Well that was a Spec-tacular FAIL.

And unlike their snaps themselves, these won’t disappear anytime soon.



Snap expected demand for Spectacles will continue. They were wrong.

The Information reports that Snap expected that the demand for their Spectacles would continue even after the holidays. So thinking that, they went and ordered “hundreds of thousands” more of these but when the moment came to sell them to a wider audience, which before this if you didn’t know were sold through a flying vending machine in select few places, no one wanted it.


snap spectacles unsold hundreds thousands report



Now those hundreds of thousands units are still there sitting around in warehouses having yet to find an owner.



Only 150,000 sold with hundreds of thousands of spectacles lying there in cold dust.

There has not been an exact figure of how many Spectacles that Snap sold thus far, but from the sound of it, Snap might have dramatically ordered a little too many of their debut hardware device.

Earlier this month, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said that the company had sold “over 150,000 units” which is pretty bad considering there’s still hundreds of thousands waiting having yet to be sold.

Though The Information says that figure includes unassembled units with parts, and those parts could come into  use in other products.



Snap’s CEO boasted how the Spectacles outsold Apple’s first iPod thinking it could eventually have enormous success.

Spiegel tried to paint Spectacles as both successful and the stepping stone to what’s more to come with hardware. He claimed they outsold Apple’s very first iPod which is a comparison that was meant to show everyone that it was seriously going to be next best thing. But you and I both now know how that ended.

There’s still hope for Snap and as Spiegel says 


“Our view is that hardware is going to be an important vehicle for delivering our customer experience maybe in a decade,”

“But if we believe it’s going to be important in a decade, we don’t want to be starting a decade from now.”




A 150-person hardware team which no one has a clue what they’re working on right now.

Snap now has a 150-person hardware team according to The Information, though it’s not clear what they’re working on right now or what they might have in their plans for the not so near future. There were talks of Snap going into the drone business by working on their very own drone but The Information says that effort has been scrapped.

There were also signs that Snap might jump into the augmented reality bandwagon which is great since they already have the unused parts from their Spectacles. 

But that’s a hell lot tougher and chances are they themselves know that you might as well shoot your own foot when you are up against the likes of Microsoft and Facebook, which hadn’t had any luck expanding the tech outside of a gaming audience.