Do you ever get annoyed when you try to have a conversation with someone but your Google Assistant gets automatically set off for no absolute reason on your phone?




Or maybe you haven’t experienced that yet, but you might feel awkward saying “OK Google” every time and with the whole idea of talking with your phone. 


Yes as much as we are a social species, talking with our phones? 


Just no.


Or maybe it’s just that you don’t even use it so why keep it in your phone in the first place when it could be accidentally set off when during an important conversation? 


These are all reasons why you would want to turn off the OK Google feature on your phone and I’ll show you how you can do that to save you the trouble.


Though this doesn’t mean you will completely turn off “OK Google” from your phone. 


You can still use your Google Assistant when you long press your Home button anytime so you have the option to return back whenever you get lonely. 


Sounds great? 🙂




I’ll show you how you can turn off OK Google on Android in just a few seconds. 





How to Turn Off OK Google on Android: 6 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Google app.



Step 2:  Now do you see that hamburger-like button that is to your top upper left hand corner? Yeah tap that. (You can also slide it from the left side) 


turn off OK Google on Android




Step 3:  Done? Alright. Next tap on Settings.


turn off OK Google on Android





Step 4:  Now scroll down until you see Voice (it’s under Search). Tap on Voice. 


turn off OK Google on Android





Step 5:  Next, tap on “Ok Google” Detection.


turn off OK Google on Android





Step 6:  To finish it off, all you have to do is just toggle the switch off next to Say “Ok Google” any time. 


turn off OK Google on Android









If you’re using the Google Now Launcher (though it has been discontinued), OK Google will still be active if you try using your Google app or on your home screen.


That’s it. 🙂





Share this guide with your friends and family so that they can too benefit by turning this feature off (that’s if they don’t use this). 🙂 



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