YouTube TV Spinning Circle? Here’s The Fix

Are you just seeing a spinning circle on YouTube TV when playing videos?

As YouTube continues to grow, the company explores new ways to reach more people and meet their needs with new services like YouTube TV and YouTube Music. YouTube TV is a streaming service that lets you stream live TV channels like ESPN, FOX, CBN, and more. 

However, if you are reading this right now, you’re probably experiencing issues on the platform. 

The spinning circle problem on YouTube TV when watching live channels could indicate that your network is running slow or an issue with YouTube TV servers. 

Since the issue doesn’t point out a specific problem, troubleshooting can get confusing, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

In this case, we’ve decided to extend a helping hand and make a simplified guide in fixing the spinning circle issue on YouTube TV. 

Let’s dive right in!

1. Check YouTube TV’s Servers. 

Like any online platform, YouTube TV relies on its servers to deliver its services. If something is not right with the app, try to check their servers’ status using Downdetector. It is a third-party site that displays the current status of websites and the issues it has encountered for the past 24 hours.

On the other hand, you can also visit YouTube’s official Twitter page to get the latest news about the platform. 

2. Turn Off VPN. 

If you are using virtual private networks to keep your connection safe and private, try turning it off if you encounter problems on YouTube TV. VPNs work by masking your default IP address and filters your data through their servers before passing it to the websites you visit. 

Although this process works great for security purposes, it can also cause instability and delay on your network. 

If you just see a spinning circle on YouTube TV, try to disable your VPN and check if the problem goes away. 

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4. Restart Your Device. 

This method might look very simple but restarting your device does many things that you might not expect. When you restart your device, it reloads its operating system, eliminating any errors that may have occurred during run time. 

For Android users, check out the guide below to restart your device. 

  1. First, find the Power button of your device. 
  2. Now, press and hold it until the Power Options screen shows up. 
  3. Lastly, tap on Restart and wait for the process to complete. 
spinning circle issue on YouTube TV

If you are using an iOS device, see the steps below to restart it. 

  1. Locate your device’s Power button and hold it down until you see the ‘Slide to Power Off’ screen. 
  2. Now, drag the slider to the right until your screen turns black. 
  3. Once your device is completely turned off, tap the Power button to restart it. 
spinning circle issue on YouTube TV

On Smart TVs, follow the steps below to restart it. 

  1. First, get your TV’s remote and press the Power button to turn it off. 
  2. Now, unplug the power cable of your TV for about 10 seconds before plugging it back in. 
  3. Lastly, press the Power button on your TV’s remote again to turn it on. 

After restarting your device, go back to YouTube TV and check if the issue is solved. 

5. Power Cycle Your Device (Chromecast, TV, Other Streaming Devices).

In some cases, the device you are using to stream YouTube TV could be in an error state. Thankfully, this is very common on electronic devices, and there’s nothing to worry about. 

These devices create temporary data while in use, which can get corrupted anytime. If this happens, you’ll probably encounter random errors and issues on the platform. 

To fix this, try to power cycle your device to reset its temporary data. See the steps below to perform a power cycle. 

  1. First, make sure that your streaming device is turned off properly. 
  2. After that, unplug your device from its power source. If it has a battery, remove it if possible. 
  3. Now, allow your device to rest for about 2-3 minutes
  4. Finally, plug back in your device and turn it on to complete the power cycle. 

Once done, go back to YouTube TV and see if the problem is solved. 

6. Check for Updates. 

YouTube developers release timely updates on the YouTube TV app to ensure that it is running correctly. Patches are released to address bugs and errors that may have occurred on the app. 

However, if you haven’t updated the YouTube TV app on your Smart TV, you can expect that problems may occur anytime. To fix this, simply update the app to the latest version to get the needed patch for the error. 

If you own an Android TV, updating applications is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps below to guide you on the process. 

  1. First, open the Play Store on your TV and search for YouTube TV
  2. Now, select YouTube TV using your remote. 
  3. If available, click on the Update button to install the latest version of the software. 

On the other hand, if you own a Smart TV or similar device, updating applications may vary from model to model. In this case, we suggest that you refer to the user manual to learn how you can update applications on your device. 

7. Check and Reset Your Internet. 

The spinning circle issue on YouTube TV can also be due to your network connection. Streaming videos online requires a decent internet connection, and your network could be running slow at the moment. 

To verify this, try to run a speed test using to measure its current upload and download speed. 

spinning circle issue on YouTube TV

If the result shows that your connection is running slow, try to restart your router to refresh the link with your service provider’s servers. 

spinning circle issue on YouTube TV

Once done, re-run the test to see if the restart solved the problem. Contact your ISP immediately if you continue to encounter issues with your network. 

8. Delete YouTube TV and Reinstall It. 

If updating the application was not able to resolve the issue, you can try reinstalling YouTube TV. Some of its files may have gotten corrupted beyond repair, and the only option you have is to delete and reinstall the app. 

On Android, follow the steps below to reinstall YouTube TV. 

  1. First, go to your home screen and locate the YouTube TV app. 
  2. Now, tap and hold its app icon until you see the selection screen. 
  3. Lastly, tap on Uninstall to delete the YouTube TV app. 
spinning circle issue on YouTube TV

If you are on an iOS device, check out the guide below to reinstall YouTube TV. 

  1. On your home screen, find the YouTube TV app. 
  2. Now, hold down its app icon until the options screen appears. 
  3. Finally, tap on Remove App to delete it. 
spinning circle issue on YouTube TV

For Smart TVs, follow the guide below to reinstall YouTube TV. 

  1. On your TV, navigate to the home screen and find the YouTube TV app. 
  2. After that, highlight the app and press the Options/More button on your remote. 
  3. Lastly, select Uninstall and press Ok to continue. 

Once done, go to the App Store or Play Store and reinstall the YouTube TV app from there.


9. Check for Compatibility. 

Since you are streaming live TV through the internet, Google uses specific modules that may not support older devices. If you just see a spinning circle on YouTube TV, go ahead and visit the list of their compatible devices and make sure that the TV you are using is supported. 

If your Smart TV is no longer supported, consider using streaming devices like Chromecast or Roku to enjoy YouTube TV. 

10. Check for Software Updates. 

Similar to what is mentioned above, your Smart TV’s operating system might be outdated and incompatible with YouTube TV. To fix this, try to update your Smart TV and hope that the manufacturer released a new OS for your TV. 

To check for updates, see the steps below. 

  1. First, open your Smart TV and navigate to its Settings page. 
  2. Now, go to About and open the Software Version tab. 
  3. Finally, click on Check for Updates and follow the on-screen prompts to install the latest version if available. 

Do take note that the steps above may vary depending on the model of Smart TV you have. You should check your user manual to know the exact steps for your device. 

Once done, go back to YouTube TV and try to play a video again. 

This brings us to the end of our guide in fixing the spinning circle issue on YouTube TV. If you have other concerns, please let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. 

 If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


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