Twitter Not Loading? Here’s The Fix!

Are you trying to figure out why Twitter is not loading on your device? 

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms, with over 330 million monthly users. Compared to its rivals, Twitter is the best for bringing in the latest news and happenings worldwide.

Having that amount of traffic each month, we could say that Twitter is doing a good job managing its servers. Aside from occasional downtimes, using Twitter is a pretty smooth experience overall.

But, if Twitter is not loading on your device, we understand if you are getting upset right now. 

Most of the time, server related issues are the main reason why Twitter is not loading. There could be scheduled maintenance on the way, or a problem may have occurred on their end. 

However, other factors can also cause this problem, like third-party programs, corrupted files, or a faulty internet connection. 

To help you address this problem, we’ve decided to make a guide to fix Twitter if it’s not loading on your device. 

Let’s get started!



1. Check Twitter’s Servers. 

As we’ve mentioned above, offline or faulty servers are the primary reason Twitter is not loading. To verify this, you can use third-party tools like Downdetector to check the current status of Twitter’s servers and the issues it encountered for the last 24 hours. 

On the other hand, you can also visit Twitter’s dedicated page to check the status of their services. 

If their servers are currently down, the only thing that you can do is wait. Check the status of Twitter’s servers from time to time so that you’ll know once it is up and running. 



2. Re-Login to Your Account. 

If some functions are not loading on Twitter, you can sign out of your account and try logging back in. Doing this allows your device to reload your account data, which could’ve encountered a temporary error. 

On Android, you can re-login to your account by doing the following: 

  1. First, open the Twitter app on your device and tap on the Menu button on your screen’s top-left corner. 
  2. Now, tap on Settings and Privacy and open the Accounts tab. 
  3. Lastly, tap on Log Out


For iOS users, check out the steps below to guide you on the process. 

  1. On your device, go to the home screen and open Twitter
  2. Now, tap on your Profile icon and open Settings and Privacy
  3. Inside Twitter’s settings, tap on the Account tab. 
  4. Finally, hit the Log Out button. 


If you are on a browser, check out the steps below on how to re-login to your account. 

  1. First, open your browser and go to Twitter
  2. Now, click on More beside your Profile icon. 
  3. Lastly, click the Log Out button. 


After signing out of your account, enter your login credentials and hit the Log In button to re-access your Twitter account. 



3. Turn Off VPN.

If you are using VPN services, try to turn it off if Twitter is not loading on your device. Although VPNs are great for security reasons, they can also cause problems with your network. 

VPN services work by masking your IP address with a dummy one from their servers. This process makes it hard for your device to communicate with Twitter’s servers, explaining why Twitter is not loading. 



On the other hand, if your timeline is not loading, kindly check our guide to help you address the issue. 



4. Check for Updates. 

You may be experiencing a compatibility issue with Twitter’s servers. If you haven’t updated Twitter for a while, try doing so. It’s possible that Twitter’s servers no longer support the version you are using. 

On Android, follow the steps below to update the Twitter app on your device.

  1. First, open Google Play Store on your device and access the side menu.
  2. On the side menu, tap on My Apps & Games to prompt your device to check for possible updates. 
  3. Finally, tap the Update button next to Twitter to install the latest version. 


For iOS users, you can update Twitter by doing the following steps: 

  1. On your home screen, tap on the App Store to open it. 
  2. Now, prompt your device to check for updates by tapping the Update button.
  3. Lastly, hit the Update button if there is an available update for Twitter


After updating Twitter, try to open it again to see if the problem is solved. 



5. Clear Your Browsing Cache and Cookies. 

Most browsers today take advantage of your temporary data to improve its performance. If Twitter is not loading on your browser, it’s possible that your browser cache and cookies got corrupted. 

To fix this, clear your browsing data to get rid of corrupted files and data. 

  1. First, open your browser and press CTRL + H keys on your keyboard. 
  2. After that, tap on Clear Browsing Data on your browser’s history tab. 
  3. Now, click the checkbox beside ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’ and ‘Cached Images and Files’. 
  4. Finally, change the Time Range to All Time and hit the Clear Data button to start the process. 

Twitter not loading


After clearing your browsing data, go back to Twitter to check if it is now loading. 



6. Disable Browser Extensions. 

Browser extensions are third-party programs installed on your system to add features or functionality to some websites. While they work great on that particular website, they can also interfere with other websites. 

If Twitter is not loading on your browser, try to disable your browser extensions and see if it makes any difference. 

  1. First, open your browser and go to its settings. 
  2. Now, click on the Extensions button from the side drawer. 
  3. Lastly, identify your browser extensions that are not related to Twitter and disable them. 

Twitter not loading


After disabling your browser extensions, restart your browser and try to load Twitter again. 

If videos are not loading on Twitter, you can also check our guide in fixing video playback issues on the platform. 



7. Try Another Browser. 

Browsers use engines that render the contents and features of a website and display them on our screen. The problem is that browsers use different render engines that don’t interpret the codes written on websites the same way. 

In this case, some browsers may load a specific website, but another browser could have difficulty rendering it. 

If Twitter is not loading on your browser, try to use popular browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, which are optimized for most websites. 



8. Reinstall Twitter. 

Corrupted installation files could also be the culprit for this specific issue on Twitter. If Twitter is not loading at all, the best thing you can do is reinstall the app on your device. 

On Android, check out the steps below to guide you. 

  1.  First, open your device and find Twitter from the app drawer. 
  2. Now, tap and hold its icon until the selection screen shows up. 
  3. Lastly, tap on Uninstall to delete the application from your device. 

Twitter not loading


Once done, go to the Play Store and reinstall the Twitter app. 

If you are on an iOS device, follow the steps below on how to reinstall Twitter. 

  1. First, unlock your device to access your home screen.
  2. Now, press Twitter’s app icon until the pop-up menu appears. 
  3. Finally, tap on Remove App to uninstall Twitter

Twitter not loading


After deleting Twitter, open the App Store and download the app again. 



9. Check and Reset Your Internet. 

A slow or unstable internet connection could also be the problem why Twitter is not loading. Run a test on your network using to measure the current speed of your connection. 


Twitter not loading


If the test result shows that your network is unstable, try to restart your router to fix the problem. Find your router’s power chord and unplug it from the wall outlet. Allow your router to rest for at least 5 seconds, then plug back in the power chord to turn it on. 


Twitter not loading


Once your router has restarted, run another test to check if your network is now running correctly. If you continue to experience network related problems, we suggest that you reach out to your ISP to address the issue. 



10. Try Fiverr. 

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Twitter not loading


Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for digital services. On Fiverr, you can meet hundreds of clients from different parts of the world. Whether you are a web developer, content creator, virtual assistant, or editor, you would likely find a client on Fiverr

You can set up gigs or packages that would cater to clients’ needs at a fair price on their platform. 

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11. Report the Problem to Twitter. 

If you’re still having issues loading Twitter, we suggest that you let the professionals handle your situation. 

You may be dealing with a severe problem, and it is best to report the issue to Twitter. When asking for help, make sure to include your account details and other helpful information to make it easier for their team to accommodate your concern.


Twitter not loading


If recent tweets are not loading on your timeline, you can also check our guide in fixing this issue. 

This brings us to the end of our guide in fixing Twitter not loading on your device. If you have other questions, please let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll try our best to help you out. 


 If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


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