I know how you f****** feel


The Spotify iOS app is seriously in need of a button to Clear the Cache.

It’s ridiculous that Spotify being the so called forefront ‘leader of the music streaming revolution’ has no solution to this other than having both you and I delete the app and reinstall every f****** time.

That’s like saying every time you need to put air in your car tyre you have to take the wheel off, fill with air and then put the wheel back on


So come on,



I’m kidding (bet you didn’t even get your lazy ass up from your bed)  but seriously there’s no any other way to go about this but for now, I have found these few little methods which might prove helpful to you.

I’ll show you how you can reduce Spotify’s storage on your iPhone with this quick and simple step-by-step guide, made just for you. 🙂





1.  Delete and reinstall your Spotify (no shit, jake -_- )


It’s the best way you can for now keep your playlists whilst reduce Spotify’s Storage on your iPhone.


Step 1:  Delete your Spotify app, and download  it back from your App Store.


This should reduce your storage to as good as new.





2.  Delete your offline playlists


If you have downloaded offline playlists for you to listen, try deleting them.

Deleting your downloaded offline playlists reduces Spotify’s Storage on your iPhone. 🙂



Here’s how you can delete your offline playlists.



Step 1:  Go to one of your offline playlists. I’ll be going to my very own playlist.

(If you want, you can listen with me by following me or my playlist on Spotify, and I kinda update it every Friday.)


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone




Step 2:  Do you see Downloaded? Alright next to that there’s that green button just switch that off and Voila!


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone






3.  Reduce your Stream Quality


This might or might not work, but hey it’s worth a try ain’t it?


So this is what all you have to do


Step 1:  Head over to Your Library and to your top right hand side you should see a settings gear.  Click that.


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone




Step 2:  Alright next head over to your Streaming Quality.


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone




Step 3:  As a default your setting would be set as Automatic, but you want to reduce Spotify’s storage on your iPhone so set it to Normal.


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone



That’s it! 🙂





4.  Use Power Clean (it’s free)


Power Clean is a great way for you to clean your iOS apps cache and junk files. (it can clean all your apps, not just your Spotify )


Here’s how you can get started with it.


Step 1:  Head over to your App Store and Search for Power Clean. Or you can just click this link below to be directed straight to the app. 🙂



Step 2:  Now once you have finished downloading it, click on the Power Clean app.


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone




Step 3:  Now Click on Clean.



Step 4:  Once you have clicked Clean, you will be shown how much junk will be cleaned to free up your iPhone’s space.

Click Clean again.


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone




Step 5:  It’ll now start cleaning your iPhone.


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone




Thats it! 🙂





5.  Jailbreak your iPhone


You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone but this is for you if you either have jailbroken your iPhone before or if you really can’t stand it and want to get rid of your Spotify’s storage even if it means/takes to jailbreak your iPhone.



I am not responsible if anything does happen to your iPhone if you do jailbreak.



What you can do after you have jailbroken your iPhone is (I don’t have any screenshots for this since my iPhone is not jailbroken)



Step 1:  Download the Icon Tool from Cydia.



Step 2:  Swipe up from the app icon and then select clear cache.



Another way


You can also use iCleaner to clean your cache which will in turn reduce your Spotify’s Storage on your iPhone. 🙂





6.  Update your Spotify app


Have you updated your Spotify to the latest version yet?

Sometimes, bugs and other glitches from your Spotify app can be the cause of your Spotify app taking most of your iPhone’s storage.


All you have to do is


Step 1:  Head over to your App Store



Step 2: Then go on to the Updates tab to your far right hand side and check if your Spotify app needs to be updated.


Well you look at that!


Reduce Spotify's Storage on your iPhone




(I pretty much update my apps after like a few weeks or months or so, if you do so to join the club by subscribing to Saint)


That’s all you have to do.





7.  Update your iOS


My heart goes out to the you if you tried to reduce your Spotify storage space by updating your iOS, but only to find later that Spotify takes too much space that you can’t even update your iPhone.

It’s sad indeed.


To update your iPhone you are going to need a certain amount of storage just to store your update onto your iPhone. (Especially if you’re jumping from different one iOS to another. Think of, for example, jumping from iOS 9 to iOS 10)


If you don’t have any space that is required to update your iOS, then you can backup and delete some of your data, or use an app like PowerCleaner to get that little space just for you to update.





8.  Use iFunBox (it’s free)


To do this you are going to need to connect your iPhone to a computer since iFunBox is a desktop app.

iFunBox doesn’t clean your junk files but instead the way it works as a file browser and app manager.


This way, you can access specific app directories (like Spotify) so you can delete unwanted files from within the folder. (Which means you are going to need to go deep and manually clean it by having to delete it one by one)

Using iFunBox can free up some of your space on your iPhone and make your device run faster.


iFunBox is pretty easy for you to use and it is available on both Windows and Mac. 🙂



Here’s how you can get started.


Step 1:  On your computer,  head over to i-funbox.com and then download it.


Step 2:  Have a USB cable with you, in order for you to connect your iPhone to your computer.



Step 3:  Next open iFunBox and it should recognise your iPhone.


If you find that your computer won’t recognise your iPhone, then I have wrote this guide (with screenshots and infographics) specially for you. 🙂



How to Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone





Step 4:  Now what you have to do is select iFunBox Classic and then on the left pane, head over to Connected Devices




Step 5:  Here, you should see your iPhone with your iPhone’s name. Click on User Applications.




Step 6:  Now you can choose which app that you have in your iPhone that you want to clean up the caches and temp files for.

You can tap it to display all the contents.




Step 7:  You’re doing a great job! Next on the right pane, open the Caches folder and delete all the files within.




Step 8:  Lastly; do the exact same thing for the Cookies folder and that’s it! 😀



Again, the only downside to iFunBox is that you are going to have to manually delete all the unwanted files within each and every app.


It lacks any  automatic one-click button or “Delete All” option,


So you are going to need to open each app folder and follow the above steps until everything in your iPhone is cleaned up.





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