How to Turn Off Built-In Apps on Galaxy S9

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turn off built-in apps on Galaxy S9

The reason why that friend you have who totally hates Samsung phones really does hate them is because of it’s bloatware.


Samsung phones such as the new Galaxy S9 are absolutely near-perfect phones. They have everything you ever want and more than you’ll ever need in a phone: facial, iris, and fingerprint scanning technology, aperture changing lenses, stereo speakers, bezel-less OLED screens and heck they’ve even kept the headphone jack.


But as much as it’s still near perfect it’s only “near” and not “perfect”.


This is because Samsung has not solved their biggest problem with their phones which is the bloatware and all the pre-installed apps which just eats away at your phone’s resources over time.


It’s a buzzkill but it is possible to remove these bloatware and unused built-in apps from your Samsung phone. In this guide, I’ll show you how you can remove and turn off built-in apps on your Galaxy S9. 🙂




How to Turn Off Built-in Apps on Galaxy S9:  3 Steps


Step 1:  Jump into your Settings and then scroll down a little then tap on Apps.


turn off built-in apps on Galaxy S9




Step 2:  Next, you will see a list of all your apps appear here. Just scroll down until you find the app that you want to disable and tap on it. If it says Uninstall, then you’re in luck as you can completely get rid of the app by hitting that button.


turn off built-in apps on Galaxy S9



turn off built-in apps on Galaxy S9
Just tap Uninstall.




What If it says “Disable”?

If it says Disable and if the button is greyed out then just tap on Disable. This will remove the app from your app drawer (where all your other apps are) and as well as clear away any extra data that might be taking up your phone’s storage.


turn off built-in apps on Galaxy S9



You will see a warning that says “Disabling built-in Apps may cause errors in other apps“. Don’t worry about that. Just tap Disable to turn off the app (or Cancel if you change your mind).


turn off built-in apps on Galaxy S9



Once that’s done you should see Enable where it once said “Disable” which means you have done it successfully. 🙂


turn off built-in apps on Galaxy S9




Step 3: You’ll probably find that there are some pre-installed apps which you just can’t disable because the Disable button is greyed out. Like this:


turn off built-in apps on Galaxy S9




These are what’s called bloatware because they come pre-installed on your phone but also at the same time they’re not as easy to be removed like the ones above and they end up “bloating” your device’s software and consume all its resources.


I’ll create another write-up for you some time end of this week on how you can uninstall bloatware safely from your Galaxy S9. Until then, these little steps should help get you covered to remove some or if not most of the pre-installed apps before it “bloats” your new phone.

-Update 21/3/2018-

Here’s the article: How to Safely Disable All Bloatware on Galaxy S9



Share this guide with anyone if they’re looking to on how they can remove bloatware/pre-installed apps from their Galaxy S9 or if you need to convince someone who totally hates Samsung and for all its bloatware which might change their mind. 🙂




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