How to Stop Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0

Like getting a pie thrown at your face.
stop Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0

It shucks to have annoying notifications with sound showing up when your phone’s battery hits 15%. 

Maybe you’re in a meeting, maybe you’re in the middle of a speech, or heck like most of us you may be asleep and having to put with annoying phone notifications and sometimes an LED light… well… totally kills the moment. 

The great thing with the new Android 9.0 Pie update, there’s a whole lot more ways you can choose to make notifications the way you want it to be. 

There’s a word for that which I’m trying to think of. What’s that word again? Yeah, “Freedom”. You can finally change how your notifications alert you in more ways than ever before. Thanks to the new update, you have more freedom to make your phone choose to do what you want it to do, and one of it could be the low battery notification which may have been bugging you all this while. 

In this guide I’ll show you step-by-step on how you can stop the low battery notifications (and their sound) or battery yet even customise the low battery notification to best suit your comfort.



Stop Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0: 5 Steps 


Step 1:   Go ahead open up your main Settings menu and then tap on Apps & Notifications.


Step 2:  Next, choose to see all X apps (where X will be the number of apps installed on your phone). 


stop Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0



Step 3:  You’re doing good. Now do you see the three vertical dots to your upper right hand corner? Yeah, tap that and then tap on Show System. You’ll find a list of all the system’s apps. 


Step 4:  Next, find System UI in the list and then select it. Then open up its App Info page.


stop Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0



Step 5:  Now once you’re in the App Info page, tap on Notifications to show a list of all the different types of notifications that is shown by the app (which contain the same notifications that you want to stop).


Step 6:  You’re almost done! Now do you find a checkbox next to Battery? Alright. Tap the checkbox to disable notifications (this is what stops low battery warning notification). 


stop Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0



Step 7:  Finally, just hit the back arrow which is to your upper left hand corner to save your changes. You will find that a message at he bottom will pop up stating “1 category deleted” which indicates that you had turned off battery alerts.

That’s pretty much it! You will no longer get the low battery warnings. Again, if you change your mind then you can re-enable it at anytime by un-checking the checkbox which disables the notification. 🙂



If you do not want to turn it off completely, then do this … 

The single greatest thing about the Android system is that to every problem that you may come to face with your phone,  you’re not just limited to one way of solving it. 

To every solution, there’s ten other ways you can get around it to do so and to do so in such a way where it fit your needs and comfort without succumbing to what the system says what you have to do.

I’ll explain it in the current relevant context: If you’ve disabled your battery notifications, you may start to miss the little reminder you always get whenever your phone hits 15% battery. Like I said above, you don’t have to completely disable the notification but instead with the new Android Pie update you can modify the notification to best suit your choices. 

You may be asking, “How do I do that?”. Here’s exactly how:

Step 1:  Jump back into your System UI. You can follow Steps 1 to 4 (above) on how you can find it. 


Step 2:  Next, jump into the App Info page and then select Battery instead of the checkbox. Then select Behavior.


stop Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0



Step 3:  Great! Now you should see several options on how you can adjust the notifications you get. To turn off just the sound of the notification but still have the alert pop on your screen, just tap on Show silently. If you however, don’t want either a sound or for the alert to pop up on your screen, then just choose Show silently and minimize. With this option, the alert will appear on your notification shade. 

You can also choose to disable Override Do Not Disturb option to prevent the notification from disturbing you while you have your Do Not Disturb mode turned on. 


stop Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0



Play around with it, find what you like best. 🙂


Share this guide with anyone who you may know that’s struggling to find out how to stop annoying notifications on their Android phone. 


  1. Great article!

    Do you know if we can change the level it happens at? It used to be 15%, I think. 5% seems too low, especially given the latest research on how to preserve battery health by avoiding fully charged or discharged conditions.

  2. Oh man, this is literally going to restore my sanity. My phone was showing battery notifications at 50-75% based on how fast I was using battery, and my smart watch was buzzing incessantly. First world problems I know, but this has really been driving me nuts.

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