect paired devices from your iPhone. This way you’ll receive your notifications without any issue.



5. Disable Silent Features.

One of the features of your iPhone that can block notifications is the Do Not Disturb mode. When this is enabled, you will see a crescent moon icon on the top part of your iPhone which indicates that you won’t be getting notifications from your apps when your device is locked.


How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone


To disable this feature, go to your iPhone Settings and tap on the Do Not Disturb option. Toggle the Do Not Disturb button to disable it.


How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone


Another way to silent your iPhone is by enabling the Mute Switch. Unlike the other features, this mode is controlled through a physical button. When this is enabled, you won’t be hearing your ringtones or sound notifications.

To disable this, flip the Side switch on your iPhone so that the orange line won’t show.


How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone



6. Disable Hide Alerts in Message.

You may have forgotten that you have enabled the ‘Hide Alerts’ on a certain contact on your Message app. When this happens, that certain contact’s message will be hidden and you won’t be notified.

To fix this, you can disable the feature so you can be notified again.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go ahead and launch your Message app.
  2. Then, tap on the conversation with the contact which you enabled the Hide Alert feature.
  3. Now, tap the Profile Picture Icon at the top of the screen and then tap on ( i ) or info option.
  4. On the Details section, scroll down and toggle the Hide Alerts button to disable it.


How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone


  1. After that, click Done to finalize the process.
  2. Finally, repeat Steps 2 to 5 to all contacts that you have disabled the notification.

After enabling your alerts for selected contacts you will fix the no text or message notification alerts or sounds on your iPhone issue.



7. Disable Filter Unknown Senders.

There is also another option that will automatically block a message from an unknown phone number.

Although this feature was actually designed to block spam messages, it can also function to block people that you know that you fail to register on your phone. So if you are expecting a message from someone who is not in your contacts, just disable the ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ feature.

To do it, just go to the Settings of your iPhone and tap on the Messages option. Then, scroll down to the Message Filtering section and toggle the Filter Unknown Senders button to disable the feature.


How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone


After doing this, you should be able to receive messages even from unregistered contacts.



8. Check Notification Settings.

If your iPhone does not have the correct notifications settings, you may not be notified if you have new messages. To fix it, you will need to change the settings to make sure that you get notified.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First, go to the iPhone Settings and tap on the Notifications option.
  2. Then, tap on the Messages app from the list to manage the notification features of the app.
  3. Now, toggle the Allow Notifications option to enable it.


How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone


  1. Next, disable the Show in Notification Center option.
  2. If you can see that the Message app has a Deliver Quitely status, select Banner Style, and set it to Persistent.
  3. Finally, enable the Badges option and choose a Sound as a notification tone.

When choosing a sound for notification, make sure that you select one of the default choices on your phone.

After this configuration, try to restart your iPhone. For that process, check out Method 2 of this article.



9. Check Sound Settings.

You may be getting display notifications but with no sound notification. This could mean that you have the wrong settings for your sound notification.

To fix this, you will need to check the sound alerts on your iPhone and restore it to the correct one.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First, open the Settings of your iPhone and tap on the Sound and Haptics option.
  2. Then, on the Ringer and Alerts section, make sure that the volume level is not muted or set to a minimum.


How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone


  1. Now, on the Sound and Vibration Patterns section, tap on the Text Tone option.
  2. Finally, choose a default tone which is Note. This will make sure that the tone is working.

By fixing your sound notification settings you will now receive notifications for your texts or messages.



10. Check Contact’s Text Tone.

If you have a certain contact in your iPhone’s contacts list that you cannot hear the notification tone from, then there is also a setting to adjust that.

In fact, you can set the text tone or ring tone of each of your contacts on your phone which is a really handy feature for purposes of accessibility as well as customizing how you get alerted.

Here’s how you can check your contact’s notification tone:

  1. Go ahead and launch the Contacts app on your iPhone.
  2. Then, tap on the person’s name on your contact list and tap Edit on the upper-right corner.


How to Fix No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone


  1. Now, tap on Text Tone and choose the default sound to make sure it works.
  2. Click on Done to finalize and apply the settings.
  3. Finally, repeat Steps 2 to 4 to your other contacts you have problems with sound notification.



11. Update iOS to Latest Version.

Now if you are still having the same issue, it is possible that your current iOS version has a bug. It’s possible by the time you read this post that Apple may have already released a newer patch update to address the issue. Hence, we recommend that you try to check for any updates.

To update your iOS to the latest version, go to your iPhone Settings and then tap on the General option. Then tap on the Software Update option to see if there’s an available update.



If you have encountered some problems when doing this process, learn more about how to proceed.



12. Reset All Settings.

There is a chance that an undetected corrupt setting on your iPhone is causing this issue.

But before you proceed to do this method, do understand that doing this method will erase all of the settings that you’d configured so far back to factory default mode. Unlike the option to Erase All Content and Settings, the Reset All Settings setting DOES NOT erase any of your data such as your contacts, apps, or other stored content.

To proceed, open your iPhone Settings, then tap on General, and then tap on Reset. Next, tap on the Reset All Settings option and provide the passcode if applicable.



After you have reset your iPhone, go back to Steps 3 to 10 of this article and do the settings again. This time, it should be able to fix no text or message notification alerts or sounds on the iPhone issue.



13. Ask for Assistance from Apple.

If after all that you have done did not resolve the issue, it is time to ask help from the professionals. Apple-certified technicians will be able to check if this indeed is a software or a hardware issue. So to be sure, visit your nearest Apple Store and avail of their repair services.



Now, you may need to check the warranty coverage for your iPhone before going there. Otherwise, there might be service charges for repair or replacement. If you would like to avoid this problem and want premium support for your iPhone, be sure to check out Apple Care.

Not sure if you have these services in your country? Contact Apple Support for services that are available in your area.



And this wraps up our guide for today. Hopefully, this article was able to show you how to fix the no text or message notification alerts or sounds on your iPhone. If you have questions related to this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below.


If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂



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  1. Also, another reason that iOS might not notify you is if the sender of the text message does not exist in your Address Book. Add them to the Contacts app, and that could solve the problem.

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