Something’s different.


Now the iPhone you have there that you just updated to iOS 11 a few days back has a pretty little hidden thing.


So what is Apple hiding?


Well, it’s your Auto-Brightness feature.


Yeah. To be honest, it wasn’t like this before on previous iOS versions where you could just reach it  all by just going into your Display & Brightness setting.


Perhaps Apple don’t want you meddling with your Auto Brightness setting, or perhaps Apple got a little too many complaints that the battery was dying out quickly.


But whatever it may be, Apple’s leaving the plate of brownies two shelves higher.


And I’ll show you how to get your hands on that (well metaphorically speaking of course)





How to Turn iPhone’s Auto-Brightness Off in iOS 11:  4 Steps



Step 1:  Jump into your Settings app and then tap on General.




Step 2:  Next tap on Accessibility.


turn iphones auto brightness off ios 11





Step 3:  Done? Great! Now scroll down a little and you should see Display Accommodations. Tap on Display Accommodations.


turn iphones auto brightness off ios 11





Step 4:  Now do you see your hidden Auto-Brightness setting? Sweet. All you have to do is just turn it Off Auto-Brightness setting. 


turn iphones auto brightness off ios 11









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