How to Fix Search Not Working in Discord

search not working in discord

Find that the search function in Discord is no working and always shows no results?


search not working in discord


Then you’re not alone. Whether you are using the search function for the NSFW channels or just the General channel then the steps below should provide a clear pathway into diagnosing the problem and guiding you to a definite resolution to fixing the search function not working in Discord.

Let’s dive right in.


    1. Check If There Are Issues From Discord’s End
    2. Check The Discord Servers
    3. Submit a Support Request to the Discord Team
    4. Check for Discord Updates by Restarting
    5. Manually Search


How to Fix Search Not Working in Discord: 5 Ways


1. Check If There Are Issues From Discord’s End.

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that there aren’t any persisting issues from Discord’s end. 

Now, how you find that out? 

Well, simply head over to the page Search Tool Not Working on the Discord website. From here you will find the recent updates, current issues and statements whether the Discord team is working on fixing it (as shown below).


search not working in discord


From our experience, usually, these types of issues do get fixed within a few hours and sometimes even minutes as the team is quick to address these types of issues.



2. Check The Discord Servers.

The next method involves heading over directly to the Discord server status page to look if the Search API is down at the moment. As shown below the page will have a series of services which are running and their uptimes. If you see a red line then you can hover on top of it to get more details on which service is not operational at the moment. From the image below we can understand that there was an outage on 7th December as shown in red.


search not working in discord


To find out the status of the issue, either scroll down the page and go to the exact date where the line indicates or click on the Incident History at the bottom of the page and then go to the incident date.  As you can see on December 7th there were issues related to the Search API and was resolved within a couple of minutes. 

search not working in discord


Yellow lines and orange lines can mean partial or major outages depending on the details given. 



3. Submit a Support Request to the Discord Team.

This is perhaps one of the most effective solutions you can do. Yes, we know, it doesn’t really directly solve the problem for us but truth is since this search not working issue is related to Discord service itself then the only individuals who are authorized or have the know-how to fix it will be the team over at Discord (and they sure do a good job). 

Moreover, the more of us submit a support request, the higher the support request will be prioritized.

You can submit a support request here:

From under the What can we help you with? Select Help & Support.

search not working in discord


Then enter your contact information if one of the Discord team members want to reach out to you for more information to address the issue. The Type of question? can be selected as Other Technical Issue. Then simply provide the Subject, Description and the Platform you’re experiencing the issue on (macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.)

Lastly hit Submit



4. Check for Discord Updates by Restarting.

If you’ve made sure to go through the above Methods 1 and 2 and you find that the issue has already been resolved, then it is important to check for any pending Discord updates which haven’t been installed yet. 

To check for updates on PC or Mac, you will need to fully close your Discord app and then restarting the Discord app. If you’re on Windows, make sure when you close the Discord app that it is still not open in the background (you need to check your Taskbar (top-left corner) to see if the Discord icon is still there. As shown below, for us the Discord app is still open despite the fact we had closed it, so by right-clicking on the Discord icon and then selecting Quit Discord we fully shut down the app.

search not working in discord


Once done, simply reopen the Discord app once again. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet at this point to undergo the check for updates and then subsequently installing the updates. 


If you’re on iOS

You can check for updates by going into the App Store > Your Account > Under Available Updates tap on Update next to Discord.



If you’re on Android

You can check for updates by opening your Google Play Store app Google Play. Next, tap Menu Menu and then tap on My apps & games.

Updates available for Discord will be shown as “Update.” Tap Update to proceed with the Discord update.


The updates are useful to patch up the myriad of issues that come up with the application and keep it running smoothly. 



This is not really a solution to the issue but a workaround. If none of the above works for you and you urgently need to look up something on Discord then you can manually search for the item you’re looking for by scrolling up the conversation feed. 

It is a whole lot tedious and excruciating but if you’re looking for something then this is the only way to get what you’re looking for in Discord. 

Alternatively, you can also switch between devices to try and search for something. For instance, if you were trying to search using your PC but the search function is not working then why not try doing it on your smartphone or tablet? Likewise, if you tried searching on your mobile then why not try using your desktop for a change and see if that works.

We hope that this guide has helped fix the search function not working in Discord or at the very least guide you on the right path. If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will love to help you out. ❤


If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


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