How to Recover Your Steam Account Lost Password?

Wondering how to recover your Steam account lost password?

Being part of the older generation, we know how it felt to lose CDs of games from our collection. Heck, some of us here at Saint even lived in the time of floppy disks. Losing your games is a type of pain, unlike any other.

Fortunately, with the rise of online game distributors like Steam, games can be downloaded online, stored, and even backed up on the computer. Now while this might be the saving grace of humanity, if you’ve lost your Steam password, it can be quite a stressful experience.

We understand that feeling, and we’d like to let you know that there’s nothing to worry about! There are several ways that you can recover your password, and we’ll guide you through all of them. Here’s how to recover your Steam account lost password.

Let’s get started!


1. Verify Your Existence With Your Email Address.

Getting back your Steam account shouldn’t take too long unless you’re contacting their customer support team. In this method, we’ll be going with the old-fashioned way of verifying your email address. To make this easier, this solution will be split into three parts.

Before you proceed, you’ll need access to your email account and either your mobile guard authenticator, recovery code, or phone number.

Here’s how you can verify your email to log into your Steam account:

  1. Start by opening up the Steam app on your computer. From there, look for and click on I Can’t Sign In.
  2. You should be redirected to a window named Steam Support. As of writing this article, you’ll be faced with four options to choose from. Since the purpose of this article is for lost passwords, click on I forgot my Steam Account name or password.

  1. Next, you’ll be asked to either enter your phone number or email. For this method, enter the email address that you registered your Steam account with. Prove that you’re not a robot and then click on Search.
  2. Steam will look through its database for a Steam account that was made with the email you just entered. Once Steam finds your account, click on Email an account verification code to [email protected].

Moving on to the second part of this method, we’ll be retrieving the verification code that was sent to your email address so we can get back your Steam account. Here’s how you can get your verification code:

  1. Go ahead and open up the email that you used in the previous steps.

  1. Now, look for an email from Steam Support and open it. You should receive a verification code that looks something like this 7PJH5. Copy the code and paste it into the previous Steam Support window under Enter the account verification code that was sent.
  2. Next, look for the account that you’re trying to recover and click on Select. You’ll be asked about what’s stopping you from logging in, just click on Change my password.


Once you’re here, this step can go two ways. If you have recently used your account, you should be able to just change your password without any other requirements.

However, if your account hasn’t been open in a while, you’ll go through a series of ways to recover your password. This can be through your mobile app, phone number, and recovery code. Pick any of these methods to proceed.

recover your steam account lost password

  • You can either send a confirmation to your Steam Mobile app or tell Steam that you no longer have access to your Steam Guard mobile authenticator. If you no longer have access, then just select no longer have access and proceed to the next verification process available.
  • After that, you might be asked to get a verification code from your phone. If you don’t have access to your phone number, just select no longer have access.
  • Once again, you’ll go through another filter, this time it will be for your recovery code. If you have that code available, just type this in.

When you’ve completed one of the three methods listed above, you should be redirected to a window where you can reset your password. Enter in your new password and log back into your account!

Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to these three processes, then you’ll have to contact Steam’s customer support.


2. Get A Text On Your Phone.

For those of you who no longer have access to your email account, you’ll have to recover your password with your phone number. In this method, we’ll be asking Steam to verify your identity by texting you a verification code.

You’ll be using this code to access and hopefully change your password to a new one that you can use to login.

Here’s how you can recover your Steam account through your phone number:

  1. First, open the Steam app on your computer and click on I Can’t Sign In.
  2. You should be redirected to the Steam Support window. You’ll be shown a ton of options once the window opens. For the purposes of this article, select I forgot my Steam Account name or password.
  3. Now, you’ll be asked to enter your email or phone number. We’ll be using your phone number for this method, so type that in. Convince them that you’re not a cyborg and select Search.

recover your steam account lost password

  1. Your account with that phone number is now being located in Steam’s database. When Steam finds your account, click on Text an account verification code to my phone number ending in ‘XXXXXX996’.
  2. Make sure your phone is on, open up the messaging app and look for the verification code that was sent by Steam. It should look like this 7PJH5. Copy and paste that code into the Steam verification window that you were previously on.
  3. Finally, after verifying your identity, click on Change my password and enter in your new Steam password.

We can’t guarantee that the 6th step is the final one for you. This will have to depend on the activity and age of your account. Depending on how inactive you’ve been on the account you’re trying to recover, you may be asked to go through other additional verification methods.

Please refer to the third part of the first method to see what we mean. Once you’re done verifying your identity again, you should be able to change your password and log into your account.


3. Contact Steam’s Customer Support.

Lastly, if you’ve either exhausted all the methods above or simply do not have access to your phone number and email, you can contact Steam’s customer support. Even if it is a hassle, it’s worth all the trouble.

We’ve got to give kudos to Steam here for being really secure with your account. Having a ton of games on your account is a huge investment, especially if your library is packed with triple-A titles. Steam really made sure to make your account safe with their meticulous recovery methods.

Here’s how you can get in touch with Steam’s customer support team:

  1. Like the methods above, you’ll need the Steam app open for this. Look for and click on I Can’t Sign In.
  2. Now, click on I forgot my Steam Account name or password and enter in either the email or phone number of your account.
  3. When your account has been found, click on I no longer have access to this email address/phone number.

recover your steam account lost password

  1. You’ll be redirected to a form where you can fill in your current email address along with some other questions to help Steam recover your account.

Customer support will contact you shortly after sending this appeal, keep an eye out on your email once you do this. By recovering your account through customer support, you’ll be able to use steam cards, credit card info, or any other personal info on your account to confirm your identity.

That about wraps up this entire article. We hope to have helped answer your question on how to recover your Steam account lost password. If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to leave us a comment down below.

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