Do you want to be seen next to something that you don’t want to be seen by every single person who uses Waze in your town?


And before you answer that..


Do know that Waze gets around 65 million monthly active users (and the number could be a whole lot waaay bigger than that).




Look, both you and I, the least we expect from any app we use daily today is that it values our privacy when we need it to.


Whether that’d be Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or a navigation app like Waze.


4 Simple Ways to Turn Off Snapchat’s Stalkerish Snap Map Feature



The app survives on its users sharing their location between themselves and this is not necessarily a bad thing.


An app like Waze, when you share your location, it helps another individual today avoid the annoying and ruthless traffic that they may encounter every other day. 


But again, if what you want is a peace of mind, to know that no one else knows where you are right now..


Then this is how you can turn it off. 


I’ll show you how to stop Waze from sharing location in just three simple steps. 🙂




How to Stop Waze from Sharing Location: 3 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Waze app. Alright then you can either swipe from your left hand side of the screen or you can also tap on that magnifying glass that is to your lower left hand side corner to bring up your menu.


stop waze from sharing location





Step 2:  Got it? Alright! Now tap on your profile at the top.


stop waze from sharing location





Step 3:  Next, once you’re in your profile all you have to do is just tap on Go invisible to turn it on.


stop waze from sharing location



stop waze from sharing location




Now your location will no longer be visible on anyone else’s map. 




Again just to let you know that when you go invisible it does prevent Waze from automatically sharing your traffic reports that you may encounter when you’re on the road to help other users avoid the same traffic.



That’s it! 🙂 




Share this guide with your friends and family if they are concerned about their location being visible to everyone else whilst using Waze. 🙂