Remember the last time when you lent someone your laptop or your phone only for them to find one of your personal auto suggested URLS that you’d hoped will remain hidden for eternity?




It’s Embarrassing…


It’s Cringe-worthy…


It’s… (you know the feeling).


So to make sure that it never happens again, here’s how you can remove auto suggest URLs from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. 🙂






How to Remove Auto Suggest URLs in Chrome, Firefox and Edge



Google Chrome


If you’re a Chrome user, then it’s pretty shit easy.


All you have to do is just whenever you type in your search and find the awkward suggestion which pops up:


Step 1:  Simply highlight the undesired suggestion that you see and then just press Shift+Delete on your keyboard.


Remove Auto Suggest URLs



Remove Auto Suggest URLs





Mozilla Firefox


It’s literally the same as on Google Chrome.


Step 1: When you type in your search bar and you find your undesired suggestion, just highlight it and then press Shift+Delete and..


BAMMM! You’re done.



Remove Auto Suggest URLs



Remove Auto Suggest URLs






Microsoft Edge


You can’t.


The thing is in Microsoft Edge you can’t really delete your awkward auto suggested URLS.


But what you can do is simply clearing out your browsing data.




This will clear out all of your auto suggested URLS, but again it is the only way you can do for now with Microsoft Edge.


Remove Auto Suggest URLs





That’s it! 🙂




Share this guide with your family and friends so that they too can know how to remove auto suggest URLS in their search browser (just in case) 🙂