How to Fix When Notifications are Delayed on OnePlus

“Oops, I didn’t catch that!”
notifications are delayed on oneplus

It sucks to miss a notification like a reminder to take out the dog for a walk or a workplace update before it having it go into utter chaos. 

However if you’re determined to stay on top of every notification and don’t want to miss a single notification ever again or if you’re just having the issue of your notifications getting delayed on the phone. Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide I’ll show you a couple of tweaks that you can actually do on your OnePlus device to try and hopefully fix the notifications being delayed. 



How to Fix When Notifications are Delayed on OnePlus: 3 Steps


Step 1:  Go ahead open up your Settings app on your OnePlus and then jump into the Battery section.


notifications are delayed on oneplus


notifications are delayed on oneplus



Step 2:  Next, tap Battery optimization and then tap the triple dot menu which is to your upper right hand corner. Tap on Advanced optimization.


notifications are delayed on oneplus


notifications are delayed on oneplus



Step 3:  Good. You should now see two options on this page: 1) Sleep standby optimization 2) Deep optimization. Now here’s the thing, both are enabled by default for reasons which I’ll get into in a minute, but know that you have the power to control them at any time. 


notifications are delayed on oneplus



So “Deep optimization” and “Sleep standby optimization”, let’s talk about it: 

Deep optimization

Deep optimization is a setting that you only should disable if you start seeing some of your most essential, important apps like YouTube, Chrome, Play Store etc.  gets disrupted connection every now and then. 

As it’s name suggests, the level of optimization that this setting provides can sometimes get overly aggressive and kill certain apps/services that are running in the background causing a delay to your notifications. 

But this is not the option that you want to disable, well at least not just yet, until and unless you start seeing that you’re losing connection and getting disrupted. So you want to leave this setting enabled for now.


Sleep standby optimization 

Ah! Now this is the setting that you’re mainly going to be disabling and one that can help stop your delayed/missed notifications on your phone. Just like the Deep optimization option that we had just talked about, Sleep standby optimization is also an option that is enabled by default and it will  help kill your network connection when your phone is sleeping. 

But wait, why did the phone come enabled with this option in the first place? Well, having to kill the network connection when your phone is asleep actually does help save a little extra battery life. However, the reason why the guide will be advocating to disable it is because your battery drains very minimal when you disable this setting, so the trade off of getting your notifications faster with only a tiny amount battery drainage is worth it don’t you think?

You can go ahead disable Sleep standby optimization. Besides making sure that your network connection always stays active even during sleep mode, you will not be missing on another important notifications with these tweaks. 


notifications are delayed on oneplus



Help! My notifications are still getting delayed. 

If you’re still having the problem, try also disabling the Deep optimization setting and see if that solves it. 


Share this guide with anyone who’s having their notifications delayed on their OnePlus device. 


  1. I’ve tried setting ‘Mobile data always active’ in developer options that seems to help with notifications from Ring

  2. Nope I have ASOP Android 8.2 ROm and the Last two functions are not there. No Three dots for Advanced Optimization. Just a list of apps. Oneplus one. Maybe you should post what Rom you were using so we know if it is applicable. Thanks For the effort.

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