How to Fix Paint 3D not Working in Windows 10

Is Paint 3D not working on Windows 10?

Microsoft Paint reminds us of the good old days. It looked the same for decades, but then Microsoft launched Windows 10 Creators Updates, and with that, we were introduced to the new Paint in town; Paint 3D.

Paint 3D might not be as advanced as Adobe’s tool, but it provides more functionality than the classic paint. It’s a simple yet powerful program to create projects using 2D and 3D tools. 

Recently, several users reported that the Paint 3D app is not working in Windows 10. We looked into this matter and found out that this issue can occur due to various reasons, such as a corruption error within the application or system.

If you are facing this issue, too, then you are in the right place because this guide will walk you through resolving this issue in a few easy steps. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Use Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to resolve the Windows apps issues is to run the troubleshooter. 

Troubleshooter is a built-in utility that is designed to identify the problem and fix it automatically. While troubleshooters cannot solve all the Windows problems, they are a safe place to start if you encounter problems while using an application. 

Here is how you can run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter to fix the Paint 3D app in Windows 10:

  1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open the Settings application.
  2. Go to Update & Security.
  3. Select Troubleshoot from the left panel and scroll down to find the Windows Store Apps option. 
  4. Now select the Windows Store Apps option click on Run the troubleshooter to begin the troubleshooting process. 
Fix: Microsoft Store Error 0x80072F05 The Server Stumbled
  1. Wait for the troubleshooter to complete scanning. If the troubleshooter finds an error and recommends a fix, follow the on-screen instructions to solve the error. 
  2. Once done, restart your PC and see if the error is resolved.

If a bug in the application prevents you from using it, running the troubleshooter will not just identify the bug but also fix it in no time. 

2. Grant Necessary Permissions. 

App permissions control what an app is allowed to do on a system and whatnot. By granting specific permissions, you authorize the apps to access the data and features, which as a result, help the apps perform better. 

If Paint 3D is not working in Windows 10 or is crashing between operations, it might be due to the lack of necessary permissions. 

Here is how you can grant the necessary permissions to Paint 3D so it can work properly. 

  1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Windows Settings
  2. Go to Apps and select Apps & Features from the left panel. 
  3. Locate Paint 3D inside the list of apps available on your screen and click on it. 
  4. Select Advanced options and enable the toggle under Pictures and Background apps
How to Fix Paint 3D not Working in Windows 10
  1. Now open Paint 3D and check if the issue is resolved. 

Hopefully, Paint 3D will work without any issues now. 

3. Terminate and Reset.

Another easy way to eliminate the bugs and corruption errors within the app is by terminating the currently running Paint 3D program and then resetting it. 

Terminating the app will end all the process associated with the application, while resetting the app will revert it to its initial state, thus resolving the error in the process. However, it is essential to keep in mind that resetting the app will remove the previously created Paint 3D projects on your device. 

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Windows Settings
  2. Go to Apps and select Apps & Features from the left panel. 
  3. Locate Paint 3D inside the list of apps available on your screen. 
  4. Click on it and select Advanced options
  5. Now locate Terminate and click on it. 
How to Fix Paint 3D not Working in Windows 10
  1. Once the program is terminated, grant the necessary permissions by following the steps mentioned in Method 2. 
  2. If doing so does not solve the error, follow the first four steps again and this time, click on Reset
  3. Wait for the operation to complete and then check if the error is resolved. 

You should now be able to use Paint 3D without any issues. 

4. Update Paint 3D. 

If you haven’t updated Paint 3D on your computer in a while, then the outdated app might be causing the issue in your PC. 

‘Outdated’ itself gives a complete picture of the disadvantages associated with it. Outdated apps are nothing less than a risk for your system. They can frequently cause errors and even make your system vulnerable to hackers. 

Resolving this issue isn’t that complex, as all you need to do is install the latest updates. 

Here is how you can update Paint 3D on your PC:

  1. Open Microsoft Store and click on the More button (three dots) at the window’s top-right corner. 
  2. Click on Download and Updates.
  3. Locate Paint 3D’s available update and click on it to start the installation process. 
  4. Once done, launch Paint 3D and check if the issue is resolved. 

If the outdated version of Paint 3D was causing the issue, installing the latest update will fix it. 

5. Try Using CleanMyPC.

If you have not deep cleaned your PC in a long time, then now might be the right time to do it because there are chances that your system is home to several kinds of viruses that are preventing programs like Paint 3D from working correctly. 

Whenever we install a new program on our PC, our system saves relevant files for later use. These files are known as cached files. While these files are supposed to be helpful, they sometimes get piled up and become corrupt. As a result, you face frustrating errors on your PC. 

One of the most effective ways to get rid of these junk files is scanning your system using a reliable PC cleaner. A PC cleaner will help identify these files and eliminate them, with little to no user input. 

If you are struggling to find a reliable PC cleaner, we highly recommend using CleanMyPC

Install CleanMyPC on your PC

CleanMyPC comes with a complete set of system maintenance tools that take care of everything from your PC’s speed to removing unwanted files. In short, it gives your system a much-needed performance boost in no time. 

All you need to do is install the app and scan your system. The rest will be taken care of!

Try CleanMyPC Now!

6. Reinstall Paint 3D. 

If none of the methods mentioned above works for you, then this implies that the corruption error preventing Paint 3D from working cannot be solved using the conventional troubleshooting steps. 

In this scenario, we suggest uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. Uninstalling the app will remove the app’s data and cache files from your system, alongside the bugs causing the issue. 

Here is how you can reinstall Paint 3D on your PC:

  1. Go to Settings and click on Apps
  2. Select Apps & Features from the left panel and locate Paint 3D from the list of programs available on your screen. 
  3. Click on Paint 3D and select Uninstall to remove the app. 
How to Fix Paint 3D not Working in Windows 10
  1. In case the Uninstall button is greyed out, right-click on the Windows icon on the taskbar. 
  2. Select Windows Powershell (Admin) and inside the Powershell window, type the command mentioned below. 
Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.MSPaint | Remove-AppxPackage
  1. Hit Enter to execute it. Doing so will uninstall Paint 3D from your PC. However, using Powershell to do it will also delete your Paint 3D projects. 

That’s it. You can now install Paint 3D back, and hopefully, doing so will resolve the issue once and for all. 

This brings us to the end of our guide on fixing the Paint 3D not working issue in Windows 10. We tried walking you through all the steps in detail and hope that one of the methods helped you fix the issue once and for all. If you have any questions regarding the troubleshooting steps, please let us know in the comment section below!

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