3 Simple Steps to Save a Replay on FIFA 18 on PS4

Beat that.
save a replay on FIFA 18 on PS4

It was just the other day, I was playing a match with my brother, the Manchester derby, and 89 minutes had passed and it remained 2-2 …


Then in the 92nd minute when the game was just seconds from ending, I scored this screamer with Lingard and it was somewhat 50 yards out. It was truly something special. 


I really wanted to saved this and besides when you score a kickass goal you can use it again to rub your opponent’s face on how “good” you are. 


But the problem was I didn’t know how to save a replay on FIFA 18 on a PS4 and it’s not like how it was back in FIFA 14 when you had an in-game option (the Replay Theater) where you can choose the goal to be saved with just one button in the post-game settings.


save a replay on FIFA 18 on PS4



So trying to find a way to save the replay took some time but I finally stumbled on a helpful, working solution by user named sonofocelot down in the FIFA 18 forums. 


In this guide, I have written down the same exact step-by-steps that I used to save my replay on FIFA 18 on PS4 and also how you can view the replay in your PS4. 🙂




How to Save a Replay on FIFA 18 on PS4:  3 Steps



Step 1:  Jump to where ever you want to start your replay.



Step 2:  Now press your Share button (it’s the one to the left of your touch pad on your controller) and then press your  button (triangle) to take a screenshot.



Why the heck do I need to take a screenshot?

Think of this as a marker (a starting point) for when your replay starts. You can delete this later, once you’ve got your replay.



Step 3:  Now run your replay until you want it to be the end of the clip. 



Step 4:  Then immediately hit your Share button once again and then press your    button (square) to save your clip.



That’s it!



You can find your saved replay in your Library (which is at the very end to your right) and then into your Applications. Next choose your Capture Gallery and then select FIFA 18. You will see your latest replay here at the very top.




Share this guide with anyone who doesn’t know how to save a replay on Fifa 18 on PS4. 🙂



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