How to Fix Not Charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15. 5

Not Charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15. 5

Want to fix not charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15.5?

With the release of iOS 15.5, we didn’t only get new features but also strange bugs that just won’t go away. Consequently, iPhone users ended up encountering several issues without knowing how to fix them. One such example is the devices not charging past a certain point.

People across the globe have noticed that their iPhones and iPads either get stuck at 80% or take hours to even move up one percent when on charge. While this sounds more like a hardware problem, we can’t ignore the possibility that software bugs could also cause it, seeing that it is a widespread issue that arose after iOS 15.5 release.

If you don’t know how to combat the problem, don’t worry! This guide contains all the information you may need to understand and resolve the not charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15.5 issue. 

Simply read through to find out!

1. Check the Charging Cable and USB Adapter. 

If your iPhone is not charging to 100 on iOS 15.5, the first and foremost step is to check the charging cable and USB adapter. Ensure that you’re using an Apple-certified charger and cable. Using third-party accessories can get in the way of your charging and cause the iPhone not charging to 100 problems. 

Moreover, the charging cables tend to tear and break over time. Therefore, if you’re having trouble charging your device, you may want to check the iPhone charging cable and AC power adapters for any sign of damage. If you happen to find something, you may want to repair it or get a new one. 


2. Clean the Charging Port. 

It’s not necessary that the fault is in your device when your iPhone is not charging fully. It could also be that dirt or debris has found its way into the lightning port. In such a situation, clean the area with a soft earbud, brush, and gentleness. Be careful as any harsh movement can damage the internal components of your device.

Not Charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15. 5

3. Remove Phone Case and Other Accessories. 

Although casing is a great way to protect your iPhone from external forces, it may sometimes be the reason for your iPhone not to charge properly. Your iPhone generates heat while charging, and it needs to get dissipated into the surrounding. 

Cases or other accessories trap the heat from your iPhone and prevent it from escaping. Hence, it’s best to remove cases or any other accessories while charging. 

Not Charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15. 5

4. Move to A Cooler Location. 

As mentioned earlier, your iPhone’s temperature has an effect on its charging capabilities. So, if your iPhone is stuck at around 80% battery, another cause could be a high surrounding temperature. This will cause a rise in the temperature of your phone and,  ultimately, show you the temperature alert, preventing your iPhone from charging fully.

To prevent this, move to a cooler location and charge your iPhone there. If it still doesn’t work, give your iPhone a few moments to cool down first, and then put it on charge.

5. Uninstall or Force Quit Battery Draining Apps. 

If you own a few or multiple resource-intensive apps, they will not only greatly impact how your battery drains over time but also the time your device will take to fully charge. More load on the device will cause the temperature to rise. As charging does the same, it will stop for the time being in order to balance the strain on your device.

If not charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15.5 is a common issue for you, we recommend you uninstall the battery-draining apps. Otherwise, force-closing them when putting your device on a charge also does the job.

To force quit the battery-draining apps, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by swiping up from the bottom of your screen and stop in the middle to open App Launcher
app preview
  1. Next, swipe to the right or left to locate the app that you wish to force quit.
  2. From the app’s preview, swipe up to close it.

 Here’s how to uninstall apps that are draining your battery:

  1. Press and hold onto the app you wish to uninstall until the options appear. 
  2. Next, choose Remove App
remove app option
  1. From the pop-up message that shows up, tap on Delete App.
delet app iphone

6. Disable Optimized Battery Charging. 

While you may consider it a blockage that your iPhone’s charging isn’t exceeding the 80% threshold, it is actually good for the battery in the long run. In fact, Apple has recently released a feature that aims to extend your battery life that prevents or delays charging above 80% for as long as you’re not using your iPhone.

But if you prioritize battery charge over battery life, you have the option to disable Optimized Battery Charging. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Open Settings from your iPhone. 
  2. Afterward, scroll down and select Battery
iphone settings
  1. Now, tap on Battery Health
  2. Turn off the toggle for Optimized Battery Charging.
battery settings
  1. You will come across two options. Either select Turn Off Until Tomorrow or Turn Off.

7. Enable Airplane Mode. 

When you enable Airplane mode on your iPhone, it will get disconnected from all network connections, GPS, background activities, Bluetooth, Location Services, and more. This will reduce the activity and hence the strain on your device, resulting in optimal charging.

Here’s how to turn on the feature:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to launch the Control Center
  2. Locate the Airplane icon and tap on it to enable Airplane Mode
airplane mode

8. Force Restart Your iPhone. 

Unknown bugs in the system may also cause your iPhone to get stuck at 80% when it’s on charge.  Most of the time, you can get rid of these temporary bugs by a simple reboot of your device.

Follow the steps below to do it:

  1. Begin by pressing and holding the Volume Up button and then release it. Do the same with the Volume Down button
Not Charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15. 5
  1. Now, press and hold the Side button. 
side button iphone
  1. The Apple logo will appear. Finally, release the button.

9. Go to the Nearest Apple Store.

If none of the methods listed in this guide helped you fix the problem in any way, the issue could be hardware-related. Such situations can be handled by taking your device to a nearby Apple Store and seeking professional help.

This concludes our guide on how to fix not charging to 100 in iPhone on iOS 15.5. All the methods mentioned have been proven to be effective in most cases. But if you still have any confusion, communicate with us through the comment section below. We’ll be happy to guide you further.

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