How to Reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11

Having trouble figuring out how to reset TCP IP Stack on Windows 11?

One of the many problems users have reported encountering when using Windows 11 is not being able to connect to the internet. While there could be so many reasons behind it, the most common one is a corrupted TCP/IP. 

The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, more frequently referred to as TCP/IP Stack, is an internet protocol suite. It is responsible for communication over greater distances by first breaking the digital information into packets and providing them with a route between your device and the destination.

All the settings for the TCP/IP Stack exist in your local storage. However, the data in your device storage can get corrupted at any time by malware or third-party software, etc. When this happens, your PC will fail to connect to a URL, even though it appears to be connected to the internet. But you can fix this issue by resetting the TCP/IP Stack.

To learn how, simply keep reading!

1. Reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11 Using NetShell Utility.

NetShell is a Windows command-line-based tool through which users are able to administer and configure network services remotely. You can use it to reset TCP/IP, which will make your computer rewrite all the related keys. By doing so, your entire TCP/IP Stack will be removed and reinstalled, eliminating all errors or bugs in the system.

Resetting TCP/IP using the NetShell Utility falls in the advanced troubleshooting category. Hence, many will find it difficult in following this method. But it makes the task quick if you’re willing to follow the steps below.

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. To start, launch the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R from your keyboard.
  2. Then, type in ‘cmd’ and press Ctrl, Shift, and the Enter key simultaneously from your keyboard to run the program with administrator permissions. 
run command box in windows 11
  1. Once the User Account Control pop-up appears, click on Yes.
user account control message on windows 11
  1. Next, type in the following command and press the Enter key:
Netsh int ip reset
Reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11
  1. Now, if you use IPv4, type in the following command and press Enter from your keyboard:
Netsh int ipv4 reset
  1. In contrast, if you’re using IPv6, type this command and hit the Enter key:
Netsh int ipv6 reset

If you’ve followed the steps carefully, you would have been successful in fixing the network issues. Otherwise, move to the following method.

2. Reset Using Windows PowerShell.

When it comes to automating tasks, Windows PowerShell has it all. The program is made up of an interactive command-line shell with an associated scripting language. Earlier, users were only confined to using the Command Prompt. But in recent years, PowerShell emerged as an effective alternative.

While it was originally designed as an object-oriented engine, today, it has become an open-source program for users and provides a substantial environment. By using it, you can easily reset the TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. To start, click on the Start menu from the bottom-left of the screen and type in ‘powershell’ in the search bar. 
  2. From the right pane, click on Run as administrator.
windows powershell in start menu
  1. Once the Windows Powershell launches, type in the following command and press Enter:
Netsh int ip reset
Reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11
  1. Once the task is finished, the Windows Powershell window will show Resetting, OK!
Reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11
  1. Lastly, restart your computer to complete the action you just performed. 

If you’re unable to reset using Windows Powershell, move to the following method mentioned in this guide.

3. Use Network Reset.

While resetting the network can resolve the problems you may be facing, you should know that it will forget all Ethernet connections. Hence, you will have to re-enter your passwords, and also reconnect the VPNs on your computer.

Before you continue, contact your administrator if your computer belongs to a corporate domain. In this case, some settings will have to be manually entered that you won’t have access to. 

Follow the steps given below to do it:

  1. Start by pressing Win + i from your keyboard to open Windows Settings.
  2. Alternatively, you may click on the Start menu icon from the taskbar of your computer. Then, click on Settings from the bottom bar to open it.
start menu in windows 11
  1. You can also press the Windows logo + X keys on your keyboard to open the Power User menu. Then, press the N key to open Settings
Reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11
  1. Now from the left pane, click on Network & Internet
  2. Under the Network & Internet settings, scroll down and click on Advanced network settings.
network & internet settings
  1. Now, scroll down and locate Network reset under the More settings option.
advanced network settings in windows 11
  1. Next, click on the Reset now button next to Network reset
network reset option in network & internet settings
  1. After that, wait for the process to finish, then restart your PC. 

Restarting is essential as it will remove and reinstall the adapters, bringing the settings networking components back to default. If you were using VPN and Virtual switches before, you might have to reinstall them.

4. Use FinWin to Reset.

FixWin is a portable freeware that enables users to repair several issues on their PC. Although it is a general-purpose tool, the most common problems the software deals with include issues related to system tools, internet and connectivity, file explorer, etc. You may also use it to create a restore point, run a system file checker, and so on.

You can perform most of this with only a single click. When you want to reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, install FixWin on your Windows 11 PC.
  2. Then, launch the program.
  3. Go to the Additional Fixes from the left pane.
  4. Then, click on the Quick Fixes tab from the right pane.
  5. From there, click on Reset TCP/IP.
Reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11
  1. Continue following the on-screen instructions to complete the task.

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows 11. For more questions, go to the comment section below. We’ll be more than happy to assist you further.

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