Robinhood is a beautiful mobile app (available both on iOS & Android) that makes the whole process of buying stocks dead-simple and free since you don’t have to pay for any fees. 


The only two countries that are available for registering with Robinhood are as follows:

  United States of America

  United Kingdom (waiting list)

  Australia (waiting listremoved)



robinhood countries available


Updated on 11th December 2019.




Although Robinhood was founded in 2013 and you might be asking why hasn’t it expanded as we expect it should after five whole years, the hurdle that Robinhood faces come down to the regulation process of each foreign country. 


It is not an easy task and we’re talking about here one of the most regulated, closely government-controlled markets (the financial market) in the world so it’ll take a little time before Robinhood gets the permission it needs to expand to a new country. 


This page will be updated as soon as Robinhood moves into a new location. Until then check back later to see if your country is on the list. 🙂


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