5 Ways to Fix When Spotify Shuffle Play is Not Random 

What the actual f*** is wrong with Spotify’s Shuffle?

What the actual f*** is wrong with Spotify’s Shuffle?


You’re on the go (maybe in a little hurry) you hit up that carefully curated playlist on Shuffle mode.


Only to get after two to three songs that Spotify plays the same song over again and again, and the very idea of you having to take out your device and adjust your Spotify doesn’t really make life any easier.


It’s frustratingly annoying.


But don’t worry.. 


Just hit up that Marvin Gaye and I’ll show you how you can fix when your Spotify Shuffle play is not random. 🙂





How to Fix When Spotify Shuffle Play is Not Random : 5 Ways


Make sure to go from 1-5 accordingly 



1.  Restart your Spotify App


Step 1:  Go ahead and Log Out from your Spotify account by heading to Your Library and then your Settings (gear icon) which is to your top right hand corner. 


Spotify Shuffle play is not random





Step 2:  Once you’ve logged out from your Spotify, restart your Spotify app by closing the app, and clearing it from your apps which are running in your background. 



Step 3:  Now after you’ve done all that, select your Spotify app and log back in.


Now try a playlist of yours if Spotify Shuffle is indeed shuffling your music. 



If you find that Spotify Shuffle play is not random then move on to the next method..





2.  Sort Your Tracks By Title


This one’s a pretty popular one amongst the Spotify community and for some it has provided a fix to their music shuffling crisis.


Here’s how you do it


Step 1:  Head over to your Spotify and select the playlist that you want to listen to. 


Spotify Shuffle play is not random





Step 2:  Now you’re in your playlist right? Okay. So what you do is swipe your finger down on the screen. You will see a Filter search bar at the top and a hamburger-like symbol to its right. 


Spotify Shuffle play is not random





Step 3:  Select that hamburger symbol and once you’re in, you can select how you would like to sort out your songs in your playlist. Just select Title.


Spotify Shuffle play is not random





Step 4:  Now tap on that big green Shuffle button in your playlist screen and see if your music plays randomly. 


Spotify Shuffle play is not random





If you still feel that your music often plays the same song over and over again then..


Keep reading.





3.  Update Your Spotify App


Make sure that your Spotify app is updated to the latest version.


More often than not, the reason why your Spotify Shuffle play is not random is because Spotify could have already updated their Shuffle play algorithm and you’ll never know since you are on a older version of Spotify and when it still plays that same song over again and again. 


I’ll show you how you can update your Spotify app whether you’re on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android.



If you’re on iOS


Step 1:  Head over to your App Store.


Step 2:  Then go on to the Updates tab to your far right hand side and check if your Spotify app needs to be updated.





If you’re on Android


Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Google Play Store app.


Step 2:  Next, tap the Menu symbol (yeah it’s the one that kinda looks like a hamburger). Then select My apps & games. 


Step 3:  Look for Spotify. If you see Update next to it, then select Update. If not your Spotify is already updated to the latest version.


That’s it. 🙂



Now try your Spotify again and hit up a playlist to see it if does shuffle your music randomly.


If it does, great! 


If not, you are to going need to use your last resort.





4.  Use Spotify Shuffler (It’s Free)


Basically Spotify Shuffler is a completely free (and safe) third party application which helps shuffle all your music for you much better than Spotify ever does. 


The only caveat is though you’re going to need to return to Spotify Shuffler every time you want your music to be shuffled. (But if you’re going to listen to a 50-100 song playlist on the go, you don’t need to shuffle all that often right?). 


I’ll show you how it works.


 Step 1:  Go ahead and login to your Spotify account via Spotify Shuffler.



Spotify Shuffle play is not random
It works both on desktop and on mobile




Step 2:  Signed in? Great! Now go ahead and choose any playlist you like and randomize it. 



Step 3:  In order to listen to the playlist that you just randomized you need to listen to the playlist in your Spotify app with the shuffle turned off. (This is so that Spotify’s Shuffle doesn’t interfere with our already-randomized playlist)


That’s it! 


Now just return to the site whenever you want to repeat the process when you would like your tracks in a new order. 🙂


If you get any errors then you can drop them an email on their Contact page and they’ll let you know if there is any maintenance with their service (it’s a  free service after all). But if you find that the errors you get still doesn’t get fixed, then keep reading.




Even if you have tried all the 4 methods above and you find that it still doesn’t do the trick then you can always…





5.  Switch to Apple Music or Google Play Music


I know this is not really a fix, but it is certainly indeed an option.


Both Apple Music and Google Play Music have a great algorithm to shuffle your music and both of which comes at the same price of Spotify at $9.99 or $14.99 with a Family Plan (up to six people).


I’ll only encourage you to move if you really use Shuffle play almost everyday and if you just about had it enough with Spotify’s efforts of improving their Shuffle algorithm.


Learn more about Apple Music


Learn more about Google Play Music





  1. I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH! For anyone who’s reading this, try methods #2 and #4. It worked like a charm.

  2. None of the above works for me. Haven’t tried the third party shuffler though, but how tough can it be to have a functioning shuffle feature Spotify? It’s like the most basic thing ever.

  3. Spotify Shuffler works like a charm! And super easy to use too on iPhone. Just turn off shuffle on your spotify itself.

  4. Method 1 worked for me. Spotify always seems to be bullheaded when it comes to me making new playlists and I do it very often. It’s a great work and driving music app and it worked wonders doing that.

  5. Maybe stop removing songs. Whenever I remove songs from the “liked songs” that I’m currently playing on shuffle, it goes back that many songs and replays them. If you are on computer, you could double click the playlist to reshuffle it after you remove a song form it.

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