3 Steps to Share Location on Google Maps with Your Friends & Family

Life is amazing when you share it with the people that you love..
Share location on Google Maps

Life is amazing when you share it with the people that you love..


Whether you go to the Bahamas and swim with the pigs, or just spending some quality time together talking and laughing about all the funny things that has happened..


There’s always something worth to be shared and for it to be shared also means being together with the people you want to be with in the same location..




That’s where Google has made it simple for us with Google Maps..


Save your time and your energy of navigating the people you want to meet with for when you actually meet them and let Google handle all that for you (Not surprisingly, you and I both know that sometimes we don’t even really know our own location and at times we might accidentally give bad directions) 


You don’t need to worry about whether they use an iPhone or an Android you also need not worry about them not finding where the place you want to meet is. 


It’s really fast, and scarily precise. 


I’ll show you how you can share location on Google Maps in just a few seconds. 🙂





How to Share Location on Google Maps: 3 Steps 


1.  Turning Your Location Services On 


In order for you to share location on Google Maps, you’re going to need to turn on your Location Services (if you already have Location Services turned on, then you can jump straight to 2)


Here’s how you can turn on location services on your device 🙂


If you’re on iPhone


Step 1:  Head over to your Settings and then select Privacy.


Step 2:  Next select Location Services.


Step 3:  Alright. Make sure that Location Services is toggled on.


Step 4:  Staying on the same page, scroll down a little until you Google Maps. Make sure that Google Maps is set to While Using the App or Always. 


Share location on Google Maps






If you’re on Android 


Finding the location services may vary from each device


Step 1:  Head over to your Settings and then tap on Location (it’s under Personal).


Step 2:  Next tap on Mode and then toggle your location services on.




Share location on Google Maps
On a Pixel





Share location on Google Maps
On a Galaxy







Now that you’ve your location services turned on you can now move on to sharing your Google Maps location with your friends and family. 





2.  Opening Your Google Maps


Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Google Maps. 


Step 2:  Done? Alright now tap on that hamburger-like icon to your top left hand corner. This will open your menu.


Share location on Google Maps





Step 3:  Now select Share location. You will see a message on your bottom of your screen saying whether you want to set up real-time location sharing and the duration of how long you want it to be turned on (this is useful if you don’t want real-time location sharing turned on everywhere you go and instead prefer it to be timed).


Share location on Google Maps





Step 4:  All you have to do is just select Until you turn this off since you can turn it off yourself once you’re done sharing your location. 


Share location on Google Maps





3.  The Fun Part. 


Step 1:  Time to let your friends and family know where you are. Now if you just only want one person or a few people to know where you are, then all you have to do is just tap on Select people and then you can choose from your Contacts (if you only want one or two people), or your Messages (if you want to group text multiple people).


Share location on Google Maps



Step 2:  If you want everybody to know where you are in social media, then just select More and then select the apps that you use like Slack, Twitter or Facebook. Just make sure that you tap on Send (or Tweet) and your location will be known by everyone you want to share it with. 


Share location on Google Maps




That’s it! 🙂





When You’re Done


All you have to do is just,


Step 1: Open your Google Maps and then you can either tap on the X symbol or tap on Sharing via link and then toggling the switch off on your right hand side. 🙂


Share location on Google Maps
Hit that X



Share location on Google Maps
Just toggle the switch off next to People with this link can see your location






Share this guide with your friends and family, because it’ll be boring if only one person shares their location.




  1. I’ve been meaning to try this for awhile now, since i have clients that i need to share my location with every now and then.

    thank you for such a simple and thoughtful writeup, Jake.

    I’ve definetly bookmarked Saint. 🙂

  2. Do you know if an LTE connection is required for this? My sharing stopped working when I crossed to the Bahamas, and the only things that changed were 1: I was outside the US, but you say that should still work, and 2 T-Mobile has an issue with connecting to the BTC towers, such that LTE needs to be disabled. Could this be cause the failure?

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