How to Turn Off Ads on Amazon Fire Tablets

Trying to turn off ads on your Amazon Fire tablets?

Getting an Amazon Fire tablet seems to be a rising trend lately. While the tablet might be a great deal, there’s a special offer that lets you save $15 by allowing Amazon to advertise products through your tablet.

This probably seems like a good deal, until you’ve used the tablet for two weeks and realized just how annoying advertisements can actually be. Fortunately, you can remove these ads through two methods that we will walk you through.

In this article, we’ll be going over the official way by unsubscribing to Amazon as well as removing the ads through a Windows program. Furthermore, we’ll also be including a somewhat sneaky method to try and get rid of these advertisements at the end of this article.

Here’s how you can turn off ads on Amazon Fire tablets. Let’s get started.


1. Bite The $15 Bullet.

Remember that $15 that you saved? You’re going to have to cash up on that if you want to disable the advertisements through this method. Through these steps, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of biting the $15 bullet.

By unsubscribing from the advertisements, you’ll have to pay Amazon to remove the ads and videos from your tablet. If you don’t feel like paying, we understand. After all, money is money. Feel free to jump ahead to the next method to find out how you can do this for free.

This method is divided into two parts since we’ll need to unsubscribe from the advertisements and disable them on your tablet. Additionally, don’t forget to watch out for that last secret tip at the end.

Here’s how you can unsubscribe from Amazon:

  1. Start by going to Amazon’s website and log into your account.
  2. From there, move your mouse over Accounts & Lists and look for Your Content and Devices. Click on this.

  1. Once you’ve opened and navigated to that page, move to the Your Devices tab.
  2. Now, look for your device and then click on the three dots () beside it to open up the settings of that device.
  3. Under Special Offers, look for and click on Edit.
  4. Finally, you’ll be redirected to a couple of prompts where you’ll pay the $15 to completely unsubscribe from the advertisements.

When you’re done with all of that, Amazon should no longer target you for advertisements against your will. Unfortunately, Amazon can be quite sneaky. To fully remove the advertisements, you’ll have to disable them from the tablet itself.

Normally, you wouldn’t be able to access this setting, but since you’ve unsubscribed from the ads, then your tablet should have this setting unlocked. Here’s how you can remove advertisements from your Amazon Fire tablet:

  1. With your tablet, drag the top part of your screen down to access the Android version of the Control Center.
  2. Then, look for and click on the Settings icon, which should be near the right side of your screen.
  3. After being redirected to the Settings app, locate and tap on Apps & Games.
  4. Now, navigate to Amazon Application Settings and go to Home Screens.

  1. Next, disable the Recommendations option to completely remove the advertisements on your screen.

After all these steps, you should be clear of all Amazon advertisements bothering you on your home screen. If you don’t feel like paying $15 dollars to get an ad-free experience, there’s another method that you can do to get rid of this for free.


2. Root And Disable Your Ads.

Amazon’s advertisements are rooted much deeper into your system than we would like. Luckily, there are a lot of smart people out there who can help us disable these advertisements on your tablet.

Now, we can proceed with this step through a variety of methods, but the most common way is by using a Windows computer. By connecting your tablet to your computer, you’ll be able to run a program that will clear the advertisements from your tablet.

off ads on amazon fire tablets

Unfortunately, Amazon hates this and will always try to adapt their software to combat third-party programs like this. In light of that, we won’t waste your time by typing out a couple of steps that could become obsolete within months.

Instead, you can check out this YouTube channel that has a pretty good guide that you can follow. Feel free to check out his video or to do some research on your own. Please keep in mind that while we do endorse this video, we cannot ensure it’s reliability in the future.

The video can change or have some links turn invalid or malicious, so proceed with caution. Start by making sure that your Windows computer has the latest version of Windows Defender installed by updating your operating system.

Alternatively, feel free to use any other third-party antivirus application to keep yourself safe.

Contact Amazon’s Customer Support.

Finally, for the super-secret method that you can try. Giving Amazon’s support team a call and asking them to get rid of the advertisements on your tablet can sometimes pay off. You’ll have to use your people-speaking skills for this.

A popular method that usually works is by telling them you’ve seen multiple reports of people calling the customer support team to get the ads removed for free. Alternatively, you can also tell them that you can’t find the Edit button from the first method.

off ads on amazon fire tablets

Lastly, if those two methods don’t work, you can let customer support know that you weren’t given the $15 choice when you bought your tablet. Either way, you’ll have to make a convincing case for this one, but it has worked for some people!

That wraps up this article. Hopefully, this has helped you turn off ads on Amazon Fire tablets. If you have any questions, leave us a message down below.

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