I have a confession..


Animal Crossing has been that one game that I spent >6 hours a day when I was a kid on my Nintendo DS. (yeah)


I loved it to bits. Collecting all kinds of fishes. Catching insects. Trading it at Tom Nook’s Store.


Now Nintendo have released their new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and it is available to play on iOS.





Though there is just this one problem. 


It’s only available if you live in Australia.


But that doesn’t stop both you and I, us from finding a way.


I’ll show you how you can get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS right now.



It’s pretty simple.






How to get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS Right Now: 7 Steps



Step 1:  You have an Apple ID? Good. Sign out of it. Here’s how: Go to you Settings app and then tap on your name (at the very top). Then scroll down to the very bottom and then sign out of your current Apple ID account.


get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS





Step 2:  Great, now we’ve got that out of the way, Jump into your App Store. Find any free game or app and try to download it (don’t worry you are not going to actually download it). You will see a message pop up asking you to sign into or create a new Apple ID. Tap on Create New Apple ID.


get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS





Step 3:  Now you would want to create a new email address (unless of course if you have an email address that you haven’t used to set up an Apple ID). So jump into Gmail and create a new email address. 


get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS





Step 4:  This is the most important step you’ll be faced with. When you create your new Apple ID you will be asked to choose what country you live in. Make sure to choose Australia. That’s the only country that Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp is currently live in.


get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS





Step 5:  This is second most important part of this setting up your new Apple ID. You’ll see three payment options: credit card, PayPal and one. Choose None. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is free to download.




Step 6:  You’re doing great and you’re almost there! Now this is where your new email address comes into play. What you need to do is go to Gmail’s Log in page, log into your Gmail account and look for the email by Apple to verify your Apple ID. Tap on to Verify and you’ll be asked to sign in again. 




Step 7:  Finally, jump back into your new Australian App Store and you should see Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on the very front page. If it’s not there, just search for it. You’ll be able to download the game and play. 


get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS









Just keep in mind.


Some parts of the game such as in-game purchases won’t be able for you to use unless of course if you have an Australian credit card for your Australian Apple ID.


This is not illegal and no your your account is not gonna get banned or shit by Apple. 


Again any progress you make in the game may not carry over when you decide to switch back to your main Apple ID, where all you Contacts and all your other important info is stored.


If you choose to link to your Nintendo account, then just know that you won’t be able to link any of your progress that you had made in your game to your Australian account. 


Also any rewards that you get won’t carry over as well.


Just keep that in mind.





Have fun!


So consider this more or so like a lite version for you to learn the ropes and master your Animal Crossing until it’s available wherever you live.


I’ll let you know here on this page when it is. 🙂



Till then, have fun.




Share this guide with your Animal Crossing buddies and get started right now. 🙂