Want to save a Hacker News story so that you can keep track of articles you want to read later?

Well, you’re in for a treat. 


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There are a couple of strategies that we will be sharing with you which you can do right from inside Hacker News itself. We will also share some tips using other apps and services to saving a Hacker News story.

Without wasting another second, let’s dive right in.



How to Save A Hacker News Story: 5 Ways


1. Upvote To Keep A Story.

This is perhaps the most straightforward way in which you can keep track of articles that you want to read on Hacker News right from inside the official Hacker News website itself.

The solution involves upvoting the Hacker News stories that you want to keep. For instance, if you do upvote a Hacker News story, it will be stored right in your profile under the Upvoted submissions link.

Here’s how you access it from the Hacker News website both on your computer or mobile:

  1. First and foremost, especially if you’re new to Hacker News, you will want to upvote the article or comment which you want to save. You can do this by clicking on the up-arrow icon right next to either the article title or the user comment. The same applies if you’re using Hacker News from your mobile.
save Hacker News story
Ima upvote this tuna story 🐟


  1. Next, once you’ve upvoted a story or a comment, click on your Hacker News username, which is located on the top-right corner. 

Hacker News Profile


  1. Now, you should find a few links below the delay option and above the update button. Click on the upvoted submissions for articles that you upvoted or comments for user comments which you upvoted. 

save Hacker News story


  1. Lastly, once you click any one of the two links, you should find all the Hacker News stories (or user comments) that you had upvoted, which you can keep read more on it later.

save Hacker News story



2. Using RSS Feeder. 🔈

Another way of keeping track of articles on Hacker News is by using an RSS feeder. There are a ton of excellent RSS feed services out there, to name a few from the top of my head:

  • Feedly 
  • Inoreader
  • Feedbin
  • Feed Wrangler
  • The Old Reader
  • FeedHQ


If you have experience in development and self-hosting services, then there are self-hosted RSS feed services that you can set up yourself where you would only need to pay for the hosting costs. A few excellent examples of self-hosted RSS feed services include FreshRSS and Miniflux. Both are open-source RSS services, although I find myself using the latter more which is built using Golang and provides a fast and lightweight self-hosted RSS feeder. Generally, you can host yourself using a service like Heroku or setting up a $5 droplet on Digital Ocean.

Personally, I use self-host using Miniflux for privatized RSS sources, and I use Feedly, which I integrate with the Reeder iOS and macOS apps, which provide a beautiful, minimalist reading experience for Hacker News. 

Out of all the options, especially if you’re new to all this, its best to start with Feedly, which provides up to 100 sources (websites) for free, which you can and then integrate using one of the many RSS mobile apps both on iOS and Android. Take note that Feedly also provides apps for both iOS and Android, which you may consider. 🙂

Once you’ve signed up with Feedly, here’s how you can add Hacker News to begin tracking: 

  1. Head over to Feedly.com on your PC or Mac and then click on the + icon from the right-hand menu to Add Content to your Feeds.

Feedly Add Content


  1. Next, type in “Hacker News”. Hit Enter.
  2. You should find tons of Hacker News options for you to track along with useful stats on how many aggregate articles are published every week, as well as how many followers for that source. If you scroll down the list, you have the option to choose Hacker News, Hacker News Best, Hacker News: Newest, and even Hacker News: Show HN. Go through the list and pick the one that you’re most comfortable with. 🙂


save Hacker News story


  1. Lastly, you can install either the official Feedly iOS or Android app on your device or any other apps and then log in using your Feedly credentials to begin tracking your Hacker News articles on the go while having the options even to save them.



3. Instapaper! 

When a similar question was asked on Hacker News, it was interesting to find many users were using Instapaper as their medium of saving Hacker News stories.

Instapaper is a popular way to keep track of the articles on HN and is super easy to get started. All you need to do is sign up with Instapaper (it’s free), then install the Instapaper browser extension, which you can then begin using it to save Hacker News stories links right into your Instapaper for later reading.

save Hacker News story


The benefit of using Instapaper is that you’re not just limited to using it with Hacker News only as you can even use it with Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.

Instapaper also has its apps for iOS, Android, and even for Amazon Kindle, which you can install and then log in using your Instapaper account. From there, you can save HN links that you read on your device too on-the-go and have it all synced up to your account from which you can read anywhere at any time.

Try it and see if you like it. 🙂



4. Pocket It.

The best alternative to Instapaper is Pocket, which also comes with its browser extensions, iOS, and Android apps for multi-device reading.

Pocket, which is developed by the Mozilla Corporation, is a popular option with the added feature that it provides a suite of social features that integrates with over 1500+ apps such as Tweetbot, Flipboard, etc. 

It works just like Instapaper: You create an account with Pocket and then install the search browser extensions and mobile application to begin saving HN links whenever you read it. Not to mention you can even use it with your Kindle Fire device and Kobo eReader too.


save Hacker News story


Again you may try it and see if you fancy it.



5. Ol’ School: Email Yourself. 📧

And we arrive at the last solution in this guide, and it’s perhaps the most straightforward way of saving HN links for later reading. 

If you want to read a fascinating HN article later, and you don’t prefer wasting your time installing and trying out different services and apps, then why not just email the HN story link to your email address and then access it later?

This way, you push yourself to read the article later as you can delete it once you’re done reading so that you don’t end up filling up your email inbox with too many read-later links.

We hope that this guide has helped provide some useful strategies to save and keep track of HN articles which you want to read later. If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will love to help you out. ❤


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